The central issue on this site is solidarity with the Jewish people of Israel.

In this we stand in complete contrast with a great part of the so-called Left today, who line up day after day to attack Israel.

The major development that Leon Trotsky made in the years extending from the mid 1920s until his murder by a stalinist thug in 1940 concerned the struggle against Fascism.

In that context leon Trotsky often had to consider the plight of the Jewish people in Europe.

Trotsky came to a number of conclusions:

 1. The Jewish people constituted a nation

2. To escape the Nazis the Jews had to get out of Europe, find their way to Palestine and there they had to set up their own independent state.

 3. Trotsky said this must be a Jewish state and that in this state the Jews must be free from antisemitism

These conclusions have got very profound implications for the Jews of today and for the Israel of today.

Much of what we do on this site will centre on these implications. We are revolutionary socialists with a total world perspective.

3 thoughts on “JEWS A NATION

  1. I would appreciate a clarification of the word “revolutionary”. Is the meaning the overthrow of governments (which governments), a revolution of ideas, or just what?

  2. Hi,

    very interesting website! I´m from Germany, I´m also trotskist, pro-israel, anti-Hamas…!

    By the way I know the German fraction of the WSWS… They are very antisemitic, and they are not really socialists…

    I could not find an email address, so I´d like to ask you here. You write:

    Trotsky “urged the Jews to get out of Europe and to set up a Home Base in what was called Palestine”.

    Unfortunately I could not find any sources, where Trotsky said this. Could you help? (Best would be a personal email to me, email-address above!!)

    Thanks, S. T.

  3. Neil and ST

    Thank you

    I will be posting more articles tomorrow or at latest Tuesday.

    Another chap writes where is the evidence re Trotsky and the Jews and that will be a big part of this site.

    I am amazed that the NeoLeft has got off with their lies for so long. And it is late. And we are all very tardy but I suppose better late than never as they say.

    But it is not just the NeoLeft. In Ireland this past week there is a major attack on Israel by a very prominent journalist called Vincent Brown in the Irish Times. You need a subscription but I am subscribed so I will publish it here.

    We are open for articles and for news about Germany and my email is But comments are most useful


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