The Workers Revolutionary Party (WRP) which is based in Britain says that it stands in the tradition of Leon Trotsky. This is a lie as I will show on this website.

As I noted in the article previous to this (concerning the WSWS) Leon Trotsky was very clear in what he wanted for the Jews, as he fought against the Nazis, and against Stalinism in the period of the late 1930s.

The Jews were in the estimation of Leon Trotsky in great danger from the Nazis and from world antisemitism.

He urged the Jews to get out of Europe and to set up a Home Base in what was called Palestine, although he knew that the British Governments who ran the League of Nations Mandate were antisemitic and hated the very idea of a Jewish State.

Trotsky was most clear that this Jewish state had to be free from antisemitism.

Just like the WSWS website which I looked at yesterday the WRP have betrayed these central foundational positions of Trotsky, and are supporting the spreading of antisemitism against the Jews of Israel.

I am examining now an article published today, January 25, 2007, by the WRP. It contains these paragraphs:

After the democratically elected Hamas seized control of the territory a year later, routing forces loyal to Palestinian president Mahmud Abbas, Israel sealed Gaza to all but humanitarian aid and basic supplies.

Last week, Israeli Defence Minister Ehud Barak ordered Gaza completely locked down.

Meanwhile, the Security Council was to meet Thursday to hear whether Washington would agree to a compromise statement urging an end to Israel’s siege of the Gaza Strip.

The council’s 15 ambassadors were to meet at 11.00am (1600 GMT) after Libya’s UN Ambassador Giadalla Ettalhi, the council chair this month, indicated on Wednesday that 14 members essentially agreed a revised text worked out by council experts.

Diplomats said the US delegation was to consult Washington for instruction ahead of Thursday’s meeting.

The United States, a staunch ally of Israel, insists that the crippling Israeli blockade of Gaza is a self-defence move in the face of rockets fired from the impoverished territory controlled by the Palestinian movement Hamas.

It demands that any council statement take into account Israel’s security concerns.

‘The blame for this problem can be laid squarely at the feet of Hamas,’ which seized power of Gaza seven months ago, said White House spokeswoman Dana Perino.

Speaking in Zurich on Wednesday, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said: ‘We are very concerned that there be stability in that region but most importantly that both the security concerns of Israel and the humanitarian concerns of the Gazans be met.’

It appears to me from the above that the WRP are doing a number of things

1. They are quoting from and are clearly supporting the United Nations

2. As any Serb will tell you the destruction of Yugoslavia was carried out under the umbrella of the United Nations

3. The United Nations is an antisemitic body

4. This is affirmed by the fact that the WRP above quotes without comment that the chair of the UN is currently being held by Libya. Libya!!!

5. The WRP seems to be intent on projecting the US Government as being on the side of Israel. Yet this is not so, as is seen in the same section above, that Ms Rice the State Secretary is opposing the Israeli measures against the Gaza and is emoting about “humanitarian” concerns for these antisemitic Arabs who elected the antisemites of Hamas into power.

 In the above there are obviously very warm feeling from the WRP for Hamas. But Hamas have won the election in the whole of this area, Gaza, Judea and Samaria, among the Arabs who live there, on a programme of destroying Israel.

In other words the Arabs have voted in their majority to destroy Israel. This is something which the WRP above clearly support!

 In the constitutions of both Fatah and Hamas are clear calls for the total destruction of Israel. And there is no doubt that these two organizations, yesterday the WSWS website run by David North, today the WRP in its studied “Opinion” document, is supportive of both Hamas and Fatah in destroying Israel.

They do not mention this. But surely this is central. It surely is the centre of the antisemitic attack on Israel and on the Jews as a whole internationally. These two organizations are supporting antisemites who wish to destroy the Jewish state.

But the point I wish to emphasise is that these groups, and so far I have only looked at two, who claim to follow in the tradition of Leon Trotsky, are on a path that is definitely the very opposite.

They are supporting antisemitic Islam, and antisemitic Arabs who wish to kill Jews. The position of Leon Trotsky was the very exact opposite. What a turn around! In relation to the struggle of Trotsky they are indeed traitors to those principles which Trotsky fought for.

Trotsky did not write anything in a light manner. What he wrote he meant to be taken as part of his central being and expression of his political outlook.

Trotsky insisted that the Jewish state must not abide antisemitism in any shape or form. Antisemitism must be a thing which is outlawed and especially outlawed in the state where the Jews lived and hoped for respite from the antisemites of the world and of humanity. Yet here the WRP in the year of 2008 are supporting antisemites.



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