I have just been looking at the Jihadwatch site run by Hugh Fitzgerald.

By Felix QuigleyThere are articles there about just everything under the sun to do with opposing reactionary Islam. But…

The very centre of the Islamofascist advance in the world today, the area of the world which is at the very top, is of course Kosovo.


Yet when I look at the site run by Fitzgerald and others there is nary a mention of Kosovo. So how to explain that?

I have also had a look at the site run by my Jewish friend, Ted Belman, Israpundit. I looked in vain for any mention that a new Islamist state is being created in Europe. I left a comment to tell Ted Belman my concern over his silence.

 I looked just this morning also at the sites created and run by people who I have a lot of agreement with indeed, Jared Israel of Tenc and Francisco Gil White of Hirhome. Nothing contemporary!

I looked in at the site run by Neil Clark. I could see no sign of him covering the Kosovo issue. Even though Clark has a history of debate with the supporters of Islamofascism in the Balkans, Oliver Kamm and Attila Hoare. (They tried to depict Islamofascist Izetbegovic as a moderate Muslim!)


The position of this site is that Kosovo is the Number One issue in the world today…FOR REVOLUTIONARY SOCIALISTS:

1. Serbia is legally and morally inseparable from Kosovo. Kosovo belongs to Serbia. It is all one country by international legal rules and by the rules of international law it must remain one country. Otherwise why should the Basques not have independence right this minute.

2. So following that logic we are in the middle of not only the destruction of Serbia re Kosovo, but also the destruction of international law. And if you talk about the destruction of international law then of course that is admitting that the capitalist and imperialist world is openly descending into barbarism.

My position specifically on Serbia is this. I am for a United Front of all those who stand opposed to Kosovo being robbed from Serbia. Even the present government, if it takes any step to defend Kosovo, then I would support them critically. The Russian Government also. Anybody!


 But I state very openly that the present rulers in Serbia are traitors to the Serbs. They all had a hand in the handing over to the Hague Kangaroo Court of Slobodan Milosevic, their elected President, because they were bribed by the US and EU. And if they did it once then they will do it again.

So in the election I call on the Serbs to vote totally for the Opposition parties, that is those who are opposed to the betrayal of Kosovo to Islam. This means in particular voting for the party of Vojislan Seselj who is languishing in the Hague Prison, having been dragged in front of the Hague NATO Kangaroo Court, and where NATO murdered him.

I call for a United Front with these forces who are at the sharp end of US and EU Imperialism and of Islam. This is especially unity with the Jewish people of Israel and the Serbs. Our support on this site for Seselj and for all who fight against the splitting of Kosovo from Serbia is unconditional.

For those who are silent on this issue, then I believe they are carrying out not only a betrayal of the Serbs, but also a betrayal of the Jews.

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