An astounding piece of duplicity is introduced into the debate by Kamm’s associate Hoare.

by Felix Quigley


Not only we on 4international, but the whole of the working class movement in Britain and Ireland, need to find out is Marko Attila Hoare (who is a professor in a top British University) deliberately lying about the Bosnian Islamofascist Elija Izetbegovic, and is Hoare being backed up in these lies by his associate Oliver Kamm. When you the reader study these facts you may also think so. It may indeed be an inescapable conclusion which emerges out of the facts when you hear the full story of a Balkan Islamofascist called Cengic. I certainly do. 


For many of us this has been the big issue of our political lives. We have all been born during the post war capitalist boom, but in the case of Yugoslavia we have had a country actually wiped off the map. In doing this those who are implicated are: US Governments of both republican and democrat, the EU all its governments highly implicated even our own tiny Irish state army, and last but not least the forces of Islamofascism, including Al Qaida and Bin Laden, all working hand in glove to destroy this small peaceful-type country called Yugoslavia. 

Were we overestimating the importance of this issue? Hardly, given those facts and that reality! Now as we write this a new chapter in this is being written because  Kosovo, which is a part of Serbia, is being stripped away from Serbia by precisely those forces again, the US, EU and Islam. So we are not overestimating its importance. It is with us in this very moment. The drama continues. The Serbian tragedy at the hand of these rapacious bullies, US EU and Islam, is continuing. 


On the face of it this should be a question quite easy to answer. We have got modern methods in this day and age to find these things out. We have got Google and other search mechanisms. There is little written which can not be uncovered. But this is ironically actually part of the problem we have faced. What then is this “problem”? It is that people are free to place not only true things on the internet, but false misleading things as well.  

So it seems that the Internet and the Web have brought to us not only the solution and the truth, but also a way for unscrupulous people to obfuscate that very truth. Does Oliver Kamm and his associate Attila Hoare fall into the latter category? If they do this is a shame indeed. But more than a shame for these reasons.

Hoare is at the centre of the British academic establishment. Kamm is at the centre of the British Media establishment, at the centre of a circle of very powerful journalists centred around the Guardian, Independent and BBC. Big stakes indeed, this is a big issue, which explains that gentlemen from this layer are ready, backed by the huge financial resources of their Media Organization to launch into crippling legal libel cases which the small person can rarely face down.

Kamm has threatened legal actions on many occasions, the last being against a fantastically important Jewish website in Canada called Israpundit. But against that if Hoare is engaging in misleading the public about the nature of the Bosnian Islamists around Izetbegovic, if Kamm is also, and if they are at the centre of a large force in the Media and Academia, then if this is proven all of these have got to take a position. And if they try to hide then they have to be smoked out 


Some of our researchers, such as Peter Robert North, have centred on Cengic as a possible clue to our question above, “Who was Izetbegovic?”. Because it is well accepted by everybody that Cengic was the sidekick of Izetbegovic during the Nazi era in Yugoslavia. So when you ask who was Izetbegovic, it is also important to answer the related question, who was Cengic. 

It is at this point that an astounding piece of duplicity is introduced into the debate by Kamm’s associate Hoare. According to an amazing piece of bravado and insolence Hoare maintains that Cengic was born in the 50s, so obviously Hoare says, you people are quite mad thinking that this poor man Cengic could have been involved in the Holocaust along with Izetbegovic.

The issue does not even arise, says Hoare. Cengic, says this incomparable deceiver Hoare, was not born. You cannot be involved in the Holocaust (along with sidekick Izetbegovic) if you were not actually there, that is not even conceived until a decade later! Well it is a neat evasion by Hoare, is it not! Case over you would say! 

So this controversy rages in the blogosphere. Hoare maintaining you people are not only mad, you are also bad, because you are destroying the name of this man Cengic who was not born until many years after the events you accuse him of being involved with, that is, the Holocaust of the Jews, Serbs, Romany, Homosexuals and Handicapped.  Big stakes indeed are involved in this discussion. 

Yesterday on 4international, very good friend and wonderful researcher, actually a poor and lowly student and not the high flying academic professor as is Hoare, Nathan Pearlstein, came up with the answer. Its simplicity is breathtaking, but also for reasons I will explain as I go along, quite alarming. 


The solution to the puzzle which the high flying and very well paid Hoare has set through an astounding piece of duplicity was solved when Nathan Pearlstein told us here yesterday that actually…err..there were two people who went by the name Cengic. But funny enough their first names were the same as well. A tragicomic coincidence no less! Well not really a coincidence at all, because they were father and son. And very often in life this does happen. My own father, and his father in turn etc etc was called by my exact name. A very common occurrence in Ireland. I am sure everywhere in the world this happens. 

What Nathan Pearlstein wrote into 4international to reveal was this:

This Marko Attila Hoare character is really a sick joke of a man. He tries to use the confusion between the two different Islamofascist cohorts of Izetbegovic: Halid Cengic (the father) and Hassan Halid Cengic (the son) by using ridicule: he invokes the comedy team, Monty Python, several times in an attempt to discredit Yossef Bodansky, Neil Clark and others! Yet the error and confusion between Cengic, the father and Cengic, the son is understandable since their names are so similar sounding.

Halid Cengic (the father) was a member of the “Young Muslims” Islamofascist group (who acted as a recruiting arm of Himmler’s SS) in Bosnia in the late 30’s and early 40’s and according to Yossef Bodansky was an active member of the Waffen SS Handschar (Handzar) Nazi division.Bodansky confuses Halid Cengic with Hassan Halid Cengic and hence Attila Hoare has a field day with this error.

Hassan Halid Cengic (the son) was supposedly born in 1957 and therefore could not possibly have been in the SS. Hoare uses this confusion -the understandable mix up in names between father and son – to great effect by invoking ridicule and Monty Python sketches in order to attempt to discredit his crirtics.

This ploy of using ridicule against your political opponents is one of the oldest in the book, but the facts of Izetbegovic’s Islamofascism (and that of Halid & Hassan Cengic) are definitely NOT on Hoare’s side!

 So Nathan Pearlstein has provided the solution to the puzzle. So is that the end of the story? Can we all go back home now, put our feet up and relax? If only! The brilliant researching ability of Nathan and his friends only has served to pose a further serious question for us. 


So it appears that Hoare did not want people to know about Cengic Senior, who was all agree the sidekick to Izetbegovic, and that Hoare by pretending that there was only the Cengic son, born in the Fifties is leading a false trail to try to discredit the research of very devoted people. Why would Hoare do this and thus blacken the good name of people.  

Now dear reader if you are beginning to feel just a little bit sorry for Hoare try to resist this feeling. To bring off his prank Hoare has placed on his blog a picture of Monty Python, to suggest that all of these devoted Serb researchers are idiots. And his language on his blog on this issue is one of condescending sneering, which he may have picked up from Kamm, or perhaps it is something they have collaborated together in developing. Hope it spreads no further though! 

But, and this is a very big issue for us, since Hoare is a very close friend of Kamm why has Kamm not spoken out in public, at the very least if he does not care about the good name of people he hates, at least to put his associate Hoare in the picture. Say to his associate Hoare look you are confusing the Father and Son here. A lot of people’s reputation, and the truth, depends on putting this right. That surely is what Kamm if he was a gentleman would and could have done. But first we have to look at one possibility.

Perhaps Hoare is just so ignorant of this historical period that he actually was genuinely ignorant of the facts. That can be dismissed immediately however. If that is the case then Hoare has to rewrite his website because on his website he puts himself up as an expert on Balkan affairs. Also Kamm has to rewrite large sections of his website because Kamm has in the past elevated Hoare to the position of expert on these historical matters. 


And whether they knew or not, and personally I estimate that they knew very well, in other words Hoare was telling lies and Kamm was being silent, then an apology to those they have slandered is certainly due.

I mean Hoare has called people liars and Kamm has been silent. Should they not now act like English gentlemen and apologize to these wonderful Serb researchers (who have proved as proven by Nathan’s comment yesterday to 4international to be correct) sincerely for the hurt and confusion they have caused? But if they do not take the latter gentlemanly and principled approach then we have to conclude these two associates are not even men. Stand up now and act like men, Hoare and Kamm!      


The question remains why Hoare was so intent on lying about Cengic? And why Hoare, usually so voluble, has remained silent  In a recent article we showed that Attila Hoare has been telling the world big fibs about Cengic. You Serb researchers Hoare said are  really only fools. In fact Hoare even pretended they were part of a Monty Python sketch!

Cengic was not born until the Fifties said Hoare. But as a self-professed expert on Balkan history Hoare knew very well that the son was not born until the fifties, but the Father was alive and well and very, very active at the side of the notorious antisemite and Serb Hater Izetbegovic in the early 40s as the Holocaust raged throughout Yugoslavia. I think yesterday we have proven that Hoare was misleading the world, and the British workers, and the whole blogosphere in Britain and Ireland over this Cengic issue.

The question remains why Hoare was so intent on lying about Cengic? And why Oliver Kamm, usually so voluble, has remained silent. The answer to that is not difficult. Pretty obvious actually! Hoare, and Kamm by his silence on the issue, are intent on protecting Izetbegovic. Well no that is not quite accurate. It is more precise to say that Hoare and Kamm are protecting their own reputation because they have spent the past 20 years telling people in Britain and Ireland that Izetbegovic was indeed a moderate leader, and that he had nothing to do with the Holocaust of the Jews, Serbs, Romany, Gays and Handicapped in the Balkans.

It was the most horrific genocide, as bad as any part of the Holocaust carried out by the Nazis. But the key to understanding is not actually Cengic at all. In a way Cengic is a blind alley although a very interesting area for research. No the key to Izetbegovic lies in of all places the Middle East, and in especially that part nominated by the League of Nations in 1920 as “Palestine”. The key to understanding Izetbegovic actually is a man called Hajj Amin el Husseini and in his close relationship with Hajj Amin through their shared membership of the Fascist Nazi Muslim Brotherhood.


  1. This Attila the Hun or Who(a)re is a remarkable case. What is so morally disgusting is his conflating of the Holocaust, the murder of 6 million Jews, with Monty Python’s Flying Circus. By this fact alone, it shows that Attila the Hun is a psychotic, an unbalanced lunatic. He is a megalomaniac who is so full of himself, a snot nosed wanna be. What is he but a lowly piss-ant “scholar” wanna be, a Research Fellow? What is that? He is definitely a psychotic Fellow.

    The object of this mindless screed is Robert Fox, one of Britain’s best-known and respected military correspondents and journalists. What Who(a)re objects to is that Fox was telling the truth about the Bosnian Muslim Army. Fox saw with his own eyes that Muslims were recreating the famous Bosnian Muslim Handzar Nazi SS Division, the 13 Division, one of the most famous Nazi Divisions of WWII.

    Now why would Fox manufacture this information? What would be his motive? Only a psychopath like Attila the Hun would maintain that Fox was not telling it like it is here.

    Fox reported that apparently this recreated Nazi SS Division had the support of the Bosnian Muslim leadership or government. Attila responds: “Fox said no such thing” in that annoying school marmy tone. But Fox said such thing. Now Who(a)re gets snotty here and tries to play semantics games. Does this include his hero Alija Izetbegovic? Fox does not say. Fox just says the government and mentions Ejup Ganic the vice-president and Haris S. who were the two key Muslim leaders. But it is Alija’s government, isn’t it? It is pretty much semantics which allows Attila to avoid the serious issues involved. What a psycho!

    Attila is too ignorant to know that this is a Straw Man Argument. The key issue is that the Bosnian Muslim leadership never acknowledged or even renounced their Nazi past or their role in the Holocaust. Indeed, they glorified their Nazi past. The director of the US Holocaust Museum even attacked and castigated them for not coming clean on their Nazi past. Of course, Attila covers this all up.

    Attila the Hun represents a troubling and horrific new development in historical research and writing, the advent of the propagandist and spin doctor and shill as historian. He doesn’t even bother to conceal the fact that he is one-sided, biased, and an advocate for his Bosnian Muslim clients. What a shameless fraud.

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