As the Serbian people go to the polls for the second time tomorrow, really the only issue being Kosovo, 4international pledges support to all who oppose the robbery of Kosovo from Serbia.

by Felix Quigley

 I see this Serbian election tomorrow as the same as the fight against those who murdered Slobodan Milosevic in a NATO prison, and those NATO and Western Media forces who lined up in defence of the extreme Islamofascist Izetbegovic in Bosnia, who operated cruelly against both Serbs and moderate Muslims. They are in the main The Western Media… Those forces in the Media centred around Oliver Kamm, Attila Hoare, Christopher Hitchens, Harry’s Place website, Nick Cohen, Maggie O’Kane. Kosovo is part of Serbia. It is the centre of the Serbian national consciousness and soul. The centre of their religion and the centre of their very being. Kosovo to the Albanians who live there is nothing, it is merely a name which they use in their effort, Jihad Style, to create Greater Albania. There is a direct parallel to be made with the Arab attitude to “Palestine”, again a mere name to be used to destroy the Infidel Jew (and Christian) in Dara el Islam. Once Kosovo is torn by these Jihadists from Serbia they will have no interest in the place. It is not representative in any way of a national consciousness. Kosovo is Serbia. There will never be a national entity called Independent Kosovo, or as some idiots say, Kosova. Now the forces of US Imperialism represented by Bush and Rice, and the forces of EU, are destroying the last remnants of International Law. There is no legal basis for them to tear Kosovo away from Serbia. Kosovo is Serbia. If they do tear away Kosovo it means that capitalism as a world system is descending into barbarism, where they are ditching even the formality of international laws. They, the US and EU, are preparing to plunge the world into barbarism where only the strongest rule. It is pure Imperialism. More than that it is pure Nazism! It is exactly the essence of the international programme of Hitler, where the strongest only survive. There are many in my opinion who are carrying out a betrayal on this issue: As I stated in a previous article it is not possible for a revolutionary socialist not to take a principled position towards the Radicals, and especially towards the leader of the radicals, Voyislav Sesejl, who is locked up in the prison of the Hague Kangaroo Court, that is the same prison where Slobodan Milosevic was poisoned. I cannot understand why some of the leading people and websites who have done serious and important research and work are not campaigning openly for the victory of the Radicals in this election. How can they sit it out and know that the same system which murdered Milosevic has within its clutches Sesejl, and he is the leader of the party, the Radicals in this election. On another more pernicious level from these there are the equally pernicious lies from the BBC in the shape of its present reporter Mark Mardell. On the airways to the world he tells one story. In his blog to a private audience he tells another. There are the same lies from the Guardian, Independent and Irish Times. The Irish Times has never replied to my letter on the falsification of the famous Milosevic speech, cowards that they are, I will be writing another and asking them why they tell lies in their paper and then refuse to discuss it. There are the political fraudsters Attila Hoare and Oliver Kamm who now are supporting Greater Albania, and are in reality supporting the tearing up of international law. This is a major issue for revolutionary socialists. It is not possible for a revolutionary socialist to stand outside of this and even atttempt to take a position of abstention. For one thing it lays the way clear for the lies of Kamm and Hoare about Milosevic and Seselj. The great parallel is with Leon Trotsky when he was forced by events to confront the issue of the Jews and Fascism. The position of Trotsky in the late 30s was unanbiguous. He lined up with the Jews, declared that the Jews were a Nation, and that they must establish their nation state in Palestine, which they must make free from antisemitism. That could not possibly be clearer. He did not seek to abstain. It was a vital issue for the revolutionary socialist movement. The issue of Kosovo raises again the issue of the murder of Slobodan Milosevic and the hatred engendered towards Milosevic by Nick Cohen, Christopher Hitchens and many others including Kamm. It was necessary for the revolutionary socialist leadership to defend Slobodan Milosevic unconditionally against Imperialism and it is not any different in the case of Seselj, who is languishing in the NATO Kangaroo Court Prison. There must be no ambiguity here. I repeat, unconditional support for Seselj against Imperialism and the likes of Kamm and Hitchens. We on 4international although firm atheists also create a unity with the Serb Orthodox Christian Church in their opposition to the robbery from them, the very centre of their noble religion, of Kosovo. Also, every step that Russia and China, and any other country’s leaders will take, we will unite with as well. In doing so we do not drop any single demand of our revolutionary socialist programme nor will be asked to. The Jews of the world should be taking a leading position on this Kosovo issue and also calling for the disbandment of the NATO owned Hague Court. This is a position of principle and is a position of internationalism, which is something the Jewish people must learn. The present discussion on the issue on Israpundit is a farce. The chief obfuscating merchant there, one Bill Narvey, has managed to pretend that he did not know what a very good contribution by “Enigmax” mreant. In fact Enigmax was saying the same as Julia Gorin, Palestine IS Kosovo. I have explained that and will come back to it again here. We at 4international call for unity of Serbs and Jews in this critical time for both.Say: No to an Independent Kosovo on Serb land! No to a Palestinian Arab state on Jewish land!



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