Oliver Kamm, the Law, Silencing Opponents and Hypocrisy 

Oliver Kamm, who is assisted by his  associate Attila Hoare, often tells people on the blogosphere that he is very loathe to resort to the notorious libel laws of England. These libel laws are being used more and more to silence critics of Islamofascism by reactionary and Fascist leaning Muslims.

But everything Kamm says needs to be taken with a very large grain of salt.

For years now Kamm has been defending the reputation of one Izetbegovic, who was the leader of the Islamofascist Bosnian Jihadist Government, who also entertained Islamofascist killers from Arab countries, and it is even thought that he had on board the very man himself, Bin Laden!

And during all of this time as these Fascists were lashing out at defenceless Serb peasant people, alone in their isolated homesteads, these Fascists were directly aided by the US and the EU. Kamm supported all of this.

Kamm maintained that Izetbegovic was a moderate Muslim leader. But when facts were placed in front of Kamm that this was not the case then he ignored these facts. One such very big fact. that Kamm decided was not relevant, was the written down views of the man himself. That is the views of Mr Izetbegovic.

This was the Islamic Declaration which Izetbegovic wrote in 1970 and which was ,very interestingly considering the times, published by his faction in book form in 1990.

We will of course be publishing the Islamic Declaration on this site. Kamm has never published it. He therefore has decided to hide this vital evidence as to what kind of a man was Izetbegovic.

What Izetbegovic was doing in 1970 and in 1990 is not open to doubt. He was in fact. publishing an extreme Islamofascist tract in order to build a Fascist movement around. Not for nothing the Islamic Declaration has been called the Bosnian Mein Kamph!

When the store goes back to when Izetbegovic was a youth the story is harder to pin down. But we do know that Izetbegovic was closely associated with Hajj Amin el Husseini, the Arab Fascist Jew Hater who placed a large role in the Holocaust in general, and especially in the Balkans.

Why do we know the two were closely associated? Because they were both members of the notorious Nazi Muslim Brotherhood, and in all likelihood were working as brothers with the Nazis.

Now given that Bosnia is a smallish place. And given that Izetbegovic was also building an extreme Islamofascist movement in Bosnia, as Hajj Amin was going about building his Nazi squadrons, it is likely they were connected. The likelihood is that they were intimately connected.

There is more to say on this and will be said.

What I want to focus on today is how Kamm, who does not like going to the Law he tells us, reacted when Nathan Pearlstein made the claim that Izetbegovic was involoved in recriuiting Nazis on behalf of the fellow Muslim Brotherhood associate, Hajj Amin el Husseini.

To those new to this I advise they should keep one thing in mind. This man, this Arab Palestinian, Hajj Amin el Husseini, was an absolute monster, responsible for the murder of hundreds of thousands of Jews in the Holocaust.

How then did Kamm react? Did he answer the question say of Izetbegovic belonging to the Muslim Brotherhood alon with this monster, or to the great “coincidence” of the Islamic Declaration.

  He did not!!

He wrote the following in an e-mail to the editor of wonderful Jewish Blog, based in Canada, Ted  Belman of Israpundit:

From: Oliver Kamm
To: Ted
Cc: m.hoare@kingston.ac.uk
Sent: Tuesday, February 06, 2007 9:45 PM
Subject: Re: From Oliver Kamm
Having read your commendation of the work of the “Srebrenica Research Group” on the victims of the Srebrenica massacre, I agree that you know next to nothing about the Balkans. When you make or publish grave accusations against someone – and there could be no more grave charge against a political commentator than that he supports “Nazi mass murderers” and defends genocide and ethnic cleansing – then the onus is on you to demonstrate your case rather than engage in the casuistry of demanding from the victim of those libels that he prove a negative. To make your task easier, I am providing you with the sole comment I have ever put in the public domain on the subject of the late Alia Izetbegovic. It is to report the judgement – which I solicited directly – of the Cambridge historian Marko Attila Hoare, a specialist in Balkan history, on the allegation concerning Izetbegovic’s war record: “Marko could find no direct source [substantiating the claim]. The closest he could get to it was a claimthat the Serbian historian Milan Bulajic – a genuine if not entirely objective authority on the Croatian Ustashe – wrote to the journalist David Binder, claiming he had found a transcript of Izetbegovic’s 1946 trial, in which the prosecution alleged that Izetbegovic had recruited for the SS during WW2, and Izetbegovic made no attempt to deny it, but merely excused himself on the grounds of his extreme youth. Marko is careful not to rule out the possibility that this is true, and Bulajic is a credible source, but as things stand, this is merely third-hand hearsay.”
I would ask that you now either substantiate your contributors’ allegations against me or publish a proper retraction within 24 hours. I am taking the liberty of forwarding this exchange to Dr Hoare. If I have heard nothing from you by this time tomorrow, I shall in addition forward it to my legal representatives, Charles Russell LLP of London.
Oliver Kamm

There is nothing you will notice of the urbane calm that Kamm likes to exhibit to his readers on his blog. This is the British ruling class elite having their wisdom challenged, in this case by a student in fact, and his reaction is brutal. 


He comes out snarling at wonderful Jewish man Ted Belman like a mad dog let off its leash. He snarls at Ted that he “knows next to nothing about the Balkans”.

 This from a man who has I do believe has totally hidden on his blog the one document that incriminates Izetbegovic as a Nazi, The Islamic Declaration. He then ignores all evidence that indeed Izetbegovic in the creation of his movement in late 1939, early 1940, must have been involved with the Nazis. His group was the Young Muslims and it was later certified by the Canadian Branch of this movement that it was Islamofascist to the core. It seems that Kamm has a technique of simple ignoring evidence which is placed in front of him by serious researchers and then heading for the law courts and the notorious English Libel Laws when he is challenged. Let me repeat Kamm’s final flourish to wonderful Jewish editor Ted Belman, who is doing great work in getting all sides of the issues out in the open. For goodness sake, Ted even offered Kamm right there and then the full use of Ted’s blog to air his point of view. The grounds for a very useful discusión I would have thought. Instead poor Ted was met with this: . If I have heard nothing from you by this time tomorrow, I shall in addition forward it to my legal representatives, Charles Russell LLP of London.
Oliver Kamm”.
 This is from a man who has stated quite often, if I am not mistaken, that he does not like the use of libel laws to silence opponents. As some of the people around at the time remarked: “What hypocrisy”. But is hypocrisy not the hallmark of the British ruling classes. No surprise there then!

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