We on are beginning to receive much information about the real nature of the Islamofascist regime in Bosnia around the Fascist Izetbegovic from many readers around the world. The following article was sent to our desk by a reader in AmericaWe are extremely glad to receive it and lots more besides, because it adds to our campaign, which is to enable readers to gain a more comprehensive understanding of the nature of the Islamofascist regime around Izetbegovic in Bosnia in the 90s, and which of course exists to this very day.

All of this information is going to help to undo the misinformation about Izetbegovic put about by Kamm and Hoare, and their associates on the British website, Harry’s Place. None of these, as far as can gather, have for example ever bothered to publish any of The Islamic Declaration by Izetbegovic, The Mein Kamph of the Balkans.

I include the short introduction by our American reader who sent this in.

(Begin now the article sent by our American reader and friend) 

Bosnian Muslim Politician says Izetbegovic was Friendly with Al Qaida and Osama bin Laden and brought thousands of Al Qaida terrorist killers into Bosnia and gave them Bosnian citizenship!
Note especially the comment he makes about the taking of pictures of Mujaheddin troops with cut-off Serbian boys’ heads!
He says Izetbegovic’s project of an Islamofascist fundamentalist Bosnian state succeeded!
The Era of Terrorism in Bosnia and Hercegovina

By OnTheWeb
Monday, January 7, 2008
BBC Monitoring International Reports
Extract of report by Bosnian edition of Croatian daily Vecernji list, on 11 December (2007)
Dzevad Galijasevic – a controversial politician, chairman of the New Democratic Party in Bosnia and Hercegovina, and former mayor of the Maglaj Municipality – recently presented in Belgrade his new book, “The Era of Terrorism in Bosnia and Hercegovina”.
This is the final book in a trilogy of sorts that talks about the arrival of mujahidin in Bosnia-Hercegovina, exposes the organizations that support them, and details illegal as well as legal activities they are involved in. Galijasevic holds the view that Alija Izetbegovic’s Islamic Declaration laid the cornerstone for the mujahidin to come to wartime and postwar Bosnia and Hercegovina.
[Soldo] Why do you think that the Islamic Declaration is the “main culprit” for these completely new developments in Bosnia-Hercegovina?
[Galijasevic] No one in the B-H public has seriously studied Alija Izetbegovic’s Islamic Declaration, which was the first and the most important step that Bosnian Muslims took to move away from Oriental decadence and embrace active Islamism. This means belief and struggle: in addition to “iman” [Islamic faith], you must take part in perpetual jihad.
I shed light on the Islamic Declaration from four different angles. Is the Islamic Declaration truly Islamic? Is it a document created on the basis of historical experience? Is it a civilizational document originating from the European cultural community?
Finally, how is it perceived by non-Muslims in Bosnia-Hercegovina? Thus, the Islamic Declaration is an autochthonic, anti-Muslim, anti-historical, anti-civilizational, and anti-civic document. It laid the cornerstone for things that aggressively came here on the wings of war – the arrival of holy warriors, who are in fact ordinary bearded murderers who crept out of some feudal darkness of other societies.
[Soldo] You published in your book a list of all mujahidin who were granted B-H citizenship?
[Galijasevic] The book describes the way in which they arrive and through what organizations, as well as the legal and illegal activities they are involved in.
They make war more brutal than it is. I published the names of all 1,250 mujahidin who were granted B-H citizenship.
I identified their political protectors such as Haris Silajdzic, Hasan Cengic, Alija Izetbegovic, and Bakir Izetbegovic, as well as their protectors in the police such as Semsudin Mehmedovic, who is currently the deputy chairman of the committee overseeing SIPA [State Investigation and Protection Agency] and police reform expert.
He married the mujahidin to girls from Bosnia and Hercegovina. As proof of this I published six marriage certificates issued in Tesanj, where the first mujahidin community was formed in the village of Jablanica. Their fictitious marriages were concluded by the then chief of police, which was the way to get B-H citizenships and break the law.
[Soldo] What role did major world powers play in this?
[Galijasevic] The book talks about established terrorist organizations and their operatives in Bosnia-Hercegovina. Izetbegovic’s government was blackmailed by US Government and it ultimately had to give up Abu Mali’s services.
[Soldo] It is your view that the mujahidin take the biggest credit for Al-Qa’idah’s development in Bosnia-Hercegovina?
[Galijasevic] Never before in Islam did we have decapitation and taking pictures with severed heads, which symbolizes severance of all links with Christianity – a definitive showdown with Christianity for the next 500 years.
“What Suleiman the Magnificent did to our last king, Stjepan Tomasevic, each Bosnian mujahidin must do the same.” This is their message. In war this idea was created on the basis of “local folklore”; over the past four to five years it has become Al-Qa’idah’s practice.
[Soldo] Who are Al-Qa’idah followers in Bosnia-Hercegovina and what is their motive?
[Galijasevic] Throughout the world, Bosnia-Hercegovina included, there are Al-Qa’idah cells. In Bosnia-Hercegovina you have indigenous local population, mostly in backward rural areas, a part of which – perhaps around 10 per cent – has embraced Wahhabi principles, that is Islamic activism. Their leaders are in Sarajevo, in King Fahd’s Mosque, in the government, in the B-H Presidency, and so on.
[Soldo] On the other hand, the international community does not attach a high level of importance to this?
[Galijasevic] The international community is not involved in these issues because it understands that Bosnia-Hercegovina is not a target of terrorist activities.
This is the reason why these mediocre bureaucrats in international bodies do not want to notify their bosses of the growing network that is no longer in a phase of operational execution of actions. Operational execution of actions ended with the murders of Croats in central Bosnia, the murder of Slavko Ivanovic in Maglaj, four explosive devices in Maglaj, and the murder of Jozo Leutar.
In Bosnia-Hercegovina today Al-Qa’idah is in a strategic planning phase.
This means that, among such potentials – and it is likely that there are 100,000 such believers – you can find five people who are sufficiently socially vulnerable, primitive, and insane to hang bombs on their belts and bring in explosives “wherever necessary.”
All such initiatives come from there.
[Soldo] What do you mean?
[Galijasevic] This means that Bosnia-Hercegovina ostensibly wants to expel Abu Hamza and his men, but then it is punished by Ali Hamad’s testimony in Sarajevo in the Hague tribunal’s trial of General Rasim Delic.
This is retribution by this part of Al-Qa’idah, which is exacting revenge on Bosnian authorities for the failure to protect more vigorously their stay in Bosnia-Hercegovina.
[Soldo] Does this form of Al-Qa’idah pose a credible threat to Bosnia-Hercegovina?
[Galijasevic] It is clear that the system as set up right now is strong enough to destabilize Europe. It is also clear that they are waiting for EU accession; thus, this white, European physiognomy and anthropology – the so-called “white Al-Qa’idah – can in fact be the most fatal for Europe, while Bosnia-Hercegovina is an insignificant target for Al-Qa’idah.
[Soldo] What do Bosniak intellectuals say?
[Galijasevic] Bosniak intellectual elite are at quite a distance from the battleground where this battle is fought – in mosques, rural settlements, villages, and among the insufficiently educated population.
A bad education policy for the people is the biggest problem, because it turns out that Al-Qa’idah was created in socially conflicting and uneducated areas of the Arab world, where strong dictatorships were present.
In a city you can get a Ph.D., but in Zeljezno Polje you are not even able to finish secondary school. They resolve social problems with this kind of participation. Thus, Bosnian intellectuals are in fact unable to lead the fight against this evil.
[Soldo] Is there a solution?
[Galijasevic] We often behave with regard to this issue like Serbs, who say, “Let us not talk about Karadzic and there is no problem.” Likewise, we say, “Let us not talk about Al-Qa’idah.” However, every once in a while “some bombs” go off, and then some media try to persuade the public that this was the work of a madman.
Does anyone need to convince us that he is crazy? Of course he is crazy. These precisely are the people Al-Qa’idah is recruiting and looking for. Do you think that Muamer Topalovic, the murderer of an entire Catholic family in Kostajnica, is normal?
Of course he is mad, but he was charged with and convicted of brutal murder, not terrorism, which was the act he in fact committed.
[Soldo] The Bosniak right wing often accuses you of betraying your own Bosniak people. What do you think?
[Galijasevic] With this book I do not want to denounce my people. In this book I present my views on the religious teaching of the Muslim people that I belong to, because I want to defend my faith and my people from these bearded thugs and politicians who brought this concept on the wings of personal interests.
Our politicians and religious dignitaries took money from the Arab world; when you do that, you also assume “obligations on my behalf.” These obligations include allowing the worst evil to develop here.
My family and I were also at the receiving end of very blunt threats and attacks, but what I am saying is the actual truth.
Izetbegovic’s project succeeded and I understand him.
That is why I wrote about him and tried to make him understood to non-Muslims in the way that I as a Muslim understand him.
Arabs, Bosniaks’ Only Brothers
“Active Islamism is pushing one’s own nation in the whirlpool of problems of other Islamic countries.” Galijasevic said.
“It is getting Bosnian Muslims interested in events in the Arab world, in the Iranian revolution, in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.
“It is bringing Bosnia closer to Palestine.
“It is turning Muslims’ true historical brothers, Serbs and Croats, into eternal and irreconcilable enemies, and turning Arabs into the only and actual brothers who look, behave, and talk differently and have a completely different view of the family, the state, and themselves,” Galijasevic said.
Source: Vecernji list (Bosnia-Hercegovina edition), Zagreb, in Croatian 11 Dec 07

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