This is an appeal to  workers, youth and all who want the truth about what happened in Bosnia during the past 20 years to emerge. I am making this appeal as the person who runs the website I am backed up in this appeal by an editorial board with whom I am in daily contact.

As I pursue my investigations into this issue I am reaching the conclusion that Oliver Kamm, his close associate Attila Hoare, and many others in the British and Irish Media, including the notorious website Harry´s Place, have hiddenvital evidence concerning the nature of the leader in Bosnia, Elija Izetbegovic.

There is now emerging in the Balkans, especially with the role of the Fascist and Drug peddling KLA, with its imminent independence in Kosovo, a very definite Fascist entity.

Yesterday on this site we have published many of the main statements made by Izetbegovic in his Islamic Declaration. Today I have done a search on Google and I find that Kamm has never published this vital document which shows the world that Izetbegovic was an extreme Islamofascist. It is indeed the Mein Kamph of the Balkans.

Why has Kamm hidden this? Why has his associate Hoare also hidden this? Has Harry’s Place ever published The Islamic Declarationby Izetbegovic?

We also have found that Izetbegovic, during the days when the Nazi Holocaust was raging through the Balkans, with hundreds of thousands of Jews, Serbs and Romany brutally murdered by the Nazis, and especially by the Palestinian Arab Butcher and Nazi Hajj Amin el Husseini, that he Izetbegovic was not only an associate of Hajj Amin el Husseini, but that they had a combined membership of the Nazi Muslim Brotherhood at that time of the Holocaust.

This is something that Kamm has kept hidden from his readers as far as I can ascertain. I will be sending a copy of this to Kamm and he is at liberty to point out if I am wrong, if indeed he has covered the combined membership of these two Islamofascists in the Muslim Brotherhood. In that case I will happily stand corrected! The fact that they were both in Bosnia and that Hajj Amion el Husseini was playing the leading role in the Nazi Holocaust there means that this is a vital question which simply must be answered.

Why did Kamm hide the combined membership of Izetbegovic and Hajj Amin el Husseini from his readers?

If Kamm is hiding this vital material from his readers the question then arises, why is he doing this?

This is again a vital question because our analysis shows that the US and the EU set up an Islamofascist stronghold in the Balkans, and that Bin Laden and Al Qaida used Bosnia, and was facilated in this by Izetbegovic, in order to plan and later carry out the horrific massacre of 9-11, as well as the London and Madrid bombings in which many British and Spanish workers were brutally murdered.

 A copy of this will be sent by e-mail to Kamm and we will await an answer, either by reply or on his own blog.

Felix Quigley

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