British Blogger and Merchant Banker Oliver Kamm is consciously using this term of “Denier”, and he is drawing a link between the Nazi Holocaust and “Holocaust Denial” with the Srebrenica fakery…

 By Felix Quigley Oliver Kamm and Attilla Hoare, as well as this very wide circle of British and Irish journalists in the Media which pays their wages, just can never leave the so-called Srebrenica massacre alone. This is the issue that they use in order to stir up the worst hated against the Serb people, and to justify their own bad journalism.

This is part of the Nazi Big Lie techniquesomething also adopted during the 20s by the Stalinists in the Soviet Union in their fight against the Left Opposition. Kamm is often referred to as being on the “Left” but this is a strange “Left” land that Kamm inhabits. He agrees with US Imperialism down the line and he also seems to be an EU Integrationist. Most of all he believes along with his associate Hoare that capitalism is the system of the future, and that in its Imperialist form capitalist countries have the right to invade other countries anywhere it decides, in order to carry forward something they refer to as “democracy”, which clearly is not. 

So back to Kamm, Yugoslavia and Srebrenica. The Balkans have in the past 20 plus years been laid siege to by these powerful forces of what Hoare refers to as the system of the future, Imperialism in the shape of the US, EU, UN, NATO and helped by Fascist Forces with their home in the Balkans and origins in the Nazi period. 

One of these, but only one, was the Islamist movement which grew up around Izetbegovic in Bosnia, which in turn was based theoretically and politically on the Islamic Declaration, which is an extreme Islamofascist and antisemitic tract, written in 1970 by Izetbegovic as the collected thoughts of a mature Islamist, and later published in book form in 1990 in time for the NATO crushing of Yugoslavia. 

This is a document which we have already published on 4international but one which Mr Kamm and Mr Hoare have never published, I venture to suggest will never publish. The reason being this book tells too much about the movement that Kamm and Hoare, and all their gang in the British Media and around Harry’s Place, have been supporting in Bosnia now for 15 years at least. So given that Yugoslavia has been laid siege to by Imperialist and Fascist forces for 20 years what has emerged is a very strange animal indeed.

At this moment out of Croatia comes a rock band touring the world and drawing big crowds, but spouting in their songs pure Clerical Fascism of the Nazi era. Bosnia, well what exactly is Bosnia, is it a country which I see before me! Hardly, it is one of the most farcical concoctions ever created. Even its ex-Lord, PPDA (No that is not a computer device it stands for Paddy Pants Down Ashdown) was refused entry to Afghanistanby the Karzai Government, to Afghanistanfor goodness sake!

That tells you something of the standing of Bosnia in the world. And Kosovo we have talked about and will talk about. Serbia itself is a country now totally distorted by this Imperialist barrage over 20 years. From North to South in the Balkans what is left is really nothing more than an entity made up of puppet regimes, puppets of Imperialism. Those who oppose Imperialism either in hiding or lodged in the jail of the Hague NATO Kangaroo Court. It is a land now where all national pride has been almost extinguished by NATO assisted by the British Media and types like Kamm. 

But still Kamm harps on about the Srebrenica Massacre. Why? Really because he senses that if he is exposed on that issue then the whole edifice of lies that he and the British and Irish Media has built up will come tumbling down. Plus of course his conscious use of the Nazi Big Lie technique. Repeat a lie often enough and some mud sticks. In this context the Serbs in Bosnia are similarly under the boot of this whole Imperialist repressive system and of course with their rightful leader being hunted, like a stag run to ground, then the Serbs in Bosnia have a leadership which is also badly distorted. Could it be anything else considering the pressure? In any case Ashdown we have proved applied intense pressure to make some of these Serbs in Bosnia admit to the 8000 Srebrenica massacre figure, but again without a shred of evidence that even one person was massacred. Which they later withdrew. 

So as far as I can judge that is the evidence which Kamm uses to ”prove” the Srebrenica Massacre. That and the claim by the Hague NATO Kangaroo Court, also a claim without any evidence. Can such a lie be cast abroad on the Media and made to stick? Yes indeed it can! As a study I am doing on the journalistic work of BBC reporter Mark Mardell will show, these Media Corporations seem to exercise a stranglehold over what their reporters write. 

The following passage of just about two weeks ago from the pen of Kamm on his blog makes clear that he has a very dangerous, and very emotionally insulting to the Jews, line of attack on the issue of Srebrenica. But first I will let you read for yourself what he says in order for you to gain your own impressions before I intrude with mine. 

My interlocutor, who is as bemused by Mr Clark’s political assertions as the rest of my readers will be, felt that Mr Clark had nonetheless endured disproportionate attention. I agree, and acknowledge my own culpability. Even so, there is one last aspect of Mr Clark’s mental furniture that may be worth noting.

Mr Clark is to be found blogging indefatigably at “Comment is Free”. Last week he complainedthat “for his pro-Yugoslav stance, Milosevic was rewarded with over a decade of demonisation in the west’s media”. Attending to the merits of this proposition would clearly not be a fruitful exercise, but one comment below the article pointed to a characteristic of Mr Clark that I hadn’t previously realised. In 2004 Clark wrote a similarly exculpatory piece that included this sentence (emphasis added): “In the case of the worst massacre with which Milosevic has been accused of complicity – of between 2,000 and 4,000 men and boys in Srebrenica in 1995- Del Ponte’s team have produced nothing to challenge the verdict of the five-year inquiry commissioned by the Dutch government – that there was ‘no proof that orders for the slaughter came from Serb political leaders in Belgrade’.”

I have caught Mr Clark before in promoting factoids derived from a “Srebrenica denial” outfit (an obscure American organisation called the International Strategic Studies Association) and affecting that this was a reputable source. But it was news to me that he is himself a Srebrenica denier.

The true figure of at least 7,000 to 8,000 victims killed in that act of genocide is established and recognised by the Serb government. By analogy, recall that even in his libel suit against Professor Deborah Lipstadt and Penguin Books in 2000, my reader David Irving maintained that 500,000 to 1.5 million Jews had been murdered on orders from Berlin (The Irving Judgment, 2000, p. 116). He also said more recently that Himmler had had a programme for extermination of the Jews, and that “in 1942-43 alone over 2.5 million Jews were killed in those three camps”. Irving remains, despite these qualifications, a Holocaust denier.


 Let me then repeat his central proof and claim:

The true figure of at least 7,000 to 8,000 victims killed in that act of genocide is established and recognised by the Serb government”.

 But that is meaningless because it was done at the point of a gun wielded by PPDA, aka Paddy Ashdown, overlord and dictator on behalf of NATO, US and EU Imperialism, in Bosnia, a man of ruthless disposition (ex para), and a very bullying type of gentleman, just like Kamm himself  (see his ruthless bullying of Clark and of a person called Sonic on the notorious British blog Harry’s Place) 

Under intense pressure from Ashdown, their overlord, who treated everybody in Bosnia as his personal vassals, so much so that even Afghanistan (!!!) would not desire to have this British Medieval Monstrosity in their country (!!!) the Bosnian Serbs buckled. They admitted some figure but as I understood it and have said above withdrew later.

In any case it is no proof at all. We can also dismiss the Hague Kangaroo Court claim that the Serbs carried out a Masssacre in Srebrenica. To believe them on the issue is to give credence to Ian Paisley’s opinion of the Pope. Not credible. Intelligent people would not listen!

But Kamm is fairly intelligent. However, he and the many in the journalistic circle in the British and Irish Media have a lot tied up in these scandalous claims against the Serbs. People like the Irish ex-Guardian writer one Maggie O’Kane, educated in a Dublin Catholic Convent, now for a long time spouting these lies about the Serbs and Srebrenica. But thousands of others also.

To give an indication of the width of these lies I am still waiting on a reply from the Editor of the Irish Times to the letter I wrote him explaining that as Francisco Gil White showed The Irish Times lied about the Milosevic Speech in 1988 in Kosovo.

In many ways the content of these lies, all of them, was that the Serbs were the New Nazis. Hence the frantic cover-up job by Kamm and Hoare on the Izetbegovic monster, his connection with the Arab Islamofascist and Nazi Holocaust operator Hajj Amin el Husseini. Hoare and Kamm have never written ONE word about the connection of these two Nazi monsters through their combined membership of the Muslim Brotherhood.

So they all scurry for cover, and they gang together like hyenas. This also explains the silence of the Editor of The Irish Times over the question of the LIES which his paper has published about Milosevic, putting into the mouth of Milosevic words he did not utter in that speech in Kosovo.

So we have then showed that the evidence of Kamm re the Serbs committing a Massacre in Srebrenica does not exist, or else he would have produced it. All he has is a pressured statement from this wreck of a government (not even a government) in Serb Bosnia, and of all things, an assertion from the Hague Kangaroo Court. There is thin evidence and then there is no evidence. I will leave you decide which applies to what Kamm brings forward to “prove” The Srebrenica “Massacre”.

Yet that is still not the worst of the whole thing as far as I understand it.

We know how Jews and Serbs, also Romany and even handicapped, have suffered in the Holocaust. But in the piece above Oliver Kamm is doing a number of very serious things and he must be asked to desist by the British Labour and working class movement.

I really feel the Jews have suffered enough but this from the hands of Kamm, who is backed up in everything by his associate Hoare and this whole circle around him, which actually includes some Jews, is absolutely totally insufferable.

First of all accepting that Srebrenica is a total fake and the only evidence produced by Kamm is that of a reactionary and partisan court and a statement made under great duress.

That this fake massacre is then consciously compared to the Nazi Holocaust of the Jews. Just to make a lying and obviously partisan point! That is going just too far.

Clark in the above is wrong. Clark can  never and has not brought forward any evidence that the Serbs massacred a single person in Srebrenica. But that is not enough for Kamm. He is in bullying mode against Clark all of the time and he ends with this:

“But it was news to me that he is himself a Srebrenica denier.”

So Clark is then labelled under this new term “Srebrenica Denier”.

Then Kamm draws a clumsy parallel with the Nazi David Irving and he repeats: “Irving remains, despite these qualifications, a Holocaust denier.”

Jews are going to be totally incensed by this. No matter how you weigh this up you are left with the unmistakable conclusion that Kamm is besmirching the memories of Jews who died in the Holocaust. He is consciously using this term of Denier, and he is drawing a link between the Nazi Holocaust where we know 6 millions of Jews were murdered by the Nazis, by their allies the Bosnian Islamofascists as well as the Catholic Croatian Fascists, and this fakery in Srebrenica, something that is hotly disputed and where the evidence of a massacre of any kind has not been brought forward.

If the evidence did exist then do you not think that Kamm would have produced it 2 weeks ago on January 20 when he wrote the above.

The conclusions that Jews will reach I cannot be sure of.  But I sense that towards Kamm their conclusions will indeed be extreme.


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