What lies behind Oliver Kamm supporting Oona King for Lord Mayor of London? She is notorious for her hatred of Israel.

By Felix Quigley

Oliver Kamm is the English blogger who has spent most of the past 20 years supporting Islamofascism led by the notorious antisemite and Fascist Elija Izetbegovic in Bosnia. In doing so we have already noted that Kamm has hidden two major and uncontestable facts about Izetbegovic 

  1. During the Nazi Holocaust in the Balkans where the most horrific atrocities were carried out by Nazis and by Islamofascist Muslims led by the Nazi Arab from Palestine Hajj Amin el Husseini, he and Izetbegovic were in fact close associates through their combined membership of the international Muslim Brotherhood. They were thus partners during the whole of the Holocaust in the Balkans. Kamm has hidden this.
  2. Izetbegovic launched his Islamic Declaration, a Jew hating and Islamofascist document in 1970, later issued as a book in 1990, which many have called the Mein Kamph of the Balkan Islamofascists. Again hidden by Kamm.

 If we are wrong and Kamm has indeed anywhere reported on these two uncontested facts we are only too happy to stand corrected. All Kamm has to do is explain our error and we will surely put the record straight The question has always been present: Why should Kamm hide the close relationship between Izetbegovic and Hajj Amin el Husseini? In fact if you search through the work of Kamm you will find little if any reference to the Nazi Arab from Palestine who played such a key role in the horrors of the Nazi Holocaust. Why would that be? Perhaps it may have something to do with Kamm’s own position towards Israel and the Jews of Israel. 

That this may be the case is shown in the support which Kamm is giving to a real enemy of Israel, a certain Ms Oona King, a previous Member of the British Parliament who once travelled to Israel with notorious enemy of Israel, a certain Ms Jenny Tonge.

Tonge is notorious. Not only was she sacked over her support for suicide murderers of Jews but she later said this: 

 Lib Dem peer Jenny Tonge has been summoned for talks with her leader after saying her party was “probably in the grip” of the pro-Israel lobby. Ms Tonge said: “The pro-Israeli lobby has got its grips on the western world, its financial grips. I think they’ve probably got a grip on our party.” (BBC News Thursday, 21 September 2006, 10:15 GMT 11:15 UK)

 But King and Tonge were together. When they were there on that visit to Israel this is what King said to the world: 

“The original founders of the Jewish state could surely not imagine the irony facing Israel today: in escaping the ashes of the Holocaust, they have incarcerated another people in a hell similar in its nature – though not its extent – to the Warsaw ghetto.” 

The full horror of the position of Kamm in calling for this woman to be Lord Mayor of London, that is First Citizen of this huge city, is only made worse in that Kamm knows very well that King uttered these words above. He actually cites them thus showing his arrogance towards Jews. And still called for her to be elected Lord Mayor. What then should and will Jews think about Kamm? 

But it really is no surprise at all to us on 4international that Kamm should make this move, the content of which is one of total hostility to Jews and Israel.

 In the above comment King is merely retelling the narrative of many of the antisemites on the Fascist Left. That those Jews who were snatched from the jaws of Nazi Fascism then went to Israel and became Nazis themselves. That is really what King is saying in the above, in my opinion, and I would like to see Kamm or anybody else arguing any differently! Kamm is prepared to have elected into First Citizen of London a woman who attacked the Jews so viciously on that trip to Israel, as a lowly MP. But as Lord Mayor of London what is to stop her making many trips to Israel in order to issue as bad and worse again, but this time speaking for the many millions who live in London. Izetbegovic was a stated and known hater of Israel and the Jews. Kamm supported him. A sample of what Izetbegovic wrote in his Islamic Declaration “This politics in Palestine is a provocation to all Muslims of the world. Jerusalem is not only a question of Palestinians, neither is it a question of Arabs only. It is a question of all the Muslim nations. TO KEEP JERUSALEM, THE JEWS WOULD HAVE TO DEFEAT ISLAM AND THE MUSLIMS, AND THAT – THANK GOD – IS OUTSIDE THEIR POWER.” So I suppose, looking at it rationally, it is hardly a big wonder that Kamm would call for support for King, publicly, from his blog. King hates Israel. Izetbegovic certainly hated Israel. Kamm supports both! And of course, again looking at it most rationally, how can Kamm possibly support the Jewish right to live in peace without molestation from antisemitism (the position of Leon Trotsky in the 30s) when he has hidden the Nazi origins of the PLO.  Having hidden the role of the Nazis in the Arab movement in Mandated Palestine, especially that of Hajj Amin el Husseini, Kamm cannot possibly be a real friend of the Jews in Israel in their struggle against antisemitism but instead be a supporter of Jihadist and antisemitic Palestinianism. There is an inevitable logic about the whole process. He supports “Palestinianism” just like he supported the Fascist and Jew Hater Izetbegovic in Bosnia, obviously a lot! Jews beware of this man!


  1. Oliver Kamm is a supporter of the Islamofascist Bosnian SDA party leader, the late Alija Izetbegovic – a well known hater of Israel and the Jewish people (as well as a hater of Serbia and the Serbian people).

    Kamm is also a supporter of the idea that the Islamofascist “Palestinian” Arabs of Hamas and PLO-Fatah should be given their own state carved out of Jewish land.

    Oliver Kamm and his sidekick Marko Attila Hoare are pure anti-semitic scum.

    Well done Felix, on exposing these two degenerates of the so-called “pro-war” (Imperialist) Left.

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