Perhaps Hoare, Kamm and their disreputable, pro-Islamofascist, pro-Izetbegovic gang at the British website Harry’s Place are disapointed and are becoming a little restless. The issue of Kosovo is not going as planned.

By Felix QuigleySo much so that Mr Attila Hoare, close associate of Oliver kamm,  on his dull blog had to interrupt whatever he is doing on the Spanish coast to urge everybody to accept this gangster “Kosovan” state be recognized by all British people.

The horse has bolted however. Both Bosnia and Kosovo have been made the centre of an Islamofascist drive, which is really a Jihad to strike a blow for Islam against Europe. That naturally has implications and some of the European states are pulling back from support.

Even the traitors who make up the Serbian Government are forced to resist a little. The strength of feeling among Serbs is intense and is making these opportunist ruling class Serbian politicians at least make some noises.

Place the word Serbianna into Google and you will be in touch with a wonderful web site which gives you all the latest news on this including vital coverage on drug running, prostitute marketing, you name it, it all goes on in this US and EU creation in the Balkans (

The splits in the EU ruling class is well covered here.

“February 08, 2008

BRUSSELS (AFP)–European Union nations remain split on Kosovo’s impending declaration of independence, and recognition is set to be disjointed with a significant minority opposing the move, according to officials.

For several months, European leaders have sought to forge a common position ahead of the independence declaration of the tiny breakaway Serbian province, now expected Feb. 17.

The issue, set to top the agenda at an E.U. foreign ministers’ meeting Feb. 18, gained extra urgency Friday when Serbia said it expected the “illegal” declaration on the day before the meeting.

The hunt is on for a unified E.U. response to a declaration of independence from the largely ethnic Albanian Kosovo, which would be acceptable to everyone, diplomats said.

“There is no magic formula,” one diplomat told Agence France-Presse.

The E.U. itself has no competence to recognize a new state, which will have to be done on a country to country basis.

“Things remain fluid but one thing is sure – not all the countries will recognize the independence,” another diplomat said.

Six member states, some with territorial issues of their own, are openly hostile to the idea.

One of the most implacably opposed is Cyprus, itself a split nation due to a declaration of independence by the largely Turkish north of the island in the 1970s.

The authorities in Spain, with its Basque and Catalan separatists, reiterated Wednesday that it would not recognize Kosovo.
Greece, Bulgaria, Romania and Slovakia are also opposed – either due to their own minority problems or because of good relations with the Serbs.

Romanian President Traian Basescu said Thursday that the E.U. foreign ministers meeting would “establish the principle that each member state is free to recognize the independence of Kosovo or not.”

The Serbs themselves won’t agree to losing Kosovo, which they consider the cradle of their history, culture and Orthodox Christianity.

They contest the legality of such a move by Kosovo, which has been run by the U.N. since 1999, and are supported by Moscow, which has promised to block U.N. recognition for a new state.

In stark contrast stand the champions of Kosovan independence, E.U. heavy-hitters the U.K., France, Germany and Italy, all members – along with the U.S. and Russia – of the international Contact Group which sought, unsuccessfully, a negotiated deal between Belgrade and Pristina.

We are dealing with a capitalist system which is in total decay, even past the stage of decay, it is putrid.

It is a little late for them to have second thoughts is my immediate thought. All in the interests of their anticommunist zeal they have murdered a nation nd have even hauled the President of that nation, Milosevic, off to a phoney court and there they murdered him.

Yugoslavia always was a revolutionary question and this latest development proves it even more.

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