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By Felix Quigley

Fascist Left is the only word to describe the SWP of England.

 Let us deal with what happened in Gaza. The Israelis in 2005 pulled every last Jew out of Gaza. The Israelis left the Greenhouses to the Arabs and wished them well in building a prosperous state. They even left them the block built synagogues to convert into something of use to the Arabs. The response to the hopeful Israelis? The Arabs pulled down the greenhouses, pulled down the synagogues stone by stand, and the Jews were no shorter out of the Gaza than the Arabs started to use Gaza as a place to launch rockets onto Israel, and especially onto the civilians of Sderot.

The Fascist Left of the SWP, the WRP, the WSWS and others, applauded the homicidal and Jew hating Arabs of the PLO and Hamas.

Basically that is it. There is nothing but the truth in that assessment. What I have just described!

At the weekend one of these Jihadist rockets injured seriously two young Jewish lads, one of whom has had a leg amputated. Now I want our readers to read what Richard Seymour, who writes under the name “Lenin” on an SWP blog called Lenin’s Tomb wrote this very morning:

Start Seymour comment here

Israeli Minister on the case for the levelling Gaza posted by lenin

The Israeli press recognises the rational strategic-defensive motives behind Hamas’ use of Qassam rockets. However, the claim that the rocket fire is somehow ‘irrational’ is an essential part of Israel’s propaganda plank. They must decouple the rocket fire from their own far more aggressive attacks on Gaza, or they must reverse the chain of causality so that their crimes are seen as acts of self-defense. Well, a new low has been reached in the annals of Israeli ‘collective punishment’, if Israeli Army Radio is to be believed.Mark Elf at Jews Sans Frontieres received a message indicating that the Army Radio had broadcast the following statement: “Eradicate all towns in Gaza from where rockets are fired.” Quite reasonably, he checked it out, assuming it was a grotesque exaggeration or something that some Nazi said. Not so. The sentence itself appeared on Haaretz’s news ticker, but Ynet quoted Sheetrit explaining in a cabinet session that: “any other country would have already gone in and level the area, which is exactly what I think the IDF should do – decide on a neighborhood in Gaza and level it … We should let them know ‘you have to leave, this area will be taken down tomorrow’ and just take it down – that will show them we mean business.”  End Seymour comment here

Readers must not be confused that the name Seymour writes under, Lenin, means that he has anything to do with revolutionary socialism. It is an absolute sacrilege that Seymour can use the name of that Russian socialist revolutionary and somehow that name has got to be wrested from Seymour.

Right down the line support for the Fascist PLO, Hamas and Fatah is the political position of Seymour. Understand 4international will never call Seymour by the name Lenin.

The above was added to by a comment which goes like this: 

 start second comment here

In Ynet, military analyst Ron Ben Yishai states that a military operation has already been decided upon. The headline says “a military operation with a very specific goal”, which Ben Yishai stated as “removal of Hamas from government, demilitarizing of the Gaza strip and effective Israeli control over the checkpoints and the Philadelphi road for years into the future.”Ben Yishai claims that the operation was planned even before the Winograd report was published. It joins with the general level of whipped up emotions I see in chat rooms and on blogs, especially in light of the two brothers hit by a Qassam on Friday night. There are voices on the left calling for decimation of Gaza, razing it, etc. (Hanegbi is not the left. Yaron London is.)

I’ve seen a forum of Israelis in NY headlined with a post about wanting to do collective punishment to Gaza. Perhaps most concerning, author David Grossman published a piece in Salon.com (here: http://www.salon.com/opinion/fea…rael/ index.html ) which explains why it would be a bad idea and in contrast with what being Jewish and establishing Israel means. The one thing that most galvanizes the genocidal rage of Israelis as a group is being told that they’re not living up to the temperate wisdom of their ancestors.I don’t know, though. There is rage, but not that gut-wrenching “there will definitely be a war now” rumble. Not yet, anyhow. It’s almost as though the leaders of Israel haven’t yet whipped up the frenzy.Watch for frenzy-whipping.

end second comment here

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