by Felix Quigley

The bombing of Jewish people living in Sderot in Israel, bombing carried out by antisemitic Fascists, is the biggest issue in the world today. To defeat these Arab antisemites and Jihadists is a revolutionary question.

On a talkback yesterday to the Ynet news service (,11382,L-3504892,00.html)  these were some of the comments, comments we on 4international agree with:

comments start here

Impotent Politicians

While impotent politicians parade around saying “Harumph-Harumph” people are under attack from an enemy and a little boy had his leg amputated.

In WWII we willingly walked into the gas chambers and today we willingly allow ourselves to be slaughtered by rockets from Hamas who has sworn the destruction of Israel.

Wake up Politicians and understand that the Palestinians Muslims want us DEAD. They want to murder us en masse. They have NO desire for a diplomacy.

The only way to win a war is to FIGHT THE DAMN WAR and retake Gaza pushing the Palestinian Arabs back into Arab lands. If they believe in Allah as they say, I am sure Allah will provide for them.
Dan ,   Florida USA   (02.10.08)
Another comment which we agree with is:
No Other Country Would Tolerate This

To Reuven: If Israel does as you say, it will anger the Big 4 (US) included), UN, EU, Arab League and Hamas. Israel has had the ability to wipe out the entire Palis society for decades, yet, for obvious reasons hasn’t taken that route. It could level Gaza Ctiy or any other Arab city within minutes. But oh that collateral damage. Israel is cutting 5% of utilities, and already the world is screaming. This is why Israel cannot act decisively. Its very clear. Sderot and others are paying the price for all of this. First were the children throwing stones..then pipe bombs and Molotovs, then thousands of Kassams and katys. What next? Sooner or later Israel will have to act.. The Palis are using the death of 1,000 cut strategy. It’s working. Until Israel punishes the Palis seriously, this will continue, I am ashamed to say. No other country would tolerate even one Kassam, not to mention 7,000.
Dave Levy ,   Burbank, CAUSA   (02.10.08)
This further comment is vital:
To #1: Alan – I did not see anything om BBC, CNN, Sky or FOX

Alan, why the hell should they care about Jewish kids? We don’t have oil and we all know that “Jews are expendable” in the eyes of the world and particularly those of the British. However, please look at the BBC World Web Site. There is a full report there.
I am not an extreme right winger but our own Prime Minister is totally apathetic to what the people of this country think and its time he and his Government were called into account by the people of this country. Two kids have been hurt. One nearly died! Our kids are not expendable, Mr. Olmert and General (Rt) Barak!Why are there no demonstrations in the North or in Tel Aviv in support of the South? Even the opposition is apathetic! Why hasn’t Netanyahu (I am not a Likud supporter) organized rallies all over the country? Where are those folks from the Ehud Ha Leumi and Israel Beitainu? Where are Lieberman and Uri Ariel. Ok, we all know that Meretz is more worried about the Arabs than our kids!

The apathy of our MK’s and leaders proves once and for all that they are just self-seeking politicians who care more about their seats in the Knesset than the people who they are supposed to represent!

David ,   Karmiel, Israel   (02.10.08)
And this is a wonderful comment:
    all 25,000 of you should march on the knesset

not enough ‘all 25,000 sderot residents should march up to jerusalem,acompanied with hudreds of thousands more,and storm the knesset,and drag out that criminally insane traitorous criminal gangster who masquarades as prime minister,and put him on trial for high treason and if found guilty,do to him what the citizens of france and italy,did to their traitors after world war two
chaim ,   brooklyn n.y   (02.10.08)
These comments show the strength of feeling among Jewish people and their supporters. It shows that the Jews will fight to defend their people, and to defend Israel against the combined forces of world imperialism (US and EU) who are allied with the Islamofascist Jihad.
The Serbs are now facing exactly the same enemies, as these Imperialists link up with Islamofascists to strip Kosovo away from Serbia, even though Kosovo is the very heart of the Serbian religion and culture.
What is absent from the above is an understanding that Serb and Jewish people have always faced similar enemies, and those enemies today are very similar indeed.
Also there must be an understanding of the role which Stalinism and Social Democracy has played. Tito was a Stalinist and he did enormous damage to the Serbs, in fact promoting Jihad against the Yugoslavian state. Olmert, Livni, Sharon and Barak are a product of that social democratic and Stalinist leadership which staged a coup d’etat in the Atalena Affair, then seized power under Ben Gurion, and have proceeded since to put down Jewish nationalists.
But there was another political force which did stand with the Jews. That was the Fourth International and Leon Trotsky. Trotsky, warning that the Jews would be wiped out in the Nazi Holocaust, said that the Jews must get to Palestine and there set up their own Jewish state. But most importantly of all he stated that this Jewish state must be free from antisemitism.
Olmert and Livni are basically, deep down, antisemites on the same level really as Jewish traitors like Pappe and Hass. They are prepared to accept that Jews be blown up by suicide murderers, the very scum of the earth, who are continuing their antisemite Holocaust against Jews in Israel. Olmert and Livni are accepting of that. Hence the intense frustration expressed in these comments above. We on 4international stand completely on the side of these courageous comments above.
If you wish to find out more please write to


  1. The honorable, courageous people who commented on the YNet news service deserve our utmost support regardless of their political leanings.

    There are millions of people like them all over the world, it’s just that we never hear about them since their voices are muzzled by the corporate-controlled “mainstream” mass media.

    I know that there are many like-minded people in Serbia who support Israel and the Jewish people which is why the EU and US ruling class elites pushed so hard to drive a wedge between the Serbian and Jewish people during the 1990’s.

    How was it done? By the Western media over-emphasizing the alleged “Jewishness” of US and EU political elites like Bernard Kouchner, Madeleine Albright, Richard Holbrooke, William Cohen, Wesley Kanne Clark, Jamie Rubin, Sandy Berger, Tom Lantos, Benjamin Gilman, et al – all outspoken enemies of the Serbian people during Bill Clinton’s two terms in office.

    Some of the above US political elites are “Jewish” in terms of their ancestral blood heritage only.

    These people are first and foremost US GOVERNMENT IMPERIALISTS!

    They have nothing in common with the struggling Jewish people of Israel and they do NOT speak for the millions in the Jewish Diaspora. The reason why the US and European media incessantly harped on about their alleged “Jewishness” was to drive home (the completely false and absurd notion) to the people of Serbia that:
    “hey, the big bad Jews are out to get you!”

    Absolutely despicable Joseph Goebbels-style lies promoted by the US ruling class against the co-victims of the Jewish people in the Holocaust: the wonderful Serbian people.

    Jared Israel and Francisco Gil-White have documented these devious, underhanded and cynical US ruling class strategies to stir up hatred between the Serbian and Jewish peoples via their sycophants in the “mainstream” corporate-controlled media.

    Here’s Francisco Gil-White on this topic:

    A few words about Madeleine Albright

    In early February 1997, Madeleine Albright suddenly discovered that she was ‘Jewish.’ It was front-page news. Why? Why would this be front-page news? The Washington Post explains:

    “Since the particular child reported to have made such a late-life discovery is our new secretary of state, concerns have been raised about the implications for her future conduct of foreign policy.”[16a]

    Can you imagine the media reporting “concerns…about…her future conduct of foreign policy” if Albright had discovered that she was of, say, German ancestry? I cannot.

    And yet it was the Germans who recently plunged the entire world into war. The Jews were the ones dying by the millions. In any case, if the president of the United States had not liked Albright’s conduct of foreign policy, all he had to do was fire her: the Secretary of State is the president’s employee, and serves at his pleasure. Albright’s “conduct of foreign policy” was Bill Clinton’s.

    And what did Albright’s “future conduct of foreign policy” turn out to be? Why, it was a war launched on 24 March 1999 that was baptized “Albright’s War”…against the Serbs.

    In other words, first the US Secretary of State ‘discovered’ that she was supposedly ‘Jewish,’ and then Bill Clinton launched a war against the Serbs that the media went out of its way to identify with Albright personally.

    **Was this a coincidence? Or was it a calculated move designed to make the Serbs think that “the Jews” were the ones attacking them?**

    You may protest that there isn’t a good reason for the NATO powers to make the Serbs think that they were being attacked by “the Jews”. But this objection cannot be made except out of ignorance of recent Serbian history (which is understandable, because the overwhelming majority of people around the world know absolutely nothing about the Serbs).

    In the 1990s, during the civil wars in Yugoslavia, the enemies of the Serbs were the Bosnian Muslims led by Alija Izetbegovic, the Croats led by Franjo Tudjman, and the Albanians of the KLA.

    These three forces trace their roots to fascist movements that allied with the German Nazis during World War II.[16b] In that World War, the Serbs were by far the staunchest opponents of the Nazis, and the bravest defenders of the Jews, dying in the hundreds of thousands in Nazi concentration camps because they chose to oppose Hitler, and because they refused to abide by even one of Hitler’s anti-Jewish laws.[16bb]

    The Serbs are unique.

    Suppose you could convince the Serbs that, in the 1990s, it was “the Jews” who made it possible for these fascist forces to attack them again. What do you suppose would be the effect on the Serbs? They would feel violently betrayed, of course.

    Naturally, this would raise the likelihood that they would become antisemites too. Having thus joined ideological forces with their enemies, they would have ended up in an impossible position, without the moral superiority which gave them courage to defeat the fascists in WWII — an easy prey at last. It is bad enough that they were badly outnumbered, this would have destroyed the Serbs as a culture.

    So if the way to break the Serbs is to turn them into antisemites, then NATO certainly did have a good reason to try.

    **One way to do this was to identify the war against the Serbs with the American Secretary of State Madeleine Albright who, all of a sudden, ‘discovered’ that she was Jewish.**

    Another way to do this was for the Croat, Bosnian Muslim, and Albanian enemies of the Serbs simultaneously to hire the public relations firm Ruder Finn, which, collaborating with the NATO governments, got the leaders of three American Jewish organizations to denounce the Serbs in public, even though they had no evidence of Serbian misdeeds.[16c] Some Serbs certainly concluded from this, as intended, that they were being attacked by “the Jews.”

    But they weren’t.

    First of all, it is false that Madeleine Albright is Jewish.

    Second, the leaders of three Jewish organizations do not speak for “the Jews.” By that logic we could just as easily say that “the Jews” defended the Serbs, because there is no journal more famous for its research defending the Serbs than Emperor’s Clothes, whose editor in chief, Jared Israel, happens to be Jewish.

    In fact, Jared Israel founded Emperor’s Clothes precisely in order to defend the Serbs by telling the truth about them, working in this way to personally repay them for their brave sacrifices on behalf of the Jewish people during WWII.[16cc]

    But is this really evidence that “the Jews” have defended the Serbs? No, it is not. It is evidence that one Jewish person has defended the Serbs. What one Jewish person does cannot speak for the Jewish people. This point would naturally apply also to Madeleine Albright, if she happened to be Jewish, which she is not, and it applies to the leaders of three Jewish organizations.

    On the other hand, there are about 5 million Jews living in the Jewish state of Israel, which is a little under half the world’s Jewish population. And Israel is a democratic state whose government must take into account the wishes of its people. So it matters that

    “…[whereas] the Pentagon and radical Islamist groups from the Middle East designed to assist the Bosnian Muslims…[i.e. Alija Izetbegovic’s antisemitic and terrorist faction]… the secret services of Ukraine, Greece, and Israel were busy arming the Bosnian Serbs. Mossad was especially active and concluded a deal with the Bosnian Serbs at Pale…[16d]

    Of course, the NATO powers forced the Israelis to back down.

  2. Shlomo

    Your comment is valuable and it adds to our knowledge of the issue.

    I have come to realize that the ruling class and its Media operates with two tactics. First is to tell lies. Second is silence. The second is perhaps the most insidious because you can answer the lies, but the silence is an even more organized thing.

    So I actually had great difficulty in finding out information about this stirring demonstration of these jewish people from Sderot. Certainly on the BBC News web there was a blanket silence.

    I think Shlomo what this poses is something very alarming and uncomfortable for us. In order for the truth to be told then there has to be an independent revolutionary organization created. This will be in opposition to the Media which is really the modern method of bourgeois and imperialist ideology being transmitted into the working class people.

    Hence their silence on this wonderful initiative by these embattled Serbian people, and also reference to Tony (who I do not know) having the guts to write to Ynet from Ireland.

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