The Israeli so-called “Left” are (and I can find no other conclusion) really antisemites. They were holding demonstrations in Israel over recent days, and wait for it, similar demonstrations on a similar programme were being held across the border in the Gaza!

What has prompted this? The reason is the attacks by Islamofascist jew killers on Israel in the form of rockets from Gaza.

 What happened precisely was contained in this report from Ynet:

start quote here

Eight-year-old boy sustains serious injuries to his legs, 19-year-old adolescent light-to-moderately hurt when rocket fired by Palestinians in north Gaza lands near residential building in western Negev town; Islamic Jihad’s Al-Quds Brigades claim responsibility. Furious residents call for broad IDF operation in Strip

An eight-year-old boy sustained serious injuries to his legs and his 19-year-old brother was light-to-moderately wounded when a Qassam fired by Palestinians in the northern Gaza Strip landed near a residential building in Sderot Saturday evening.The mother of the two boys as well as an additional brother suffered from shock in the incident, along with 13 other Sderot residents. 

A total of five rockets landed in Sderot and surrounding areas in the evening hours. One of the rockets made impact near a residential building in the town and injured the two boys who were standing nearby. The brothers were evacuated to Barzilai Medical Center in Ashkelon.

end quote here

Now since that the rockets have continued and this young boy has had his leg amputated.

Is there any anger in the Israeli Left Antisemites for this. Not at all! There is no anger! What they do next shows this. They set up demonstrations in beleaguered Israel and join in a condemnation of Israel, and they call on Israel to stop the “siege”, meaning take no action against the Fascists who attack their country.

This is precisely what happened according to a report on Jerusalem Post:

start quote here

“More than 1,000 people took part in a demonstration organized by a coalition of left-wing groups at the Erez border crossing on Saturday, in solidarity with Gazans and Sderot residents, under the slogan: “Stop the siege on Gaza: A demonstration for Gaza and for Sderot.”

Egyptian border guards block Palestinians attempting to cross from Gaza into Rafah.
Photo: AP

A convoy of about 100 cars and 25 buses brought protesters to the crossing with northern Gaza in the late morning; a large number of soldiers and police were present, but the demonstration proceeded without incident.

A demonstration under the same slogan was being held by Gazans inside the Strip.

Speaking by phone to the demonstrators on the Israeli side, Dr. Iyad al-Sarraj, head of the Palestinian Community Mental Health Program, said: “We are joining hands today in the pursuit of peace, justice and security for all – security for Palestine, security for Israel, security for Gaza and security for Sderot.”

end quote here

I do not think that could be any clearer. These Jewish antisemites (or if you do not want to push it that far very, very stupid Jewish people) gather on one side of the fence. They have this Palestinian Arab Fascist address them  by phone from somewhere, I think from Gaza.

Meanwhile Arab Fascists on the other side of the fence are getting together in a joint meeting.

The programme of these meetings is that the Jews of Israel do nothing against these Arab Fascists except surrender.

And the background to all of this. The Jews once took a stupid decision to leave Gaza completely and to make the area entirely Judenfrei. Their thinking was very very stupid indeed but it was orchestrated by the Media and Government led by Sharon.

They reasoned, if we are really nice this time to these Arabs, then they will leave us alone for a bit at least.

The Jews were no sooner out of Gaza than the Arab Fascists began to rain rockets down on Israel itself.

Meanwhile these Fascist Left Antisemites hold these rallies along with the Arab Fascists and state that Israel should do nothing, and echo the Fascist propaganda about Israel having a seige on Gaza, even though Israel withdrew from Gaza.

Just listen to this from somebody who is claimed comes from Sderot:

start quote here

The last speaker at the rally was 17-year-old Shir Shudzik, from Sderot. Standing on top of a truck loaded with supplies and speaking through a megaphone, she said: “I’ve lived for the last seven years under the threat of the Kassams. It’s exhausting. Every time I go to a train station or to a supermarket, and I hear the PA system switching on, I jump, because it sounds like the beginning of the rocket alarm. But I know I’m not alone in this situation, that people are suffering even worse on the other side.”

“I don’t trust neither my government nor Hamas to bring peace. But the fact that we are here together, Arabs and Jews, might be a beginning and it brings me hope.”

end quote here

I leave my readers to make of this what they will. This little child from Gaza is a very stupid little child. But her thinking is the result of a certain type of Stalinist and Reformist indoctrination which we just have to explore on this site.

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