By Felix Quigley

The treachery of Olmert and Livni towards Sderot is shown in his visit to Germany of all places!Olmert is at present in Germany and the Jerusalem Post had this to say about his meeting with Mrs Merkel:

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The ceaseless Kassam fire from the Gaza Strip prompted Merkel to support Israel’s right to employ military action against the attacks. “They must stop firing on Israeli cities,” Merkel said Monday at a joint press conference with Olmert at the Chancellery, in the heart of Berlin’s government district.

Merkel articulated her “deepest sympathy” for the Israeli victims of rocket fire in Dimona, where one woman was killed and 11 people were wounded. “It is difficult in Germany for us to imagine the daily threat against the local population,” said Merkel. She mistakenly alluded to rocket fire in Dimona when expressing her sadness for the victims. The city is out of Kassam range, but last Monday, two Palestinian suicide bombers entered the city. One detonated himself in a shopping center.

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 This character Olmert poses big dangers for the whole Jewish people and for the very existence of Israel. This guy is full of bluster, he can come on very strong as in the following from the same report:

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Increased rocket attacks from Gaza was a central theme of Olmert’s statements. “The Israeli government under my leadership is absolutely determined to respond to the challenge of terrorism from Gaza in every possible manner which will be effective,” he said. But Olmert highlighted that terror attacks were not simply “actions from the south” [Gaza] but were being launched from “other parts of the Palestinian territories.”

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Olmert leads here with a straight lie but you have to see past the bluster to recognize it. Olmert, Sharon before him, Livni and Barak at present,  are not at all “absolutely determined” to meet the terrorism of the enemy against Jewish people in Sderot. Otherwise why is Olmert in Germany talking to this reactionary woman Merkel, the leader of the very country which carried out the Holocaust on the Jewish people, murdering 6 million Jews, out of a total of 12 millions! They would have completed the job if they could.

 There is one dirty little secret that exists between Merkel and Olmert and that is that the Arab Fascists were in league with the Nazis during this Holocaust. In particular Olmert is hiding from the world, just as the whole EU and US Imperialism is hiding, that the main leader of the Arab Palestinians, Hajj Amin el Husseini, was at the very forefront of the Holocaust in Europe. And that this monster was the very person who inspired both Arafat and Abbas.

On these diplomatic missions there is huge hypocrisy. Let us analyse a little more what was going on:

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While the topic of Germany imposing unilateral economic sanctions against Iran was not raised at the press conference, German Parliament President Norbert Lammert told Olmert following the press conference, that “Israel’s security is a priority for Germany politics, even ahead of economic interests.”

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As will soon become clear this is total bullshit.

There then follows this: 

The German cabinet will conduct a session in Israel in March to honor Israel’s 60th year anniversary.

But the bottom line is this:

Germany is Iran’s most important trade partner, and the flourishing economic relationship between Teheran and Germany remains a source of great concern and frustration for Israeli and American officials who wish to see German companies, such as energy giant Siemens, end their contracts with Iran.

There is a further lie contained in the Jerusalem Post analysis right there because they include Israel and America together in opposition to Iran. But Iran is the baby of the United States, all governments, which will include in the future one under McCain or Obama.

The US and the EU are working closely in tandem with Islamofascism because Islam provides a Fascist force which can disrupt and destroy the workers movement in both Islamic and non Islamic countries.

Islam was a natural ally of Reagan against the Soviet system in Afghanistan, before that it was a natural ally in Indonesia in the massacre of hundreds of thousands of communist cadres of the Indonesian Communist Party; Nasser was the natural ally of the British and Americans in the Middle East and he was an antisemite and Fascist.

Yet the Jerusalem Post places the interests of the Jews of Israel alongside of the American Imperialist Government. Obviously they are asleep!

While Olmert went to Germany to meet with this reactionary woman Merkel, hoping for crumbs from the table of Germany, the tormentors of the Jews, the people of Sderot were coming forward in demonstration demanding that the Israeli Government defend them.

 Olmert and Barak will not do so, in my opinion.

The reality is that while Olmert talks militant, his very close associate Livni is engaging in talks prodded on by the US and EU, in order to give away even more land to the Palestinian Arab Fascists of both Fatah and Hamas, all the grandchildren and followers of the Holocaust Jew murderer Hajj Amin el Husseini. 

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