By Felix Quigley

John McCain was & is a Fascist & Serb-hater, in league with the Albanian Islamofascists who have robbed Serbia of its historical heart, which is Kosovo. The parallel is of course the Jews of Israel losing Judea and Samaria

This is why the present position of Israpundit, Jewish website based in Canada, is so deplorable.

This is the position of regular writer Bill Levinson on McCain. As will be seen Levinson is calling on Americans to vote for McCain. Levinson in his opportunist way never mentions the role of McCain towards the Serbs and in support of the Albanian Fascists.

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More to the point, though, is that NJDC omits John McCain’s position on Israel, which we will post below. McCain supports Israel for the same reason that all Americans should support Israel.

If Clinton and Obama are giving lip service to Israel under the assumption that Jewish voters are, to use’s terminology, “Israel-obsessed Jews,” they are doing so for the wrong reason. John McCain has stated the right reason:

“Our founders built in this nation an amazing thing – a democracy that guarantees the right of every citizen to worship God in the way that they choose. We must protect that freedom here in our own country by ensuring that judges do not legislate from the bench to remove religion from the public squares of our communities. And we must support its expansion abroad by standing with those whom, because of their religion and their values, come under threat.

“It is evident that I am speaking, once again, of Israel. The bond between America and Israel is not just a strategic one, though that is important. The more profound tie between our two countries is a moral one. We are two democracies whose alliance is forged in our common values. To be proudly pro-American and pro-Israeli is not to hold conflicting loyalties. It is about defending the principles that both countries hold dear. That is why today I stand as I believe so many of you do: a Christian, proudly pro-American and proudly pro-Israel.”

– John McCain

The above is worth quoting widely and repeatedly. It underscores the fact that “Palestine” and Israel are by no means moral equals, since the former is a despotic theocracy while the latter is a democracy with values similar to those of the United States.

Posted by Bill Levinson
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This is totally a scandal and marks the end of this once really excellent Jewish website. The above bilge from McCain went unchallenged either from the Editor Ted Belman or from anybody else.
Under the heading “John McCain armed Kosovo Islamic Terrorists” Serbianna has the following analysis of McCain. It tells nothing but the truth which Levinson and Israpundit are now hiding.
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Americans of Albanian heritage collected a million dollars in one evening for the presidential campaign of Republican Senator John McCain, said the Albanian American Civic League yesterday, the lobby group headed by former Congressman Joe DioGuardi. A reception for McCain was held January 22 at the Saint Regis Hotel in Manhattan, and the senator, who is now leading in the runoff for the Republican party candidacy in the November elections, cut his campaign in Florida by one day to attend this gathering.”Even in 1998 when we had problems with Milosevic, McCain did everything that we asked of him to the benefit of the Albanian people, including arming the KLA”, announced DioGuardi. “We are American Albanians and we need a leader who will strengthen this country… We must support John McCain because he did everything we asked of him for Kosovo, from supporting the Kosovo Liberation Army to supporting the independence of Kosovo.
Two years ago he spoke in Brussels and said that independence is the only solution”, concluded this former congressman who has been fighting for the independence of Kosovo and Metohija for more than twenty years.
He explained that the first thing McCain said to him when he entered the hotel in Manhatten on January 22: “Joe, I saw your people in Michigan, and in South Carolina and in New Hampshire”, from which this lobbyist deduced that all Americans of Albanian background will be voting for the senator from Arizona.DioGuardi and his wife Shirley Cloys-DioGuardi have been friends with McCain for years, and he intervened several times in the Senate on behalf of the Albanians. Because of that, the Albanian American Civic League awarded him the “Balkan Award for Peace” a year and a half ago, and the initiative was the proposed Senate resolution – which McCain wrote – in which  thanks is extended to the Albanians for “saving all the Jews who lived in Albania or who sought shelter there during the Nazi Holocaust”.
However, even though he is leading in the presidential nomination, John McCain has not yet succeeded in convincing the primary wing of the Republican Party – the conservatives – that he is the right candidate. One of the reasons is that he often spoke and voted against the majority Republicans, as in 1999 when he asked for more intensive air bombing of Serbia.
In April of that year, three weeks after the bombing commenced, he announced that the US is in danger of losing the war to the Serbian Army which has “antiquated machinery” and “absolutely no military air power”, if massive strategic air attacks are not initiated. “Attacks on any infrastructure target must not be prevented. We all regret civilian losses, as well as our own, but they cannot be avoided,” he said.

During the pre-election campaign in February 2000 at a meeting in Manhattan, John McCain asked for the release of all Albanian prisoners in the prisons of Serbia proper, and a year later he used his inlfuence to ask the administration for an urgent investigation into the killing of the brothers Bitici who were taken from prison and killed in the police training center in Petrovo Selo in eastern Serbia. This February 5 the senator held another meeting in Manhattan and in the public there was a visible Albanian flag.

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There is also a picture of McCain along with some of these Albanian Fascist supporters, with one Joe Dioguardi at the side of McCain with his hand resting on the arm of McCain.

To me the most disgusting part is where Dioguardi talks about the time when they had problems with Milosevic and McCain came riding over the range to their help.

Let us be clear what this help was. It meant kidnapping Milosevic out of Serbia, putting him on trial in a Kangaroo NATO court, and then poisoning the man in his prison cell when he was about to call Clinton to testify.

Clinton, the evidence showed, plotted with Izetbegovic on how to set up the fakery of the “Srebrenica Massacre”, and if called to testify Milosevic would have asked Clinton some questions dealing with this. That may have been one of the reasons for the poisoning of Milosevic.

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