by Felix Quigley

Those who have read the previous article introduced by Nathan Pearlstein will surely be shocked at the images we have placed there. But they have to be placed on our site because they represent the truth.

see https://4international.wordpress.com/2008/02/15/the-real-srebrenica-genocide-the-mass-murder-of-serbs-in-srebrenica-and-gorazde/

These images are created not by us, but by the Islamofascist killers backed by the US, EU, NATO and UN as their friends in the Bosnian Islamist movement went about murdering essentially small farming working peasant families in their isolated homesteads in the area of Srebrenica and surrounding villages. This was supposed to be a UN safe area, but the UN force only was in control in a tiny area of the town, and the Islamofascists were free to carry out these fiendish murders, usually during the night. This went on from especially 1992 till 1995.

Then on top of this there was organized by the above parties, by Clinton working closely with Izetbegovic, a fake massacre which has become known as the Srebrenica Massacre.

We must at this point remind our readers of the huge power of the capitalist Media. Papers like the Guardian, the Independent, The Times, The Irish Times, the BBC, Radio Telefis Eireann, and many others in Europe, Canada, the US and Australia have huge power, and an enormous physical facility to broadcast to the world a version of events based on lies.

We have published these images for a strict purpose. We know they are the truth. We know the event sold to the world as the “Srebrenica Massacre” was a lie which is still being promoted.

The publication of these images is going to give us on 4internatuional an added impetus to discover the real truth about a number of issues. We are for the unity of Serb and Jewish peoples and our articles will reflect that.

We plan to find out in a series of articles much more about certain things. I do not mean the following to be exclusive but they are certainly issues that will be included.

Croatia, the politics of Tudjman and his relationship with the Nazi movement, how this was inter-linked with his Stalinism

Croatia. The issue of the declaration of independence and how this could not be separated from the Nazi clerical-fascist past.

Bosnia. The nature of Islam in Bosnia must be explored, the distortions of Kamm and Hoare are especially in need of being answered and the issues clarified.

 Srebrenica. The issue of the “Srebrenica Massacre” we have already touched upon in the previous article. This whole issue must be covered in its many sided facets because it gives a clear indication of the new and barbaric forms of rule which we can expect from capitalism.

Kosovo. Now assuming central importance in the whole world and getting to the heart of the new forms of rule which Imperialism will try out. Again this has many facets, but one I would like to see covered, never done to date, is the role of Stalinism represented by Tito in how the Serbs became massively outnumbered in Kosovo, the most important part of their country. Has immediate relevance for Israel and for most countries in the world.

The Jihad against Jews in Palestine. This is of special importance given the role of the Fascist Left in disseminating antisemitism. The nature of this Jihad as represented by the Arab Nazi monster from Palestine, Hajj Amin el Husseini. The pogroms of 1920, 1929, 1936 to 39, the role of Hajj Amin el Husseini in the Balkans along with Izetbegovic in the Holocaust, both contemporary members of the Nazi Muslim Brotherhood, thus drawing contemporary Jews and Serbs together.

Finally and interleaved through this we have to cover the Marxist tradition and in this we have to look objectively at this tradition. The vital importance to humanity of the Russian Revolution, the first and only workers revolution. The meaning of the Civil War, the meaning of the building of the revolutionary Red Army, the emergence of Stalinism, the continuity of the revolutionary socialist tradition by Leon Trotsky, the absolutely key part of Trotsky’s life where he lined up unconditionally with the Jews. With the murder of Trotsky and the liquidation of his cadres in Europe the later emergence of what we call the Fascist Left.

We will publish these articles urgently (and more if necessary but we will keep our focus tight) and as time goes on we will build up an important body of work. We and new readers will be able to access these historical articles through the use of the “Category” facility of WordPress.

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