Closest unity between Serb and Jew must be forged against common enemies: article from June 2007 

This post was written on June 18, 2007 and appeared on Israpundit on that date.


The US Government, assisted by the EU and the Quartet, has rushed in at the speed of light to give support to the antisemites of Fatah and Abbas, and with the help of the traitors behind Olmert, and all those in Israel and elsewhere who support the setting up of a Palestine antisemite state, not a peace state in any way, but a state of war on Israel, the situation is now becoming very critical.Never has it been clearer that the US Government is an enemy of the Jews and of Israel.What makes it even clearer is that that very same Bush Government is simultaneously setting up the first Islamist Sharia Law state of Kosovo in Europe.The traitors around Kadima, Olmert, and Labourist Peretz and Barak, are not in the slightest degree Leftist. I challenge anybody who uses this word to describe these parties and people thus.

It is correct however to call them traitors, to the Jews, and in the case of the Israeli Labour Party and Stalinist Communist Party of Israel, traitors also to the principles of revolutionary socialism.

Unless this clear distinction is made then Jewish advocates will move into the camp of the extreme right wing, and eventually behind the Bush regime and the EU antisemites as well.

This is a time for all real socialists to come forward and to argue these positions out in the workers and Jewish movement.

What must be done:

Well first of all there must be no ducking the struggle that now has to be fought in the Gaza, to destroy these Fascists, and to regain this League of Nations Jewish terrirory for Israel.

The second is that all Jews must come out totally in opposition to Bush and the EU recognition of the Fatah antisemites in Judea and Samaria (The West Bank). This struggle must be fought especially in the American non-Jewish workers movement by American Jews and socialists. There must be not one penny given to Fatah, and at the same time as total war on Hamas in Gaza, there must be total war on Fatah.

It is clear then that the Olmert Government must be forced immediately from power and there must be built in the Israeli working class and ordinary people a new leadership which will fight for these principles. Eltad and Netanyahu meanwhile must spell out in the clearest detail what exactly their policies and political programme is to meet this unprecedented situation.

I await to see how the American Jewish organizations and blogs intend to go forward on these issues, if they will, as well as on their support for the Serb people, for retaining Kosovo as Serb, and for the disbandment of the Kangaroo Court in the Hague and the release of all Serb prisoners there. The Croat and Islamofascists criminal leaders and killers of Bosnia and Croatia will have be dealt with by revolutionary workers justice for the crimes they have committed against the Serbs and their own people. The American workers will have to deal with their own Imperialist attackers of the Serbs. The closest unity must be forged between Serbs and Jews to prepare for the attacks of the present and coming period.

Posted by Felix Quigley @ 3:41 am |
The following was the one comment
Felix,The unfortunate reality on the ground for Serbs — and I believe Jews as well, but they haven’t figured it out yet — is not simply the “the far right” as an enemy in the US, but rather that some kind of alliance that has been formed between the Neocons and the Liberal Left (socialist-leanings) in the US. The Liberal Left has shown its hand against Israel in the press, but the Neocons are just beginning to show their hand against Israel now. And yet, these two political groups have been united from the beginning against the Serbs.Ironically, the solid opposition to this Necon & Liberal alliance can been found in people of many political stripes, including Libertarians, Paleo Conservative Republicans, Paleo Democrats, and real Socialists — in short, people who would never associate with one another or agree with each another on anything else, but who privately agree on the idea that neither Israel nor the Serbs are getting a fair shake and that “civil liberties”, “human rights” or “the right of self-defense”– (depends on the language of the specific political group) — are being trampled in favor of some kind of US global imperialism that should be opposed.I am old enough to remember when Israel was the one country you wanted on your side, becuase no one screwed with Israelis and got away with it. Likewise was true historically of the Serbs. But somehow the confidence of both Jews and Serbs have been worn down to the point that neither knows what to think of each other — or even of themselves. And this lack of confidence and self-esteem as peoples, are killing both of us.

Serbs and Jews died together during the Holocaust. But by the early 1990’s there was a concerted effort to destroy any comraderie between Serbs and Jews in the US, orchestrated by those who were the WWII executioners of both. To large extent — at least in the US — the enemies of both Israel and the Serbs succeeded. Many Jews began believed that Serbs were “the new Nazis” and backed the Neocon/Liberal Alliance in bombing Yugoslavia — and Serbs, stinging from the perceived betrayal, became wary of Jews.

But if we are both to survive, this relationship between Jews and Serbs must be repaired — and quickly. Because if Islam succeeds in taking the Balkans — especially in Kosovo — the Serbs will be too busy fighting for their own survival to ever be any kind of ally of Israel. And even more importantly for Israel, the precedent will be set for stealing land from a country (Christian Serbia) against its will and giving to another ethnic group (Muslim Albanians), so that everyone’s sovereignty including Israel’s will be in jeopardy. This isn’t a “let’s cross that bridge when we come to it” situation for Israel; it is a “here and now” situation where the precendent is being set for Israel’s destruction (with US support) in Kosovo.

Unlike many born-again Christian supporters of Israel, Serbs are not hoping for the end of world to begin in Israel. Nor are Israelis. That is an important piece of common ground to begin a new relationship with!

Comment by Bokababe — June 18, 2007 @ 12:39 pm

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