by Felix Quigley

In the recent Serbian election the EU representing the Kosovo Gangsters of the KLA hung a big bribe in front of the Serbian people which was EU membership. Still with the Media under total control of the Serb traitor ruling class and NATO the Serbs 47 percent of them voted against the bribe. That was not perfect but not bad either.

The future of Serbia and of Kosovo will eventually be decided by leadership. There must be built in both Serbia and Israel a Trotskyist revolutionary socialist leadership which will fight on a principled programme against Imperialism, against Islam and against a rotten and servile native ruling class.

This will take time but nevertheless the situation is far from hopeless. Much depends on how Serbs are going to catch on to the traitors in their midst. This is how Associated Press described the position of the Serbian traitors led by Tadic.

start quote here

February 15, 2008

BELGRADE (AP)–Serbia’s newly reelected president Boris Tadic pledged to lead his troubled nation to membership in the European Union when he was formally sworn-in for a new five-year term Friday. 

The ceremonial session of parliament at which he was sworn-in was attended by top officials, diplomats, Serbian Orthodox Church dignitaries and other prominent public figures. 

“Our citizens rightfully expect us to work for their benefit and that is why they chose us,” Tadic said. “They voted to turn Serbia into a strong and stable country (and) a member of the European Union.” 

Tadic, a pro-Western reformist, narrowly won a Feb. 3 runoff against his ultra-nationalist challenger Tomislav Nikolic. The vote was seen as crucial for Serbia’s future, offering a choice between Tadic’s pro-E.U. policies and Nikolic’s pro-Russian nationalism. 

Tadic begins his new term at a sensitive time, as the Balkan country faces the possible loss of the province of Kosovo, Serbia’s medieval heartland now dominated by separatist ethnic Albanians. 

Kosovo’s Albanian leadership is planning to unilaterally declare independence within days. Belgrade has vowed never to accept Kosovo’s statehood. 

Tadic too has pledged not to recognize the province’s secession. But, unlike Serbia’s nationalist Prime Minister Vojislav Kostunica, Tadic advocates Serbia’s integration into the E.U., regardless of the bloc’s backing for Kosovo’s independence bid. 

The dispute between Tadic and Kostunica over the issue pushed Serbia into a brief political crisis after the presidential runoff, threatening the shaky coalition government. 

end quote here

Actually both of these gentlemen are traitorous snakes. They were both responsible for the illegal jailing of Milosevic and for transporting Milosevic to the Hague Kangaroo Court where NATO eventually poisoned him

 There is an obvious contradiction in the political position of this snake Tadic. How can he be a supporter of the EU while at the same time it is the EU which is robbing Kosovo away from Serbia and handing it to Islamofascist gangsters? That is an impossible contradiction and more and more are going to see it as such.

Meanwhile Russia and China are going to be always threatened by this decaying but rampant Imperialism as it seeks to control all of the world capital market.

I doubt very much if Russia will accept this lying down. Expect all Serbs in Kosovo to move out of isolated pockets where they surely would be killed by the Fascists. Expect eventually the Serbs to set up their own independent province within Kosovo, and expect also Russian nuclear power to be moved into Europe along the border with the new gangster state of Kosova, and part of the Kosovan existence will entail looking down the barrels of nuclear power wielded by Russians. Not so good for capitalist investment. Unemployment will be 80 per cent and the main trade will be prostitute and narcotics rustling!

The Imperialists will learn that in this less than perfect world there is no action without reaction.

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