by Felix Quigley

Kostunica, Prime Minister of Serbia, had his chance to make history and he blew it. Kostunica more than anybody was responsible for the illegal transporting of Serb president Milosevic to the Hague where Milosevic was eventually poisoned by the NATO Kangaroo Court. That is some weight to have hanging over your head.

 So that now when Kostunica says he opposes the losing of Kosovo to Albanian Fascists he is really a busted flush and is really no better than the traitor Tadic who leads the country.

Just listen to this recent piece of twisted logic from Kostunica. He  has himself completely tied up in knots:

begin quote here

February 16, 2008

In a strongly worded speech commemorating the Statehood Day, Serbian Prime Minister Vojislav Kostunica said that over the centuries many tyrants conquered Kosovo by force but today the seizure of Kosovo is unique because the conquerors want Serbia to agree to it.

Islamic Albanian separatists in Serbia’s Kosovo province are demanding that the world community legalize their land grab and the ethnic cleansing they’ve done by recognizing them as an independent state.

“The world is asking us – what is the price of being a Serb? What is the price of your memory? How much is your history? How many square meters do your monasteries cover so that we can give you compensation? It is better to pay you to be something else,” said Kostunica.

United States Secretary of State has promised financial aid to Serbia once it agrees to the Islamic land grab in Kosovo.

Kostunica is a staunch supporter of EU integration but warned that, if it joins, Serbia without Kosovo will be the only member forced to be punished for its identity.

“We are marked by that request which the world places only before our people… To sit at the table of the European family as the only state which got its chair at the European table through indecent trade, self-denial of its own memory and identity,” said Kostunica.

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In opposition to this traitor there is only the one answer for Serbs. Serbs must totally reject all the bribes of the US and the EU and must join totally and completely towards close alliance with Russia.

Serbs in Kosovo who are in isolated pockets must urgently get out to save their lives because the Fascists backed by the EU will kill them.

 Serbs must set up their independent state in Kosovo as a first step proving that if the Albanians in Kosovo can do it so can they, and so can the Basques and hundreds of other minortities in the world.

After all fair is fair. Or sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander.

 Meanwhile to protect itself from this predatory monster, the alliance of the EU, US and Islam, Russia must create a union with Serbia and must move its nuclear guns right up next to this Kosovo Albanian monster, and these nuclear guns must point straight at every European city.

 A grim prospect and an unwelcome one. But learn from history, if you roll over in front of this Imperialist cum Islamofascist monster it will devour you. 


  1. I am getting tired of people, nations or whom ever taking out their aggressions on us. If they want to protest, that’s fine. Don’t do it by destroying what is the U.S.A.’s. That is our property and we should defend it. When they come on our property stop them! Its ours and they and others may think twice about coming to our land and destroying it because they want to protest.

  2. Hi Bruce,

    you wrote:

    “I am getting tired of people, nations or whom ever taking out their aggressions on us.”

    I am from the United States and I can understand your anger at the burning of our embassy in Belgrade, and thank goodness no US personnel were killed.The Serbian government has condemned the embassy burning and does not support such actions despite the outrage of our government under George W. Bush ripping away the Serbs’ spiritual heartland and the cradle of their culture which dates back to the 8th Century, and handing it on a silver platter to a bunch of Albanian Islamofascist child sex slavery and heroin trafficking mafia gangsters known as the KLA.

    See the article from the Canada Free Press entitled
    “Bush Unites with al Qaeda in Kosovo”

    I condemn the embassy burning and in no way am I apologizing for it,however did this just spontaneously happen in a political and historical vacuum? No of course it did not.

    You must understand that these student protesters are outraged and tired of our 17 year long act of aggression against them when our US foreign policy establishment armed,trained and funded the al Qaeda backed Bosnian Islamofascists led by Izetbegovic in Bosnia, the Ustasha Croatian fascists led by Tudjman in Croatia – Krajina province and the al Qaeda backed Islamofascist terrorist Albanian KLA mafia gangsters led by messrs Hashim-”the Snake”- Thaci, Agim Ceku and Ramush Haradinaj in Kosovo.

    So far our foreign policy has resulted in the brutal ethnic cleansing by Islamofascists and Nazis tied to Osama bin Laden,Saudi Arabia and Iran with the deaths of over 35,000 Serbian civilians in Bosnia, over 5,000 Serbian civilians in our 79 day long bombing of Serbia, 6,500 civilian Serbs in Kosovo and over 20,000 civilian Serbs in Croatia and the Krajina province since 1991.

    Bruce, see the article published on this website and Israpundit in Canada, entitled “The Real Srebrenica Genocide” which has many horrific photographs of what the Islamofascists our government supported for over a decade in Bosnia did to to 3,870 civilian Serbs.

    Our US administrations under George Bush Snr, Bill Clinton and now Bush Jnr have also resulted in the brutal Nazi style ethnic cleansing of over 800,000 Serbs from Bosnia and over 550,000 in Croatia and a further 300,000 Serbs from Kosovo.

    Our government has since 1991 supported the most brutal, backward Islamofascists and Nazi terrorists against the Serbs in former Yugoslavia. Islamofascist and Nazi terrorists who were hell bent on genocide and ethnic cleansing of the Serbs, Jews and Romanies.

    I suggest you read the comment posted by Max Rosenthal in another thread today.

    The website Max Rosenthal referred to is from the Washington D.C. based International Strategic Studies Association headed by Gregory copley and Yossef Bodansky.

    See here for what our government of the United States has done to the Serbs by helping to train, arm and fund the most vile, anti-Semitic and anti-Christian Islamofascists and Nazi terrorists for the last 17 years.



  3. U.S. Recognition Of An Al-Qaeda Infiltrated Kosovo Is Indefensible

    February, 19, 2008 – San Francisco, CA –

    As we predicted in a 2005 piece, “10 Years And Counting – Still No Exit Plan From Clinton Created, European Al-Qaeda Base” the radical Muslim game plan in the former Yugoslavia, which was evident from the mid 1990s has now been realized by what is perhaps George Bush’s most serious foreign policy error, the recognition of an illegal and radical Muslim state in East Central Europe – Kosovo.

    As has been the case in most of America’s blunders regarding radical Islam, the United States embarked upon this disastrous path under the Clinton administration:

    “Ignored by the leftist participants in rage-filled street demonstrations is the fact that the Clinton team’s Balkan policies were viewed by establishment politicians as so outside the normal confines of American diplomacy that the actions of the US Ambassador to Croatia Peter Galbraith and then NSC Director Anthony Lake were referred to the Justice Department by the House of Representative for possible criminal action.

    “…The Iranian presence and influence [in Bosnia] jumped radically in the months following the [Clinton] green light. Iranian elements infiltrated the Bosnian government and established close ties with the current leadership in Bosnia and the next generation of leaders. Iranian Revolutionary Guards accompanied Iranian weapons into Bosnia and soon were integrated in the Bosnian military structure from top to bottom as well as operating in independent units throughout Bosnia. The Iranian intelligence service [VEVAK] ran wild through the area developing intelligence networks, setting up terrorist support systems, recruiting terrorist ’sleeper’ agents and agents of influence, and insinuating itself with the Bosnian political leadership to a remarkable degree. The Iranians effectively annexed large portions of the Bosnian security apparatus [known as the Agency for Information and Documentation (AID)] to act as their intelligence and terrorist surrogates. This extended to the point of jointly planning terrorist activities. The Iranian embassy became the largest in Bosnia and its officers were given unparalleled privileges and access at every level of the Bosnian government.” – Final Report, House Select Subcommittee to Investigate the United States Role in Iranian Arms Transfers to Croatia and Bosnia, page 201


    The Islamist penetration into the Balkans especially Kosovo should be alarming to anyone concerned over the growing threat of Islamic jihad.

    Throughout the region radical Muslims, originally led by Alija Izetbegovic began consolidating their power in the 1990s. During this period and leading into the Balkan civil wars tens of thousands of foreign mujahideen fighters entered coming from places as disparate as Northern Africa, Iran and Saudi Arabia.

    So out in the open was this operation that in the mid 1990s bin-Laden had an office in Sarajevo, on page 58 of the 911 report we read, “Bin Ladin’s impressive array of offices covertly provided financial and other support for terrorist activities. The network included a major business enterprise in Cyprus; a “services” branch in Zagreb; an office of the Benevolencen International Foundation in Sarajevo, which supported the Bosnian Muslims in their conflict with Serbia and Croatia.”

    A study by the London Institute for International Strategic Studies revealed that, “the total number of Islamic terrorists who served in the “Bosnian Army” since the beginning of the civil war is about 40,000″ [see, ].

    A number of the 911 hijackers had cycled through Bosnia including 911 mastermind Khalid Sheik Mohammed along with Nawaw al Hazmi and Khalid al-Mihdhar. The latter two being among the first selected by bin-Laden to execute the plot.

    As Dr. Shaul Shay, a colonel in the Israeli Army and a recognized expert on Islamic radicalism, states, “In the beginning the main purpose was to help the local Muslims in the war against the Serbians. When the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina ended, terrorist infrastructures remained there and served as a basis for the Islamic terror activities in Kosovo. Today, the Balkans serve as a forefront on European soil for Islamic terror organizations, which exploit this area to promote their activities in Western Europe, and other focal points worldwide.”

    Given this track record, why has the West recognized Kosovo diplomatically, when by all accounts it will serve as a launching pad for terrorist operations against Western Europe?

    In many ways the decision to welcome what is a renegade – nearly 100% Muslim – province of Serbia into the community of nations is inexplicable. Perhaps inertia is the best explanation, with the policy already having been set over ten years ago along with the tremendous investment of resources by NATO and the United States, the momentum to continue even a failed policy seems irresistible.

    Regardless the victory for the Islamists which this development represents will reverberate throughout the continent for decades, as Dr. Shay reminds us, “In the eyes of the radical Islamic circles, the establishment of an independent Islamic territory including Bosnia, Kosovo and Albania along the Adriatic Coast, is one of the most prominent achievements of Islam since the siege of Vienna in 1683. Islamic penetration into Europe through the Balkans is one of the main achievements of Islam in the twentieth century.” [Dr. Shaul Shay, Islamic Terror and the Balkans]

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