After refusing to discuss the issues for months the reactionary pro-British Imperialist and pro US Imperialist website Harry’s Place have at last got round to discussing Kosovo, but they have waited until the very day that the Fascists declare their “independence” to do so.

 The usual lot line up to attack the Serbs and their true and rightful national aspirations and of course to line up with the Jihadists in Kosovo, but there is significant and new opposition there to Kamm and Hoare’s pro Imperialist and pro Islamist Jihadist line in Yugoslavia. But not from the people who run this reactionary site, only from the comments.

Meanwhile a report from Serbianna today also demonstrates that the British are expecting the KLA to step up their ethnic cleansing.

 It reads:

start quote here

 “February 17, 2008

British Ministry of Defense has dispatched additional troops to Kosovo in fear that the self-proclaimed independent state will quickly slide into ethnic cleansing.

The departure of the 1st Bn Welsh Guards to Kosovo provides additional 1,000 British soldiers to the region in time when Britain is contending with a severe shortage of military personnel. British Army is currently 3,800 men under strength with every infantry battalion undermanned while one in 14 serving soldiers is not fit for active service.

Last night, some British MPs have called the deployment of troops to Kosovo as  “irresponsible” and “demented”, accusing the Ministry of Defense of being “bankrupt”.

“We are working with our international partners in the European Union and the United Nations to bring the Kosovo status process rapidly to completion,” a spokesman for the British Foreign Office stated and 

The Foreign Office also noted that Britain will make available additional 600 personnel from 1st Battalion Welsh Guards, currently on the standby, for the Kosovo mission.

Kosovo is a Serbian province whose ethnic Albanian separatist are claiming is their own independent country. Since 1999, the separatists have initiated pogroms and have ethnically cleansed the province of Serbs.

end quote here


 This is an issue which will not be swept under the carpet by anyone. More and more people are going to become aware that the US and EU are rewriting the rules, that indeed international law as it has been known is no more and that the imperialist capitalist system has descended into barbarism.

The issue will be watched very closely by Jews in Israel. If Kosovo is stolen from the Serbs with the help of the US and EU, then why should the US and EU not do the same to Israel.

 This means that those American and sometimes American Jewish leaders who supported the Jihad against Serbia are going to have a very big question mark placed against them in the minds of many Jews in Israel.

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