By Felix Quigley

If you ask why it is that Yugoslavia was smashed into pieces and that a successful Jihad was conducted against Serbia, ending in its victory today with the grabbing of Kosovo by Albania, a province which is at the centre of Serbian culture and history, you can come up with many valid answers. There is the alliance of the US and EU with Islam which enabled the whole thing to work. Also the way that the Modern Media in this period of Imperialism is a slave to the great powers, so that you can count the numbers of independent journalists (like Eve Ann Prentice) on one hand. There is a parasitic relationship between politicians and the Media, as was seen when Eve Anne Prentice asked Robin Cook to come down to Pale with her, and to see for himself that the Bosnian Serbs were playing host in the middle of the war to a large number of Muslim people who were fleeing from the Islamists of Izetbegovic.

 Cook answered Prentice with expletives saying that he would not go and that all the Serbs were devils. But the main thing which has caused Imperialism and its friend and ally  Islam to win this battle in Yugoslavia and Kosovo is the total absence of a revolutionary party which can tell the truth and which can plot the way forward. An example of this is Milosevic who was more principled than the Stalinist Tito, although it must be said trained in the same Stalinist school of peaceful coexistence with Imperialism.

 This meant that Milosevic continually sought to have a deal with Imperialism, rather than leading the fight of the oppressed against Imperialism and against Fascism in the Balkans. Tito was full of hostility to the Serbs and to Serb nationalism. Albanian immigration into Kosovo was encouraged by Tito and special rights were given to Albanian Kosovon people so much so that the Constitution gave Kosovo rights to vote on Serbian issues while preventing Serbs from voting on Kosovon issues. This encouragement from Tito of course fed the Jihad. Tito was a Stalinist and to counter the effects of Titoism means a turn to understand the Stalinist phenomenon.

That means turning once again after so many years to the ideas and struggles of Leon Trotsky and the Fourth International. There is no alternative to doing this. There was no revolutionary party in Yugoslavia or Serbia but if there was it must have given critical support to Milosevic, and unconditional defence of Milosevic against Imperialism, and against the Imperialist wing inside Serbian society among the bourgeoisie,  petty bourgeoisie and petty bourgeois ideology in the working class also, especially that among the trade union reformist leaders.

Also, it is worth mentioning, a certain type of petty bourgeois student and youth was particularly prone to this bourgeois ideology fomented by the huge wealth of George Soros in Serbia. And there was no revolutionary party to challenge these. Yugoslavia was never a socialist federation. It was always a bourgeois federation which was promoted firstly by a progressive national bourgeoisie, later by Stalinism. But it has been torn apart by the most reactionary forms of bourgeois rule, by the Croatian clerical fascism and by the Islamic Jihad in Bosnia and in Kosovo, which all formed an alliance especially with US Imperial interests.

 In Serbia power is now in the hands of the reactionary section of the bourgeoisie which wants an alliance with Islam, with EU and American Imperialism, the lowest point of this being their trading of Milosevic to the Hague, and their responsibility therefore for the poisoning of Milosevic by Imperialism in his NATO cell. What is needed therefore and in actuality is socialist revolution in each of these states, and then the joining together in a real socialist federation, not to stifle nationalism but to lead progressive nationalism in a healthy and non fascist direction. But there is no revolutionary leadership to lead this. However the perspective must be there to break these peoples away from these reactionary Fascist and Islamist leaders and influences.

The Albanian KLA may be in power in Kosovo but who knows what the future holds, everything must be done to break the ordinary people away from supporting these Jihadist monsters Before the murder of Milosevic in the Hague the central question that revolutionaries had to pose was his illegal imprisonment and the call for his release. Milosevic was poisoned after he put up a game fight against the lies of the NATO court. But there are others who have been sentenced by this illegal court. They must all be released. In particular the leader of the Radical Socialist Party, Seselj, who is rotting in a Hague prison cell is also every moment that he spends there in as great danger as was Milosevic.

We on 4international defend Seselj against Imperialism unconditionally and call for the closing down of the Hague system and the return of Seselj to Serbia, free to engage in politics in the region. There is no doubt that the Jihad and the EU and US Imperialists have won in Kosovo. They have now under their wing a movement led by cocaine and prostitute trading gangsters. But perhaps that is just what Imperialism in its decadent state, and death agony, actually require and want. Kosovo poses big issues for the world. The smashing up of Yugoslavia and the enslaving of the Serbs has always been part of the US and EU Imperialist drive to strike against the main independent forces in the area, a vast part of our world, made up of India, China and Russia. 

The present pro-imperialists who lead in Serbia such as Tadic and Kostunica must be overthrown without delay. A close alliance with Russia and China must be formed. In particular Serbia must join in a fraternal relationship with Russia, it must never enter the EU, it must reject all US and EU investment, the strong Serb army must be fully assisted by Russia and China. Along the border with this new gangster-led Kosovo there must be stationed the strongest forces. Russian nuclear arms must be pointed at every European city and at every city in the US. This is ironically the only defence that there can be against a decaying and decadent Imperialism.

Do not lie down with the brute forces of EU and US Imperialism. This is the real meaning of this illegal annexation of Kosovo. Kosovo signals that we are in a new stage of the decadence of Imperialism as it allies itself with Islamofascism, just in the same way that the capitalists allied themselves with the Nazi vision of a Jihad against the Soviet Union in the 1930s. Then as now there were the collaborationist Chamberlains who wanted to keep their head below the parapet but of course were eventually submerged beneath the inferno. 

The issue of Kosovo is the sharpest signal for Russia and under the leadership of Putin it has not gone unnoticed. The Imperialists could not wait to get rid of the Stalinist bureaucracy, and for a while they had the perfect mascot in the docile Yeltsin. But Putin has proven to be a great disappointment for the Imperialists. For one thing he is not a drunkard but takes pride in his physical health, a not unimportant image to present to decadent Imperialism. Perhaps this is why the venal Imperialists of Britain hate Putin so much. While no revolutionary, Putin is a principled nationalist and he will not lie down in front of the CIA and British Intelligence plots.

 This issue has the greatest importance for Israel. It poses an immediate challenge to Jewish people in America and Canada who have to now waken up and see that the programme of Lantos and Lieberman in their support for the Islamofascists and Fascists in the Balkans is a great danger to Israel. The people of Israel understand this far more clearly. There is in fact a collision between the people of Israel and the Jewish leaders in America and Canada on this very issue. 

Having rejected the pathetic EU and the bribes of the US Imperialists (with the capitalist crisis proceeding what are these bribes worth anyway!) Serbia must join with Israel and with Russia in the defence of the organized religions of Christianity and Judaism in the face of the Fascist Jihad of Islam backed up by Imperialism. Every Church destroyed by these Fascists of Islam in Kosovo is an issue for Jews and Christians. And every synagogue destroyed, as happened to the synagogues in Gaza, is an issue for every Serb. 

It is remarkable that the movement which is taking the lead in this, ourselves in this website 4international, is a Trotskyist movement and we are atheists. But we are opposed to the destruction of culture and that includes of course bourgeois culture. We are in defence of the Christian and Jewish Churches against decadent Imperialism linked with the Jihad. Every Othodox Church and Monastery which has already been destroyed in Kosovo must be published by the revolutionary movement in the widest possible manner.

Similarly with the cowardly PLO Jihadist attacks on the centre of the Jewish Faith, their holy and long respected Temple in Jerusalem, which goes back not 200 years but more than 2000 years. These are parts of the culture of humanity that decadent US cum EU policy is throwing in the dustbin. Finally the Jihad against Serbia and the robbery of Kosovo from Serbia means a renewed fight against the Imperialists and pro-imperialists of Harry’s Place, and of Kamm, Hoare and all his circle in the Media. We still await their response. Come on gentlemen, step up to the mark and take up your usual pro-Jihadist position.

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