By Felix Quigley

 This is a reactionary and anti-Serbian UN document but it does contain this vital clause which relates to the rights of Serbia.

It can be seen on


In this reactionary UN document and resolution there is a reference to the Rambouillet Accords and promises to stick by that position also. The key element in the Rambouillet Accords are these:

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Reaffirming their commitment to the Purposes and Principles of the United Nations, as well as to OSCE principles, including the Helsinki Final Act and the Charter of Paris for a new Europe,

Recalling the commitment of the international community to the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia…


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The problem posed for these world reactionaries is well seen in this comment:

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The biggest problem is UNSC resolution 1224, which gives legitimacy to UNMIK rule in Kosovo. The resolution includes a clause that refers to the “commitment of all Member States to the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia.” That means that if the Western countries hasten to achieve Kosovo’s complete independence, Russia – a permanent member of the U.N. Security Council that has opposed independence – is likely to exercise its veto in the Security Council. To avoid this, it is necessary to establish a system of democratic governance that represents all Kosovars (sic).

Rei Shiratori is professor of political science at Tokai University and president of the Institute for Political Studies in Japan

end quote here


This in a nutshell is what Kosovo is all about. In order to extend the influence of the US and EU Imperialisms they have found it necessary to tear up the norms of International Law because of course these “agreements” hostile as they were to the Serbs would never ever have been enacted without these clauses being inserted at the insistence of the Russians.

 What all the machinations around Thaci declaring “independence” yesterday is the reality that they, the US and EU, are breaking international law, that they are in fact operating illegally, they know it, the Serbs Russians and Chinese know it, the whole world knows it but they proceed relentlessly.


The answer is not simple but certainly you can say that there must be very strong and cogent reasons for doing so and the well being of the ordinary people of the Balkans is not the reason.

The result of this action means that we now live openly in a world without any legal norms. International law concepts built up over many generations have been torn up and transferred into the waste paper basket. Nor is there any going back on this.

 This is why this alliance of Imperialism in the form of the US and EU along with Islam and ethnic gangsters has meant a serious step towards Nuclear Conflagration.

 Russia, China and India are in the firing line of Imperialism and they know it very well. This is why now the Russians have no alternative given the absence of international law other than to train their nuclear weapons to point at every European city and at every US city and centre.

 Nobody likes or wants to have to state that but the only hope for the future is to state what is.

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