By Felix Quigley

One of the least known facts about Kosovo was the existence there of a large Egyptian community and what became of them is a real eye-opener. It was never ever reported by the capitalist Media. It tells us an awful lot about how the Albanian Mafia who declared independence yesterday actually came to power in Kosovo and transformed it into a Fascist hell hole.

Jared Israel of Emperors New Clothes published the following piece in 1999 which he received from a Belgrade News Agency called Tanjug:

Skopje, Macedonia, Oct 8 (Tanjug) Rubin Zemon, President of the Society of Egyptians in the Balkans, says Albanian terrorists have driven thousands of ethnic Egyptians from Kosovo. And KFOR [NATO] has not protected them.

At a Press Conference in Skopje today, Zemon said more than 150,000 Egyptians lived in Kosovo before the NATO bombing of Yugoslavia but now only a few remain and they are under virtual “house arrest.”

“Fleeing from NATO bombs, we found shelter elsewhere in Europe. We returned to our homes when the bombing stopped but then the hardest time began: Albanian terrorists robbed our houses forcing us to flee again.”

Instead of respecting UN Resolution 1224, KFOR [NATO] stood and observed. KFOR Commander Michael Jackson refused to talk, though an ethnic Egyptian delegation tried several times. They got the same treatment from other KFOR officials.

“Bernard Kouchner wouldn’t talk and our letters went unanswered. The same was true with Carl Bild, Kofi Annan and Maarti Ahtisaari, though they had previously promised safety to all in Kosovo,” said Ibraimov.

Cherim Abazi, Secretary of the Society of Kosovo Egyptians, emphasized that the US goal was made clear back in Rambouillet: the creation of a purely Albanian Kosovo. Unfortunately, he said, the European Union and UN have accepted this ‘solution’, and thus share responsibility for the forced exodus of all non-Albanians.

According to Secretary Abazi, Kosovo Egyptians are now dispersed throughout Europe. Several thousand are left in Urosevac [in Kosovo] many fewer in Pristina, the Province’s capitol, while only a handful are left in the Kosovo cities of Prizren, Djakovica, Pec and Klina. These few can’t leave their homes; their children are afraid to go to school; they receive none of the huge amounts of Western relief aid that is flowing into the Province.

The majority of the Kosovo Egyptians are now in Belgrade, Novi Sad and other Serbian cities. They’ve also found shelter in neighboring countries, especially Macedonia.


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