by Felix Quigley

What is the “Palestinian” Arab movement which we have heard so much about over the past 30 years? Is it for real in the sense that it represents a real national liberation movement of a distinct people?

Consider the use of the very name “Palestinian”. This was adopted by the Arabs only after they had attempted to destroy Israel in 1967 when Israel was able to fight off the attack in the famous 7 days war of that year. It was as a result of this defeat that the Arabs began a different tactic and in a highly organised way began to sell the name “Palestinian” widely throughout the world.

It was sold as an advertising agency sells a brand. A certain image of “Palestinian” was created in the mind of the world. Heavy reliance was placed on these Arabs as oppressed, and victimised. The actual history of the 1947 to 49 events was completely falsified.

But one thing above all others was hidden, that was the name itself and its history. If one had said “Palestinian” before 1948 certainly he or she would have been taken for a Jew, who was trying to set up a Jewish state inside the British Mandate for Palestine.

 The recent nature of this nomenclature as applied to Arabs is something that is very carefully hidden. The impression is given all the time that these Arabs always called themselves “Palestinian” which is entirely false.

When one studies the history much of this name brand is tied up with antisemitism and the prevention of the Jews having a nation state in the Middle East.

And with no history to the concept, which is a fact, people often believe that if these Arabs had their Palestinian state, and if Israel was no more, then this nationalism would not endure. These people would simply merge into being simply Arabs once more.

I suspect that there is something very similar going on in Kosovo at the moment. The US and EU have now created pretty much a single ethnic state, but it is not in all reality Kosovo or as they say Kosova, these people look on themselves essentially as Albanian. And given the absence of Serbia in Kosovo then they will simply change into being Albanian.

 In this regard Kosovo and Palestine are alike, these people will not endure, they are created for a negative purpose, and they will disappear from history, just as quickly actually as the Palestinian name brand has appeared.

It is not entirely accidental that the Palestinian Arabs have seen the similarity and this following piece from Serbianna shows that the EU and US creating this pretty well fictional Kosovo or Kosova have brought into being something which will drive war in the Middle East.

“February 20, 2008

RAMALLAH, West Bank (AFP)–A senior Palestinian official said Wednesday that Palestinians should follow Kosovo’s example and unilaterally declare independence, saying talks with Israel on creating a state had made no progress. 

start quote here

“Our people have the right to proclaim independence as the people of Kosovo did. We were occupied long before the Kosovo problem emerged,” Yasser Abed Rabbo, one of the Palestinian negotiators, told AFP. 

“Measures must be taken with a view to a unilateral declaration of independence as Kosovo did, and the world will then have to ensure the end of the occupation of our land,” he said. 

He pointed out that the late Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat symbolically proclaimed independence in 1988 but that “it never was applied on the ground as we wanted this to be done through negotiation.” 

“Today we want to unilaterally proclaim our independence on the ground and through peaceful means, and will call our people to protect their state, borders, institutions and the future of their children,” Abed Rabbo said. 

Palestinians should consider this option as talks with Israel “have made no progress” since they were relaunched in November.

end quote here 

Note what Rabbo says: “protecting our state, borders etc”.

But these “Palestinians” are a recent brand name. If they achieve their stated aim of weakening Israel through the formation of a hostile state on its borders, then this brand name will have done its job.

Then as they hope to do, if they destroy the Jewish state completely, then the job will have truly been done, and the Palestinian brand will die.

Similarly with the “Kosovans”. It is significant that it took only a day or so for the Palestinian Arabs to grasp the confluence of these two phenomena.

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