by Felix Quigley

Despite today’s mass protest in Belgrade…The very progressive students and youth who led the protest from the small area of Kosovo of Mitrovica where they live are now in great danger.

The following BBC report tells what happened yesterday:

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Nato troops have sealed the northern borders of Kosovo after Serbs angry at its weekend declaration of independence ransacked two crossings.

Hundreds of protesters torched customs and police posts at Jarinje and Brnjak, manned by UN and Kosovo police.

Closing the borders will infuriate both Kosovo Serbs and Serbia’s government, says the BBC’s Nick Thorpe in Kosovo.

The move cuts Kosovo’s mainly Serb north off from Serbia, the country to which they insist they still belong.

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The same BBC News source tells that today a massive demonstration is being held in Belgrade this very minute:

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Organisers are hoping the rally will be peaceful, following riots in the capital on Sunday and attacks by Kosovo Serbs on two border posts.

But on Serbia’s border with Kosovo, Serb army reservists attacked Kosovan police with stones and burned tyres.

The Serbs waved large tricolour Serbian flags and chanted “Kosovo is Serbia”.

The police were backed by Czech troops from the Nato-led peacekeeping force, who put a steel barrier across the road leading into Kosovo.

There were reports of thick black smoke billowing from the crossing point at Merdare, 50km (30 miles) north-east of the capital Pristina.


Most Serbs bitterly oppose losing the province, which they consider their religious and cultural heartland.

Prime Minister Vojislav Kostunica called the new country a “false state”, and Russia also opposed the move.

The rally is due to start at 1700 (1600 GMT) in central Belgrade.

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This site,, send our support to this massive demonstration of Serbs against the Albanian Jihad, against US and EU Imperialism in alliance with Islam in their attempts to destroy the Serbs as a nation.

However the leaders of the Government, Kostunica and Tadic, are the very traitors who traded Milosevic to the Hague Kangaroo Court where he was poisoned and killed by NATO.

 Therefore the leaders and organizers of all of this present action by the Serbs are only seeking to let off steam and to railroad the Serb people into the arms of NATO and the EU.

Furthermore, this Serb leadership of Tadic, by preparing to enter the EU, while the EU occupies Kosovo, are setting up the Serb people and the religious leaders of the Serb people in Kosovo to be massacred. This applies very much to the youth who have been demonstrating in Kosovo.

It means that these valiant youth are now entirely cut off by NATO from the support of Serbia. They are in a small pocket and are very vulnerable to the KLA Fascists who are backed by the US and EU. Moreover not only are they in danger from the Albanian Fascists, from NATO and from the EU police, they are also in danger from their own traitors in the Serb Government and its police state machine, the very same that dragged Milosevic in handcuffs and sent him to the Hague, which poisoned him.

This is really the logic and is the result of the political program of the traitorous Tadic and Kostunica Government which is following a path to bring them all into the EU. This is so patently hopeless because the EU is the organization which is policing the new arrangement.

The Serbs, Romany and very small number of Jews left are now in a hopeless position thanks to the planning of NATO plus the EU along with the KLA Fascists. But added to the problem is the traitorous nature of Tadic and Kostunica.

Just like the Olmert and Livni traitors in Israel it is Tadic and Kostunica which is really the biggest problem of all. Youth and workers who want to fight fascism can see clearly enough who the enemy is. But it is the enemy in the Serbian ranks which is the most debilitating.

The programme of Tadic and Kostunica is to place their trust in Imperialism. They became the puppets of Imperialism when they betrayed Milosevic to the Hague Court and the fate of Milosevic could be no more drastic, eventually to be poisoned by NATO.

They are Serbs and so they do not wish or claim they do not wish to lose Kosovo. Yet they are also traitors and they cannot escape their past.

Actually one of the big issues at the centre of these huge developments remains the Hague Court, and the fate of all those prisoners being held there, and especially the fate of Radical Party leader Seselj. The whole point is that Tadic and Kostunica agree with the Hague Court and they agree with the jailing of Seselj.

There is no doubt the courage and energy of the Serb youth in their small area in Kosovo.

Students in the Serb-dominated town of Mitrovica are organising daily protests at 12.44 pm, referring to UN Security Council resolution 1244 under which Serbia insists it still has sovereignty of Kosovo under international law.

Revolutionary leadership is needed. The Serb people can take not a single step forward without turning to the building of a new and a revolutionary leadership, which is opposed to the Stalinism of Tito, and is opposed to the traitorous present Serb Government.


  1. If the mexicans in texas and arizona all of the sudden decided they wanted autonomy or independence bc the us border patrol harrases them, i would like to see how the UN and US would think about it.Let me tell you…FBI would be there shoot them (like they did in Waco) and say they were terorists…biased as always we the americans think we know it all, own it all….shame on us!!

  2. Independence for Texas and Arizona, Independence for North Ireland and Scotland, Independence for Basque and Catalonia, Independence for Corsica, Independence for Sicily and Sardinia, Independence for Istra, etc, etc, etc. Kosovo is not a precedent, we will see that in the future!!!

  3. I would like everybody to know the history well before making any comments. Kosovo used to be part of Albania since humans appeared on earth until 1913, when the Great Powers decided all of a sudden to divide Albania and give Kosovo, this albanian land 100% inhabited by albanians, to Serbia, as a present (do not forget the vast natural resources Kosovo has that Serbia has used freely so far). This is too soon for anybody to forget. That is why I laugh when I hear serbs chanting(” Kosovo is the heart of Serbia, really?!!). Ridiculous. It is time for Europe to finally undo this horrible mistake that has cost albanians almost a century of suffering.

  4. Dear Julia, what’s your job? I am historian, so – please, do not speak so many stupid things about such a serious topic!!! Go home and really read (if u can read!!!) something about albanian history and come back to post some normal comment! Don’t pretend that u r clever and informed!

  5. Julia,

    Based on what you wrote it is so clear that you do not know the history of that region. But it is never too late to start learning.
    Americans should also learn something from the past – including USSR – Afghanistan war when CIA supported mujahedins and terrorists giving them weapons, money … But 20 years later guess who attacked the US and killed 3000 people in one day?
    Kosovo and Afghanistan have a lot of things in common – including drug mafia, terrorists, leaders who should be in Hag …
    History is a teacher of life – so start learning

  6. Unfortunately, some people have limited knowledge of history; that is they are only aware of RECENT history, which is 100 years old..
    Let’s journey back…In the year 1389 when Serbs fought the Battle for Kosovo against Otoman empire. Do not forget Serbian monasteries on Kosovo, like Pecka Patrijarsija which was built in the end of the 13th century and which was the centre of Serbian orthodox church for centuries.
    I think that this information is significant enough, and I needn’t mention events that occured centuries before the year 1389.
    It is ridiculous that people who obviously had bad marks in History dare to discuss such topics.

  7. Sonja, it is a tragedy that you are a historian and do not know what really happened in 1913. As far as I am concerned there is only one version of history, the truth!
    Are you really telling me that what I wrote is not exactly what happened in 1913? So, when and how did Kosovo become a part of Serbia according to your book? Enlighten me.

  8. Julia, I am not interested for conversation with such a stupid and not educated person! I am sorry for u! Go in some library and ask there some nice employee to help u to find books about world, european, balkan history! Whatever u can find will help u! And don’t try to be “clever”…it is obviously that u r not!

  9. Dear Sonja, without insulting anybody, I am bringing you facts from history. Clearly you can not do the same because again even you can not deny the truth. And by the way, I am a physician and in order to become one I had to get excellent grades in history and more (where you probably failed)
    To Srdjan: If I went too far back in time, there would be no serbs in the Balkan (remember when and where they came from?)

  10. Julia, I am not insulting u, but reality bites….Sorry…Go somewhere else, or please – shut up! U r boring and stupid, and it is very difficult, I can understand your frustrations…

    Dear, u made me laugh and I am thankful for this – “I am a physician and in order to become one I had to get excellent grades in history and more (where you probably failed)”!!! Best joke in last few hours!!!!!!!!!

  11. Sestro slatka, evo i nasa macka cita ovo i ne moze da veruje koliko duboka moze biti ljudska glupost. Evo zahvaljuje se bogu sto je macka.

  12. I give up, you are too uncultured and rude for my taste.
    Sonja if I made you laugh, how come I only heard you bitching? You need to cool off, stress is not good for the heart.

  13. Who said that I am stressed? U r stupid again…See? I am rude, but I am not stupid!!! I can take some lessons for nice behaving, but u can’t change emptiness in your head! Sorry!

  14. Julia,

    I did not know that first humans that appeared on the Earth were Albanians!!!!! It would be very interesting to get those books you read it from – looks like the whole world was in darkness until today when you discovered to us such big news!

  15. “Kosovo used to be part of Albania since humans appeared on earth…”

    What a ridiculous and laughable comment. Albania did NOT even exist “since humans appeared on earth” you ridiculous fraud of an “historian”.

    Kosovo has been the spiritual and cultural heartland for the Serbian nation since the 8th century CE!! There is NO Albanian historical record of a presence in Kosovo-Metohija in the 8th century, let alone since “humans appeared on earth…” That is why there are absolutely ZERO historical records of Albanian names in Kosovo for anything.

    The Albanians in Kosovo primarily originated from across the border in Albania as illegal immigrants during the latter half of the 20th century to escape the primitive, dirt-poor economy and dreadful living standards under the Stalinist Albanian dictator, Enver Hoxha.

    Julia, what “history” books did you use when you graduated from your phony educational facility? The ones published by the Islamofascist heroin trafficking, child-sex slavery racketeering mafia known as the Albanian UCK-KLA?
    The International Strategic Studies Association
    Alexandria, Virginia,Washington D.C.
    Balkan Strategic Studies

    “The New Rome & The New Religious Wars”
    by ISSA President, Gregory Copley

    “In 1929, Serbs constituted 61 percent of the Kosovo population. They remained a majority until World War II, during which many were killed or driven from their homes by the German occupiers and/or their neo-nazi allies among the Kosovo and Bosnian Muslims [who provided enough volunteers for an SS division to fight, also, on the Soviet front].

    After 1945, the Tito (communist) Government made it illegal for Serb refugees to return to their homes in Kosovo. Over the next five decades, hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants poured across the badly-policed border with Albania. These were economic refugees, fleeing the poor management of the Stalinist Albanian Government into a more liberal economic system which, although bad by Western European standards, was — and still is — vastly better than in Albania.

    There is a general impression internationally that the region of Kosovo and Metohija — usually referred to internationally just as Kosovo — is populated solely (or predominantly) by people of Albanian origin. This is misleading. There are 20 separate ethnic communities living in the area: or were until the NATO bombings began on March 24, 1999. There are, in fact, 26 separate national communities living in Yugoslavia, making it the most multi-national, multi-religious state in the Balkans.

    There are some 2,500 Serbian Orthodox monasteries and churches in Kosovo and Metohija, of which about 1,200 were built between the Eighth and 19th Centuries and which are classified as international treasures. Kosovo is the home of the Serbian Orthodox Church and the official residence of the Orthodox Patriarch.

    As well, it is worth noting that literally every place name, river name, and so on in Kosovo and Metohija is of Serbian linguistic origin; there are no “Albanian” names there, given the history of the region. Kosovo itself means “a field of black birds” [Kos is a black bird]. The name Metohija means “the land of the monastery”.

    These facts give some idea of the spiritual identity of the region with Serbian beliefs, as well as the most important fact that Kosovo was the birthplace of the Serbian nation, the site of its defeat at the hands of the Ottoman Turks and its eventual freedom from Turkish domination.”

    And while Serbs within the Yugoslav Federation have no problem with granting a high degree — even “an unparalleled degree”, as one senior Yugoslav leader told this writer — of autonomy to the Albanian-origin community in Kosovo, it is inconceivable that any Yugoslav leader would contemplate the kind of independence for Kosovo which was planned by the Rambouillet “agreement” which was unilaterally thrust on the Yugoslavs in 1999. It was absolutely known by the Clinton Administration that the wording of this ultimatum, which had been published two days before it was delivered to the Yugoslav delegation in Rambouillet in a KLA journal, was expressly designed to be rejected by Belgrade, thus providing the political excuse for the commencement of US-led NATO bombing of Yugoslavia. The fact that all of the real parties to the Kosovo dispute had already, on March 15, 1999, signed an accord which would have given the requested autonomy was disregarded because the US supported only the KLA solution, knowing that it had “its” air force — that is, the air forces of NATO — to help enforce its will.

    There was considerable under-estimation by the KLA and by the White House, however, of the determination of the Yugoslavs to resist such pressure.


    The Ushtria Clirimtare e Kosove (UCK) or Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) has several “parents” — including the Iranian and Bosnia-Herzegovina governments — and several important “midwives-cum-doting aunts”, including the United States, Croatian and Turkish governments and a wide range of individuals. The KLA would not be the significant factor it is today in the Kosovo crisis, however, had it not been for the blessing of the United States Clinton Administration, and for the direct and indirect support given to it by the Clinton Administration.

    It now seems clear that the US Clinton Administration and the German Government have been actively supporting the KLA since 1992 with weapons, training, intelligence and, most importantly, significant political encouragement. The final turning point in KLA fortunes came when US special envoys Richard Holbrooke and Peter Galbraith posed in 1998 for pictures with the KLA leadership, thereby cementing the endorsement. Ironically, the KLA has its origins in the stalinist/leninist/maoist Albanian Party of Labor of the late Albanian leader Enver Hoxha. Today, although clearly of a maoist bent — its leader, Adem Demaci, uses the maoist clenched fist salute constantly — it also uses the appeals of nationalism and religion to win converts among the Kosovo Albanians.

    Gradually, following the end of the stalinist era in Albania in 1992, the KLA, by now mainly operating out of Germany and among the expatriate Albanian Kosovos, as well as inside Albania, began drifting more toward becoming a purely criminal organization, almost totally preoccupied with narcotics trafficking and extortion to sustain itself. Not much has changed since then, apart from the addition to the KLA’s persona of political-military support from the Iranian Government and then from the US and German governments.

    In a landmark report — Italy Becomes Iran’s New Base for Terrorist Operations — written for Defense & Foreign Affairs Strategic Policy in late 1997, and published in the April-May 1998 edition, Senior Editor Yossef Bodansky noted:

    “By late 1997, the Tehran-sponsored training and preparations for the Liberation Army of Kosovo (UCK — Ushtria Clirimtare e Kosoves — in Albanian; OVK in Serbian), as well as the transfer of weapons and experts via Albania, were being increased. Significantly, Tehran’s primary objective in Kosovo has evolved from merely assisting a Muslim minority in distress to furthering the consideration of the Islamic strategic access along the Sarejevo-to-Tirane line. And not only by expanding and escalating subversive and Islamist-political presence can this objective be attained.”

    “In the Fall of 1997, the uppermost leadership in Tehran ordered the IRGC [Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps; the Pasdaran] High Command to launch a major program for shipping large quantities of weapons and other military supplies to the Albanian clandestine organizations in Kosovo.”

    “. . . By early December 1997, Iranian intelligence had already delivered the first shipments of hand grenades, machineguns, assault rifles, night vision equipment, and communications gear from stockpiles in Albania to Kosovo. . . . the Iranians began sending promising Albanian and UCK commanders for advanced training in [Iranian-controlled] al-Quds forces and IRGC camps in Iran. Mean-while, weapons shipments continue. Thus Tehran is well on its way to establishing a bridgehead in Kosovo.”

    The report detailed the KLA’s requirements for men and equipment, and outlined the KLA’s proposed theaters of operations.

    The report further went on to say that the KLA’s radical wing was considering the assassination of the leader of the moderate Democratic League of Kosovo (DLK), Dr Ibrahim Rugova, and Fehmi Agani, the DLK deputy chairman, and blaming Belgrade for the killings. Dr Rugova, however, escaped assassination and remained in Yugoslavia to help negotiate a peaceful solution to the Kosovo crisis. Even after the NATO bombings began on March 24, 1999, he remained in Yugoslavia to help negotiate an end to the crisis, a move which has led KLA sources to “leak” to the media the fact that Dr Rugova was, in fact, “a virtual prisoner” of the Yugoslav Government, something which Dr Rugova’s visibility in the Yugoslav media should have dispelled.

    Dr Rugova’s position, however, is not one which the US Clinton Administration wishes to hear. The US committed itself to the KLA, and therefore to trying to break off Kosovo — with its 20 ethnic groups, not just the Kosovo Albanians — into a separate state. So the thought that Dr Rugova was “a virtual prisoner” remained in the media interpretation, blessed by the Clinton White House. Either because of political commitment, or to simplify the public’s perceptions, the Clinton Administration has promoted the view that the KLA represents those Kosovo residents of Albanian origin. Clearly, the KLA does not. The KLA has for some years based its revenue collection on extorting money from expatriate Kosovos under the threat of assassination of their relatives at home, and on drug trafficking and violence aimed largely at the Kosovo people themselves.

    The KLA is the principal proponent of the “greater Albania” philosophy, under which the organization first hopes to achieve an independent Kosovo under its control and then to use that base to take over Albania itself, given that Albania is currently in a virtual state of anarchy. Before that stage is reached, however, the swelling Albanian minority in the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYRM) would be targeted for either complete takeover or for the “Albanian part” to be targeted for “independence”. These are objectives which the KLA does not bother to hide. However, the German and US administrations have chosen to ignore these objectives, and the ongoing criminal activities of the organization.

    As noted, the KLA, supported since 1992 by the US and Iran — who are, in fact, strategic opponents, given the Iranian clerical administration’s structural incompatibility with the West — received much support and training from the radical Muslim leadership of Bosnia-Herzegovina, under President Alija Izetbegovic. It may be a matter of some significance that during 1992, before William Clinton became US President, he signed, as Governor of the US State of Arkansas, an “initiative” with the “Socialist Republic of Bosnia-Herzegovina”. In response, the Bosnians “pronounce[d] the month of April 1992 as ‘The Month of Bosnia-Berzegovina and Arkansas’”. The Official Gazette of the Bosnians, in February 1992, published the following item, dated February 15, 1992: “On acceptance of the initiative of the governor of the state of Arkansas, on establishment of close cooperation with the Socialist Republic of Bosnia-Herzegovina: The initiative of the governor of the state of Arkansas on establishment of close cooperation between the Socialist Republic of Bosnia-Herzegovina in the field of culture, education, economy, science and other forms of cooperation is hereby accepted.”

    The implications for the KLA are apparent in this closeness.

    Ironically, the KLA’s head of elite forces, Muhammed al-Zawahiri, is the brother of Ayman al-Zawahiri, the military commander for Saudi-born terrorist leader, Osama bin Laden. The US Clinton Administration has, of course, declared bin Laden “public enemy number one” for his alleged involvement in the bombing of the two US embassies in East Africa in 1998. And Ayman al-Zawahiri has been implicated in the assassination attempt in 1995 against Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

    Little wonder that numerous US policy analysts, even those who are hostile to Yugoslavia as a basic stance, are extremely uncomfortable with the Clinton Administration’s close ties with the KLA.

    There is no doubt that the involvement of the two brothers al-Zawahiri in the two movements is not coincidental. Ben Works, director of the Strategic Research Institute of the US, noted: “There’s no doubt that bin Laden’s people have been in Kosovo helping to arm, equip and train the KLA. . . . The [US] Administration’s policy in Kosovo is to help bin Laden. It almost seems as if the Clinton Administration’s policy is to guarantee more terrorism.”

    Noted strategic analyst and columnist, former US Army Colonel Harry Summers, said on August 12, 1998, that in Kosovo, the US found itself “championing the very Islamic fundamentalist terrorist groups who are our mortal enemies elsewhere”.

    The KLA’s criminal activities are well-known in Europe, but in nearby Italy, they are of greatest concern, because increased war will make its first impact on the European Union’s prosperity by affecting Italy. In the first two weeks of January 1999, alone, there were nine murders carried out in Milan by KLA assets. The line between the KLA and the other purely criminal Albanian mafia elements is now indistinguishable.

    And yet this is the group favored by the Clinton Administration (and as a result by the Blair Administration in the UK) over the moderate Kosovo Albanian leaders who have always sought to create a situation in which Yugoslavs of Albanian origin could live, pray and work in harmony alongside the other 25 Yugoslav nationalities. Indeed, Clinton and Blair deliberately overturned a workable agreement signed by all Yugoslav parties in Kosovo so that the KLA-written “Rambouillet Accords” could be served up as an ultimatum to the Yugoslav Government.

    Agim Gashi, 35, an ethnic Albanian from the Kosovo capital, Pristina, was, until his recent arrest, the major drug dealer in Milan. In a March 15, 1999, article (ie: before the bombing began) by writer William Norman Grigg, an Italian police telephone intercept was cited in which Gashi urged his Turkish heroin suppliers to continue shipments during the holy Muslim period of Ramadan. Gashi said that the continuation of the shipments was for the sake of an important cause: “To submerge Christian infidels in drugs.” But at least part of the billions which Gashi made from the narcotics trade went to buy a variety of weapons for the KLA. Most of the weapons were from pirated Russian stocks, ironically. Today, Russia is trying to reinforce Yugoslavia in the fight against the KLA and NATO…

  16. U.S. Recognition Of An Al-Qaeda Infiltrated Kosovo Is Indefensible

    February, 19, 2008 – San Francisco, CA –

    As we predicted in a 2005 piece, “10 Years And Counting – Still No Exit Plan From Clinton Created, European Al-Qaeda Base” the radical Muslim game plan in the former Yugoslavia, which was evident from the mid 1990s has now been realized by what is perhaps George Bush’s most serious foreign policy error, the recognition of an illegal and radical Muslim state in East Central Europe – Kosovo.

    As has been the case in most of America’s blunders regarding radical Islam, the United States embarked upon this disastrous path under the Clinton administration:

    “Ignored by the leftist participants in rage-filled street demonstrations is the fact that the Clinton team’s Balkan policies were viewed by establishment politicians as so outside the normal confines of American diplomacy that the actions of the US Ambassador to Croatia Peter Galbraith and then NSC Director Anthony Lake were referred to the Justice Department by the House of Representative for possible criminal action.

    “…The Iranian presence and influence [in Bosnia] jumped radically in the months following the [Clinton] green light. Iranian elements infiltrated the Bosnian government and established close ties with the current leadership in Bosnia and the next generation of leaders. Iranian Revolutionary Guards accompanied Iranian weapons into Bosnia and soon were integrated in the Bosnian military structure from top to bottom as well as operating in independent units throughout Bosnia. The Iranian intelligence service [VEVAK] ran wild through the area developing intelligence networks, setting up terrorist support systems, recruiting terrorist ’sleeper’ agents and agents of influence, and insinuating itself with the Bosnian political leadership to a remarkable degree. The Iranians effectively annexed large portions of the Bosnian security apparatus [known as the Agency for Information and Documentation (AID)] to act as their intelligence and terrorist surrogates. This extended to the point of jointly planning terrorist activities. The Iranian embassy became the largest in Bosnia and its officers were given unparalleled privileges and access at every level of the Bosnian government.” – Final Report, House Select Subcommittee to Investigate the United States Role in Iranian Arms Transfers to Croatia and Bosnia, page 201


    The Islamist penetration into the Balkans especially Kosovo should be alarming to anyone concerned over the growing threat of Islamic jihad.

    Throughout the region radical Muslims, originally led by Alija Izetbegovic began consolidating their power in the 1990s. During this period and leading into the Balkan civil wars tens of thousands of foreign mujahideen fighters entered coming from places as disparate as Northern Africa, Iran and Saudi Arabia.

    So out in the open was this operation that in the mid 1990s bin-Laden had an office in Sarajevo, on page 58 of the 911 report we read, “Bin Ladin’s impressive array of offices covertly provided financial and other support for terrorist activities. The network included a major business enterprise in Cyprus; a “services” branch in Zagreb; an office of the Benevolencen International Foundation in Sarajevo, which supported the Bosnian Muslims in their conflict with Serbia and Croatia.”

    A study by the London Institute for International Strategic Studies revealed that, “the total number of Islamic terrorists who served in the “Bosnian Army” since the beginning of the civil war is about 40,000″ [see, ].

    A number of the 911 hijackers had cycled through Bosnia including 911 mastermind Khalid Sheik Mohammed along with Nawaw al Hazmi and Khalid al-Mihdhar. The latter two being among the first selected by bin-Laden to execute the plot.

    As Dr. Shaul Shay, a colonel in the Israeli Army and a recognized expert on Islamic radicalism, states, “In the beginning the main purpose was to help the local Muslims in the war against the Serbians. When the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina ended, terrorist infrastructures remained there and served as a basis for the Islamic terror activities in Kosovo. Today, the Balkans serve as a forefront on European soil for Islamic terror organizations, which exploit this area to promote their activities in Western Europe, and other focal points worldwide.”

    Given this track record, why has the West recognized Kosovo diplomatically, when by all accounts it will serve as a launching pad for terrorist operations against Western Europe?

    In many ways the decision to welcome what is a renegade – nearly 100% Muslim – province of Serbia into the community of nations is inexplicable. Perhaps inertia is the best explanation, with the policy already having been set over ten years ago along with the tremendous investment of resources by NATO and the United States, the momentum to continue even a failed policy seems irresistible.

    Regardless the victory for the Islamists which this development represents will reverberate throughout the continent for decades, as Dr. Shay reminds us, “In the eyes of the radical Islamic circles, the establishment of an independent Islamic territory including Bosnia, Kosovo and Albania along the Adriatic Coast, is one of the most prominent achievements of Islam since the siege of Vienna in 1683. Islamic penetration into Europe through the Balkans is one of the main achievements of Islam in the twentieth century.” [Dr. Shaul Shay, Islamic Terror and the Balkans]

  17. every historian on the planet agrees that albanians are desendants of the illyrians.everyone but the serbs of course.serbs are slavs even serbs agree with this .slavs moved in the balkans in the seventh century i belive.kosova belongs to albania. matter of fackt it would be nice if u slaves went back to siberia.endrat serbise kosova shqiperise.srbe nvrbe my croatian friends tought me that.

  18. No comment!

    “Our negroes, our enemies”
    Serbian writer Vladimir Arsenijevic outlines the calamitous relationship of his compatriots to the Albanians.
    For all ex-Yugoslavs, but particularly for the Serbs, the Kosovo Albanians used to be simply “our negroes.” Nowadays, however, they are cast as Serbia’s arch-enemies – a myth ruthlessly exploited by nationalist politicians, even as negotiations take place over the future of the southern Serbian province of Kosovo, which has been under UN administration since 1999. If anyone in Western Europe asks how all this could have happened, I can tell them, for I have watched and listened to this story unfolding in my country.

    The country that used to be mine, the former Yugoslavia, was ethnically and culturally extremely diverse. Marshall Josip Broz Tito used to call this diversity our Yugoslavian “melting pot.” In reality, though, it was never that. After Tito’s death the country’s diversity was tragically instrumentalized; it became socially divided, split ethnically and culturally into sub-groups and economically into a hierarchy of better-off and worse-off regions. Post-Tito Yugoslavia thus became a proverbial European vertical.

    At the top of this vertical, in the far north on the border with Austria, was the economically most advanced republic Slovenia. In a certain sense Slovenia stood for the permanent “high” in what was then the common homeland. You then moved on down through Croatia, Bosnia-Hercegovina and Serbia in the centre to Montenegro and Macedonia in the far south, the chronic “low” of our former country. “The further south, the more deplorable” (“Sto juznije to tuznije”) was the popular saying used to describe the ladder along which a specifically Yugoslavian brand of racism was always directed at those who were on the next rung down geographically and economically. Hence the Slovenians showed the contempt they felt for the country bumpkins, idlers or failures of the other republics most clearly towards the Croatians; the Croatians for their part passed it on to the Serbs; and the latter, in turn, took pleasure in making fun of the Macedonians or Montenegrins. The Bosnians, on the other hand, as the people who inhabited the centre of the Republic of Yugoslavia, were the object of mockery from all sides.

    But right at the very bottom came the Albanians who lived in the southern Serbian province of Kosovo. Their language wasn’t a Slavic language. They were poorer than the rest of us. Their culture was pretty alien. In the motley collection of different kinds of Yugoslavs they, as the southernmost ethnic group, were condemned to play the role of the absolute outsiders.

    Anything that the rest of us in former Yugoslavia claimed to know about the Albanians was put together from a hodgepodge of offensive cliches. They were generally referred to derisively as the Siptari or the shiptars. If we didn’t hate them openly, it was only because we did not consider them worthy of our hatred. Even at the best of times there was never any dialogue between “them” and “us.”

    The Kosovo Albanians were for us just a bunch of primitive, at most sometimes comical golliwogs, our Uncle Toms. In other words, they were our negroes. Yet just as the existence of the despised Albanians scarcely penetrated the consciousness of the average Yugoslav of the Tito era, so the casual cultural racism of that time seems, from today’s perspective, rather harmless compared with the violent, murderous hatred of the “shiptars” that seized the Serbs following the death of Tito and after the first wave of “unrest” in Kosovo at the end of the twentieth century. This resentment became particularly intense throughout the phase of burgeoning nationalism in all the republics, during the brutal tyranny perpetrated by Slobodan Milosevic, who set out to ruthlessly tear apart the common state. During the 1990s politicians and the media also began using the colloquial and derogatory term “shiptars,” a label that increasingly stuck to make them the object of our paranoia. More and more often people began to speak of them as though the only reason they existed was to crush and annihilate “us Serbs”.

    One of the legends that did the rounds in Milosevic’s version of the news was a historical myth that went roughly like this: “Once there were far fewer Albanians than Serbs in Kosovo. But over the years (by means of a miracle that has never been fully explained! V.A.) they came to Kosovo across the Albanian border and just settled here in our country, before our very eyes, without so much as a ‘by your leave’.” Equipped with what in our eyes were positively animal-like qualities, they developed the collective determination of termites and, what is more, bred like rabbits. Their uncontrollable virility and high birth rates made us shiver, indeed we shuddered with disgust. At the same time the Serbs were constantly being publicly entreated to profess their hatred of the “shiptars.” No Serb was considered worth his salt unless he cherished this hatred. Thus official propaganda during the Milosevic era, supported unerringly by the media, declared the “shiptars” to be the Serbs’ archetypal enemy; indeed, without this enemy the Serbs’ own existence would have been practically unthinkable. For where would Batman be without his Joker? Now the “shiptars” were no longer pathetic Uncle Toms. On the contrary, they had transformed themselves into terrifying, dangerous demons, intractable and persistent in their mission to take over our historic territory, to snatch away from us the Kosovo Polje, the Kosovo Field, “the cradle or our culture,” to steal our myths, to rob us of that which belonged to us by “historic right”. (More here)

    Determined to settle scores with these “shiptars” once and for all, our President Milosevic conceived a fantastic plan. In his murky empire of evil, poverty, ethnic hatred and hyperinflation, the army and the police aided by the mass media were to be allowed to discriminate against and humiliate the Kosovo Albanians without incurring sanctions. The Albanians would be able to be arbitrarily dismissed or arrested, their property plundered, their families and villages destroyed. Absolved of any responsibility and encouraged by popular support, the president for many years painstakingly put his plan into action, bringing violence and destruction first to Kosovo and then to the whole territory of Yugoslavia. Following the Dayton Agreement in December 1995 there was a brief ceasefire, but in 1999 the spiral of violence finally led Milosevic back to where it had all started, back to Kosovo.

    Yet Kosovo was also the place that was to seal Milosevic’s fate after thirteen years of his destructive rule. When NATO began bombing the main culprit, Serbia-Montenegro, at the end of March 1999, it destroyed some more of the infrastructure and claimed hundreds of civilian victims. Yet what followed was the end of Serbian state power in the province of Kosovo. At the same time the roles of perpetrator and victim were once more reversed in this hapless place. There was an exodus of thousands of Serbs and Roma and a rampage of revenge by the victors; and once again the victims were almost exclusively innocent civilians. The hope of any normality between ordinary Serbs and Albanians, of them being able to live side by side in the foreseeable future, was gone.

    Milosevic had played his game so cunningly that only one kind of epilogue was possible: the UN war crimes tribunal for ex-Yugoslavia in The Hague. Nevertheless, even then, Milosevic managed to escape the place where justice might have been done, if only by suffering a heart attack. By eluding justice he left us with the question of blame. Not least for this reason the citizens of Serbia are burdened with guilt and shame, whether we accept it or not.

    A few years ago the Serbian media reported for months on end on mass graves whose dead had been identified by forensic experts as Kosovo Albanians. One of the most horrific images was that of a refrigerated lorry out of which murdered Kosovo Albanian women, children and old people were disposed in Lake Perucac, near the mouth of the river Derventa. On our screens we saw half-decayed, clothed corpses being pulled out of the water, we heard the shocking confession of the driver, who had been told to transport the dead out of Kosovo in order to cover up the crime. At the time a Belgrade television station broadcast an interview with a man bathing untroubled in this beautiful lake from whose green waters the corpses had just been pulled. When the reporter asked whether this bothered him the simpleton stood there shaking his head as the water dripped off him. Blinking innocently and smiling laconically, he looked at the camera and said without turning a hair: “To be honest, I don’t believe all that,” and dived defiantly back into the water.

    The guy is mad, you might think. But actually the opposite is the case. His reaction is absolutely understandable. Serbian citizens have a decade of brainwashing by politicians and the media behind them, a decade of lessons in how continuous lying can eventually make people believe their own lies. The bathing man was simply using that acquired skill.

    Denial is one of the central new Serbian qualities. It is so new that we don’t even have a proper word for it, and those who realize what is happening simply use the English word instead. Denial. This denial, coldness in the face of human suffering, an inability to show the most rudimentary empathy, shows that we as a society are in a no-man’s land. Sometimes it seems as if we did not want to escape the maelstrom of the past. The question of the status of Kosovo, and at least as important, of our future relationship with the Kosovo Albanians, are among the most decisive questions of all, and they could be used as a measure of our political maturity. The reasons why we don’t take a constructive approach to them are more profound. Today’s Serbian society is tired of politics. It is tired of lost wars, exhausted by chronic poverty and the feeling that the Serbs must see themselves either as victims or as the guilty party. It fears change and shirks responsibility.

    In other words, events have ensured that our view of the Kosovo Albanians will remain unchanged for a long time to come. To the traditional resentment there has simply been added the subliminal rage of the loser, which is vented in self-pity and may be coupled with the mystical idea of being inherently in the right. Indeed, the unavoidable loss of the former southern Serbian province of Kosovo is in certain circles of our society perceived as tantamount to an apocalypse. Not long ago the centre of Belgrade was plastered with posters designed to fool us: “There is no Serbia without Kosovo!” But whoever says that is lying, and many people fundamentally know this – for despite everything it is becoming increasingly evident that the status of Kosovo is becoming marginal in the everyday life and concerns of the Serbs. In fact many citizens – our young particularly – disappointed by all sides, seem to have decided that they don’t believe in anything any more, like that simpleton bathing in the lake.

    But what can one expect from a generation that has been raised amid war and destruction, fed with a policy of overt hatred, and that can’t get a visa to become acquainted with other countries and cultures? Unfortunately, probably not very much. Our young people have begun to hate again, without inhibitions, with a frivolous delight. Surveys of school students are enough to make your hair stand on end – and they confirm the impression one gains from everyday life. More than 30 percent of the pupils at Serbian middle schools believe that one “should neither become friends with Albanians nor visit them.” Almost a third of young people believe that the Chinese – the only relatively large group of foreigners in our country – should have their residence permits removed, even if they obey the law. Every third teenage boy and every second teenage girl is looking down on homosexuals and people infected with HIV.

    The thought of the ghastly success with which contemporary Serbian society has deformed the thoughts and emotions of young people makes one shudder. Maybe the solution is simply to wait stoically and be patient. Maybe one only needs to hope that a new generation will grow up under more peaceful and healthier circumstances. Perhaps the only thing left for us is to believe that our grandchildren will be our real children.


    Vladimir Arsenijevic was born in 1965 in Pula/Croatia. His prize-winning novels have been translated into many languages. He lives in Belgrade.

    This article orignally appeared in German in Die Zeit on 20 September, 2007.

    Translation: Melanie Newton

  19. Julia

    You write above quoting this writer:

    “Yet Kosovo was also the place that was to seal Milosevic’s fate after thirteen years of his destructive rule”.

    Please elaborate on this. Why precisely was the political programme of Slobodan Milosevic so and what in this programme qualifies it for the title “destructive”?

    This site stands in unity with the Serb people and in unity with the Jewish people of Israel.

    We understand Yugoslavia to have been attacked by US and EU Imperialisms. In the latter especially by the British and by the German.

    In this context the Imperialist power is the enemy. The Serbs are the victims. It was the Serbs as a nation that were attacked continually by the Media of the US and the EU.

    In the same way the Jews were the victims of Nazism and Nazism was an outgrowth of a capitalist and imperialist system in mortal decline.

    The Jews were urged by Leon Trotsky in the late 30s to escape from Europe and to set up their Jewish state free from antisemitism.

    The leaders who came into power, such as Ben Gurion and others connected with the parties influenced by the Stalinist Communist Party of Israel, did not follow that in any way. Rather than making a country free from antisemitism they made it easy for the followers of the Nazi Palestinian Arab Hajj Amin el Husseini to live and to spout their antisemitism inside the Jewish Homeland.

    There is something very similar that happened in the case of Serbia. It was the Stalinist Tito who made it easy for those who hated the Serbs to move against them.

    This is essentially what happened in the late 80s and 90s.

    Milosevic was faced with an enormous outburst of Serb hatred (hatred of the Serbs).

    Because the Serbs were the main movers in holding Yugoslavia together, and because US and EU Imperialisms wanted Yugoslavia broken up for political strategic interests, the Imperialist Powers both tapped into this hatred for the Serbs among groups such as the Albanians and Bosnian Islamofascists, and PROMOTED it.

    This writer is a Serb. But so what? My own country Ireland is full of writers and journalists like this who hate Ireland, hate their Irishness and continually attack the glorious history of Ireland’s fight against British Imperialism.

  20. Julia,

    you introduce Vladimir Arsenijevic’s piece with the phrase,
    “No Comment”

    Well Julia, “No Comment” indeed!

    Especially “No Comment” from you informing us about the irrefutable fact that Vladimir Arsenijevic has been a PAID PROPAGANDIST for GEORGE SOROS’ “Open Society Institute” since BEFORE 1995! (George Soros’ O.S.I. has been described by independent US based researcher,Jared Israel, as “kind of a high-profit wing of the CIA”).

    “No Comment” from you about the fact that Vladimir Arsenijevic also gets PAID for his anti-Serbian propaganda through the “Stefan Batory Foundation” which Gerorge Soros founded many years ago and lavishly finances this foundation of his through Soros’ multi-billion dollar O.S.I. “Open Society Institute”!!

    To see some brilliant exposes on George Soros’ multi-Billion dollar propaganda machine in action against the Serbs and Serbia, see the following links:

    “No Comment” from you Julia, informing us of the proven indisputable fact that during the 1990’s Vladimir Arsenijevic was also a PAID propagandist for “OTPOR” – the CIA created and funded (with millions of US dollars) totally phony “grass roots Serbian student organization” – which was exposed in the late 1990’s by independent researchers in the US and Europe as in reality NOT a “grass roots student movement” at all, but actually the CIA’s key “fifth-columnist” Serbian traitors’ organization working towards the toppling of Slobodan Milosevic’s Socialist party government on behalf of EU and US Imperialism.

    Arsenijevic touts himself as “a Serb” supposedly being impartial,neutral and unbiased towards his Serbian brethren in Serbia, but he was born and raised in CROATIA -a hotbed of Croatian Ustasha Fascism – for much of his formative years and on top of that he wrote that piece largely based on the ramblings of an ALBANIAN writer named Xhevdet Bajraj!!

    Here are just three examples I found of Vladimir Arsenijevic being a PAID PROPAGANDIST STOOGE of George Soros, by doing a quick search on Google:

    The “Soros Yugoslavia Foundation” PAID Vladimir Arsenijevic and several of Arsenijevic’s traitorous fifth-columnist cronies in Serbia, the sum of US $12,888.77 in the year 1995.

    In 1995, this sum of money for ordinary Serbs in Serbia struggling to survive under an economic embargo was astronomically high since Serbian citizens from May 1992 were suffering under strict US and EU imposed economic sanctions leading to rampant monetary inflation and resulting in thousands of deaths of elderly people and young children due to lack of basic medicines and medical equipment.

    Soros’ Open Society Institute [O.S.I.] “East Translates East” Project has PAID Vladimir Arsenijevic the sum of 400,000 Hungarian Forints [Ft] in the year 2001.

    George Soros’ Stefan Batory Foundation PAID Vladimir Arsenijevic the sum of 6,000 Polish Zloty [PLN] in the year 2002 under the auspices of the Soros funded “East Translates East” Project and the Soros funded “Czarne Publishing House”.

    Click to access ar2002.pdf

    Here is a very revealing comment made by one of Soros’ Czarne Publishing House’s officials [Monika Sznajderman] commenting on where on earth they get their money from:

    [Start Quote Here from Monika Sznajderman]

    How, in a country [Poland] with such a small readership, to run a small press publishing this kind of literature and not to go bust? “Not to think about money!” laughs Monika Sznajderman, “because I don’t think about money in lump-sums, I can afford daydreaming.”

    In reality they depend a lot on grants. Translations from native literatures are promoted by counterparts of the Polish Adam Mickiewicz Institute, which are affiliated to the ministries in the countries of the writers’ origins.

    For instance, Exuvii by Simona Popescu from Romania was
    published with the financial support of the OSI [Open Society Institute] -Zug Foundation, OSI [Open Society Institute]Center for Publishing Development (Budapest), and Stefan Batory Foundation, as part of the “East Translates East” project.

    “It’s not true, as some think, that such grants secure a new car as well,” explains Monika Sznajderman, “the money covers the translation fee. But there are still costs of editing, printing, promotiong, and so on, to be paid.”

    [End Quote here from Monika Sznajderman]

    Julia, how long did you think you could fool us with the anti-Serbian ramblings from someone who has been PAID BY GEORGE SOROS and THE CIA to write anti-Serbian propaganda (i.e. total LIES)?

    So Vladimir Arsenijevic is supposedly a “neutral, unbiased, impartial Serb” ?? Sure he is. And the Pope is Jewish too huh?!

    To see how much of a despicable, brazen and shameless paid propagandist LIAR this Vladimir Arsenijevic really is, one only need to consider this comment of his about the so-called Kosovo “Freezer Truck Hoax” which was brilliantly exposed by Dr. Francisco Gil-White back in 2005 as an anti-Serbian NATO/EU propaganda fraud.

    Here is Vladimir Arsenijevic lying through his teeth about this thoroughly debunked NATO/EU propaganda hoax:

    [Start Quote here by Arsenijevic]

    “A few years ago the [Soros-funded]Serbian media reported for months on end on mass graves whose dead had been identified by forensic experts as Kosovo Albanians. One of the most horrific images was that of a refrigerated lorry out of which murdered Kosovo Albanian women, children and old people were disposed in Lake Perucac, near the mouth of the river Derventa. On our screens we saw half-decayed, clothed corpses being pulled out of the water, we heard the shocking confession of the driver, who had been told to transport the dead out of Kosovo in order to cover up the crime…”

    [End Quote here by Arsenijevic]

    Well dear 4International readers,have a look at Dr. Francisco Gil-White’s introduction to his highly detailed expose of this crude anti-Serbian NATO/EU propaganda hoax:

    [Start Quote here from Dr.Francisco Gil-White]

    On April 30th 2001, an accusation began that the Serbs under Slobodan Milosevic had supposedly shipped thousands of dead bodies in freezer trucks from Kosovo into other areas of Serbia to hide them from the forensics hired by the Hague Tribunal (ICTY – International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia).

    It was an extraordinary claim for NATO, but so was NATO’s embarrassment: the Hague Tribunal forensics had found exactly zero bodies of Albanian civilians murdered by Milosevic’s forces (as opposed to, say, 100,000, or 500,000, which had been the earlier NATO claims). So which is it? Did the Serbs carry out a spectacular cover up? Or did NATO simply lie?

    Well, NATO clearly had a motive to lie, because it needed to get President Slobodan Milosevic tried at The Hague for war crimes, and an absence of evidence of war crimes is a bit awkward under these circumstances. NATO also needed to justify the bombing of Serbia as a humanitarian expedition to save all those Albanians whom the Serbs had supposedly been murdering. So a double motive. And there is no question that NATO had opportunity, because its disproportionate amount of power makes it likely that NATO can get away with a lie. So the only question is whether we have a smoking gun that NATO lied.

    We do. This series will lay out the evidence that convicts NATO of creating a hoax of a genocide, followed by a hoax of a cover up, all of it blamed on the Serbs, with the help of the terrorist KLA, and with the help of the Western mainstream media.

    The Serbs are innocent.

    The facts don’t match the accusations

    On March 24th 1999, NATO began bombing Serbia. Why? NATO said: “for humanitarian reasons”: to stop a genocide.

    Even as it dropped its bombs, in order to justify dropping more, NATO alleged that Slobodan Milosevic’s forces were dodging enough NATO explosions to kill as many as 100,000 Albanian civilians.[1] In fact, sometimes they said 500,000.[1a] Consistent with this, during the bombing, NATO had its own Hague Tribunal issue an indictment against Slobodan Milosevic for “war crimes.”[2] And yet, uncomfortably, after the bombing, investigators hired by NATO and the UN scoured Kosovo for months and then. . .and then. . . .nothing: they produced zero evidence of ‘ethnic cleansing’ by Milosevic’s forces.

    Surprised? I will explain and document everything in detail. But first, a parable.

    One man shoots another, and the killer explains that he did it for “humanitarian reasons” because the victim was about to shoot somebody else. Of course, there is an investigation. Imagine that you are the detective and that you fail to find a gun on the victim’s body or anywhere in the vicinity. This appears to contradict the killer’s story. So you interrogate the killer again and he mumbles that maybe the victim threw the gun away. “After he died?” you suggest, with irony. The killer replies sullenly that he doesn’t know where the man’s gun is. “Perhaps somebody took it,” he adds. Some people corroborate the killer’s story but they all turn out to have hated the dead victim and had many reasons to want him dead.

    If you are a normal person, then, since you are the detective, and this is your job, you grow suspicious.

    Lab tests later reveal no traces of paraffin on the victim’s hands or anywhere on his clothing. So you question the shooter again about the victim’s supposed gun, and he then confesses that the victim did not really have a gun. “But he did have a knife, and he threw it at me,” the suspect retorts, adding, “I don’t know where the knife ended up.”

    Do you become more suspicious? Of course you do. The shooter has completely changed his story when investigations turned up no evidence for his first excuse. Any detective who did not, at this point, choose premeditated murder as the running hypothesis for this event should turn in his badge, for he cannot reason from the obvious.

    Okay, keep your detective hat on.

    NATO first said it was bombing the Serbs on account of 100,000 murdered Albanians. And yet, after NATO dropped its bombs, this is all that seven months of looking for bodies (from June until November 1999) could turn up, according to Reuters:

    “UN investigators have exhumed 2,108 corpses in Kosovo so far, but the true number of ethnic Albanian victims may be much higher, the chief UN [War Crimes Tribunal] prosecutor Carla del Ponte said on Wednesday.”[3]

    Some people may be tempted to say, “Okay, so they didn’t find 100,000 bodies, but they did find 2,108.”

    But did they?

    Why should we believe the new figure given that the first figure — 100,000 — was nonsense? Our suspicion is rewarded. Notice what The Wall Street Journal said about this (my emphasis):

    “the number of bodies…is…2,108 as of November, and not all of them necessarily war-crimes victims.”[4a]

    Actually, one has to make the point more strongly: Del Ponte’s 2108 figure was simply the number of “exhumed corpses” (see above). It therefore included not only Albanian civilians, but also Serbian civilians, KLA combat deaths, Yugoslav army combat deaths, Serbian and Albanian NATO-bomb victims, Serbian and Albanian KLA victims. . . – everyone.

    This means that only a fraction of the 2108 can be Albanian civilians. So del Ponte was misinforming when she said that “the true number of ethnic Albanian victims may be much higher,” as if the 2108 were even all Albanians.

    Remember, the original claim was 100,000 massacred Albanian civilians. But we are now down to a mere fraction of 2108. Not much is left at all of NATO’s original allegation.

    But have we touched bottom? Why should we assume that? Our suspicion is rewarded again. Sure enough, it turns out that the 2108 bodies are not even casualties that took place during the bombing, as NATO and the media were trying to suggest.

    Let’s see. The NATO bombing began on March 24th, 1999. Before that date, NATO officially estimated that fighting between the Yugoslav Army and the KLA (Kosovo Liberation Army) terrorists, had resulted in 2000 deaths on all sides.[4]

    I emphasize that this is NATO’s estimate before it began dropping bombs. Thus, if after the bombing the investigators could find only 2108 corpses, it follows that no more than about 108 people died during NATO’s attack. And this — again, please take good note — is all according to NATO’s and the ICTY’s own official numbers. In other words, these are the official numbers of those trying Milosevic for supposed ‘war crimes’ at The Hague (so, if anything, the numbers are inflated.)

    And remember: since these are just “exhumed corpses” and therefore include everybody, the number of specifically Albanian civilian deaths during the NATO attack can be no more than a fraction of 108… That’s a very low number, not much higher than zero, and very different from 100,000.

    And the question remains: who killed them?

    NATO says Milosevic, but we have now grown much too suspicious to just believe anything NATO says. So we take that with a grain of salt, and investigate again. And once again, our suspicions are rewarded.

    It turns out that NATO dropped bombs primarily on civilian targets, including convoys of tractors and cars full of…Albanian civilians.

    So NATO easily killed as many Albanian civilians as a fraction of 108.

    But in case NATO needed some help, there is always NATO’s ally, the terrorist KLA, which several times proudly claimed responsibility for attacks against defenseless Albanian civilians when these did not cooperate with the KLA’s racist program of violence against Serbs.[5]

    So what do we have, then?

    Well, that, using NATO and the ICTY’s own official numbers, as of November 1999, this is all that could be said:

    1. The Albanian civilians who died during the NATO bombing were no more than a fraction of 108.


    2. NATO’s bombs and KLA terrorism can easily account for all of the Albanian civilian deaths.

    Which means. . .what? That NATO did not produce evidence that even one Albanian civilian was murdered by Milosevic’s forces!

    You, the detective, should now have the following running hypothesis: NATO had other reasons for attacking Yugoslavia, quite different from those stated.[5a] Why? Because the reason they gave was 100% of a lie.

    The citizens of NATO states acquiesced in the destruction of civilian Serbia because their governments told them this was necessary to prevent an ongoing humanitarian catastrophe from getting worse. Since the body count in Kosovo shows that there was no such ongoing catastrophe, but rather that NATO bombing is what led to death and destruction, this is a spectacular embarrassment for NATO. Naturally, therefore, NATO does not want its citizens to know that their tax dollars were spent attacking civilians in Europe with excuses that were simply lies.

    NATO’s problem

    And hence NATO’s problem. Because the whole idea was to have Slobodan Milosevic put on trial at The Hague for war crimes — not the KLA, and certainly not NATO.

    You may well ask: why is this a ‘problem’? Why not just drop the charges against Milosevic and try NATO and its terrorist ally, the KLA, for war crimes?

    But, you see, that’s not the function of the Hague Tribunal. It’s official name says it all: International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY). It was set up for the specific purpose of putting Yugoslavs — and especially Serbs — on trial, not NATO officials. This was made perfectly clear on 13 June 2000, when the Hague Tribunal announced that “no investigation [will] be commenced by the OTP [Office of The Prosecutor] in relation to the NATO bombing campaign.”[6]

    The key word is “commenced.” The Tribunal was not saying that it had found NATO ‘not guilty’ of war crimes violations; it said that “no investigation [will] be commenced.” That is, the Tribunal would not ask the question.

    Although unjust, this is far from being incomprehensible. The ICTY, after all, was illegally set up by NATO, it is funded by NATO, and NATO appoints the prosecutors.[8] How could the tribunal bite the hand that feeds it?

    And given that the Hague Tribunal’s function is to help justify NATO’s attack on Serbia, we can see why in her November 1999 press conference, Carla del Ponte (above), The Hague’s chief prosecutor, appeared to express a hope (!) that “the true number of ethnic Albanian victims may be much higher.”

    If one’s imperative job is to find Milosevic guilty for ‘war crimes’, one might assuredly express the grisly hope that the number of Milosevic’s civilian victims will turn out to be higher.

    Higher than zero, certainly.

    But del Ponte’s hoped-for corpses did not materialize, and by August 2000, as the UN and NATO forensic experts wrapped up their investigations, the total body count was barely higher and still…“under 3,000” (the exact number given was 2788).[7] And of these, given NATO’s official estimate before the bombing, no more than a fraction of 788 can be Albanian civilians, all of whom can easily be accounted for as victims of NATO and KLA activity.

    Without the promised cartloads of murdered Albanians — or, more precisely, without apparently even a single Albanian civilian murdered by Milosevic’s forces — how was NATO going to get the Yugoslav president to The Hague?

    NATO took a year trying to solve that one.

    Solving the problem

    But then, ‘out of the blue,’ as they say, NATO suddenly ‘realized’ that Milosevic’s forces had used freezer trucks to haul thousands of murdered Albanians out of Kosovo, hiding the bodies in Serbia.

    Presto! Problem solved.

    Never mind that this ‘theory’ was patently absurd; never mind that before April 2001, in over two years of investigations, this ‘theory’ was never even heard of — not even hinted at; never mind that this ‘theory’ was ever so convenient for NATO, and that it didn’t appear until long after the forensic investigators had shown NATO accusations to be lies.

    Never mind that not one shred of evidence was ever produced to back up this ‘theory.’

    Never mind that this ‘theory’ was trotted out precisely at the moment when NATO demanded of the government it had installed in Serbia that they hand over Milosevic to The Hague.

    Never mind. . .

    On the ‘strength’ of this ‘theory,’ Milosevic was illegally abducted and sent to prison. The outcome was foreordained and did not depend on facts.

    I know. You are thinking: “Why didn’t I ever hear about all this?”

    Because in reality you are not a detective. You have important things to do, and you are quite busy. It is not your job to investigate whether NATO is telling you the truth. That job falls to the mainstream media, which you assume to be ‘free.’ So you say to yourself, if NATO is putting reality upside down, then anything so obvious will become a scandal in the media. Thus, trusting the media to be a good detective, and since no such scandal emerged, you assumed that NATO’s accusations had been just.

    This is why, in order to understand what happened, the question of the media cannot be side-stepped. In the next section, therefore, I demonstrate what the media knew and chose to cover up (for a map of everything that follows, see below).

    »» Continue to part 2:

    [End Quote from Dr.Francisco Gil-White]

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  22. Some Nazi-Fascist Albanian idiot here called “lawrence” writes:

    “every historian on the planet agrees that albanians are desendants of the illyrians.”

    Oh really? EVERY so-called “historian” agrees on this? Where is your documented evidence for such an outlandish claim? And if it was true that allegedly “…albanians are desendants of the illyrians” as you claim with no evidence I might add, that would prove exactly WHAT in your opinion?

    The word “Kosovo” is a SERBIAN word meaning “field of the blackbirds”. If Kosovo belongs to Albania as you ludicrously claim, then why is it that there is absolutely NOTHING in Kosovo’s historical records for the last 2,000 years with an Albanian name or an “Illyrian” name??

    “lawrence” further writes:

    “kosova belongs to albania.”

    How on earth does “Kosovo belong to Albania” except during World War 2 when it was part of a Fascist-Nazi puppet state of “Greater Albania” under the Nazi Germans and Fascist Italians??

    There is no such place as “KosovA” except in the “Greater Albanian” separatists’ language.

    The word “KosovO” is a SERBIAN word. You use this mis-spelling of the name because you wanted to change its identity to that of what your Islamofascist-Nazi buddies in the KLA-UCK refer to as “Dardania” but cannot as that would reveal to Western audiences the Islamofascist-Nazi KLA-UCK project for a “Greater Albania”, so you use the mis-spelt term “KosovA” to hide this project for a Fascist “Greater Albania”.

    See the Albanian KLA-UCK project for a “Greater Albania” here with their very own map they produced!

    “lawrence” then writes:

    “matter of fackt it would be nice if u slaves went back to siberia.”

    Matter of fact “lawrence” it would be great if people like you went back to Albania where you no doubt came from.

    Now finally in the last sentence in “lawrence”‘s comment we see his true NAZI-FASCIST colors revealed when he writes:

    “srbe nvrbe my croatian friends tought me that.”

    Oh yes, “Srbe Na Vrbe” I just did a Google search on this “Srbe Na Vrbe” phrase and guess what it means, 4International readers??

    Well, the phrase “Srbe Na Vrbe” is a Croatian Nazi (“Ustasha”) phrase from the World War 2 Holocaust period in former Yugoslavia when the Croatians in the “Ustasha”, the Bosnian Moslems in the “Handzar” & “Kama” Nazi SS divisions and the Albanians in the Nazi SS “Skanderbeg” division MURDERED OVER 1.2 MILLION SERBS, JEWS and ROMANIES from 1941 to 1945.

    “Srbe Na Vrbe” according to Google’s translation service, when translated from the Croatian language means:


    Did you get that, 4International readers?


    “lawrence” boasts by admitting that:

    “….my croatian friends taught me that”

    Now of course it does not surprise me in the slightest that “lawrence” – whom is clearly an Albanian Fascist-Nazi proponent of “Greater Albania” since he said that Kosovo “belongs to Albania”- would of course have no qualms or pangs of conscience about confessing to being “taught that” hideous genocidal Nazi phrase by his Croatian “Ustasha” Nazi friends!!

    “lawrence”, just out of interest, do you by chance have a black Nazi SS “Skanderbeg” uniform you get dressed up in on weekends and fantasize about killing Serbs like the “good ol’ days” of 1941 to 1945??

  23. A big applause for infidel warrior *bravo*

    i think that was the best comment ever.

    Google Albanian cacausus (sorry for miss spelling no time to google Bwhhwa ) and you will se where the true Albania is.

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