by Felix Quigley

The closest unity must be fought for with those Serb youth in Serbia who have showed their hatred for US Imperialism by trying to burn down the US Embassy in Belgrade


The youth who have been demonstrating in Belgrade and in Mitrovica are in the forefront of the struggle against Imperialism and Islamofascism. Workers and mainly youth have come out on the streets and have attacked the symbol of the oppression of the Serb Nation, which is US and EU Imperialism. They tried to burn the US Embassy to the ground and that would indeed have been welcome, but not so welcome as the expulsion of the US CIA and all connections with the reactionary EU from Serbia. Nothing epitomises the reactionary nature of the EU than the position of Spain. Some on the large demonstration in Belgrade on Thursday were carrying Spanish flags because Spain is one of the countries which refuse to recognise Kosovo Independence. Spain however has a military force inside Kosovo and what can it be doing except enforcing the independence move. This is the strangest kind of opposition it is possible to have, it is an insult to the intelligence of the Serbs and the banner of the Spanish should NOT have been allowed on the Thursday march. In fact that alone shows that the Serb movement is going nowhere unless it fights for principle. The very first principle concerns Milosevic and the Hague.

The present Government of Serbia led by Tadic and Kostunica is precisely the Government of the traitors, and it was they who became the agents of Imperialism and Islamic Jihad in trading Milosevic to the Hague, where he was murdered (poisoned) by NATO. How can such traitors as the Tadic and Kostunica Government lead any struggle in defence of Serbian rights? These traitors can and will only serve to betray, and will use police and military force once again against the Serb people who want to fight Imperialism.


The BBC has in recent days been referring in despatches to the youth who attacked the US Embassy in Belgrade as a “mob”. But these youth were no mob. What they are is the most advanced section of the Serb people and opposition. They have correctly identified that the chief enemy they face is US and EU Imperialism and that their own Government is just as much a creature of US and EU Imperialism as is the Thaci regime. Therein lies the whole contradiction of the situation. But of course such youthful militancy can lead nowhere. They will be infiltrated by the state and crushed by the state police. Their enemy is first and foremost the reactionary Serbian leaders of Tadic and Kostunica. And it is really like spokes of a wheel radiating out from these traitors to the US to the EU, to the hostile world Media. What these youth need now is a revolutionary theory and practice which can only be got through a revolutionary socialist leadership. 


This is indeed the central issue. It involves how you see the issue of nationalism. We say that a small country or nation has the right to defend its nation by whatever means are necessary against large predatory powers, such as US and EU Imperialist powers and their alliance with reactionary Islam. It is a revolutionary question. The defence of Serbia cannot be won without the leadership of a revolutionary party. The present traitors in the Government of Serbia will put down these courageous Serbs just as they sent Milosevic to the Hague and allowed (or rather supported) Milosevic to be murdered. These present traitors in the Government of Serbia have not changed in the slightest. They are the creatures of Imperialism and if they do make a feeble protest as in the UN then they will be laughed at by their masters.


The youth who attacked the US Embassy must be given unconditional defence. It was a spontaneous outburst of hatred against the main enemy because every woe that has befallen Yugoslavia has been orchestrated by US and EU Imperialism. To mount such an attack on the US Embassy is a blow struck against the central citadel of the enemy they face. We support it totally. 

Now all US and EU officials must be expelled from Serbia, the alliance with Russia deepened, and Russian and Serb troops should be stationed in Serbia. Any attack on Serbs, Romany or others in Kosovo by Albanian Fascists or by UN or EU forces must be answered with total force. All services, such as water and electricity, should be immediately cut off from the Fascists of Thaci. The rich Russians must establish with the Serbs a satellite surveillance of all Serbian homes and especially monasteries inside Kosovo. The publishing ability of Serbs in Europe and in America must be strengthened in order that the certain action of the Kosovon Albanian Fascists against Serbs and Romany is highlighted in front of all peoples in the world.  


There are many, many people in the world capitalist Media who told lie after lie about the Serbs. There are many journalists in the BBC, in the papers like the Guardian, Independent and Irish Times, and hundreds of others, who have a record of lies against Milosevic and the Serbs. The real question is how these lies can be challenged and stopped. The only method to do this is to form a United Front of all those who want the truth to come out. This is the policy which this site is devoted to.


In every way the murder of Milosevic and the hounding of Serbs like Seselj who is at present a captive in the Imperialist Hague Court are at the very centre of what is happening in Serbia today. But of course the very people who put Milosevic and Seselj there are none other than the traitors Tadic and Kostunica. I believe that it takes a very special kind of leadership and a very special kind of revolutionary theory to put this top of the agenda. It means especially a determined struggle inside Serbia against Soros promoted propaganda in the Serbian middle class and especially in the intelligentsia in the universities.

The struggle to free Seselj and for Mladic and Karadzic to be free to return to their homes as free men is the main demand. And whoever may try to evade this are out and out reactionaries and must be fought to the bitter end on this. Otherwise there will be no revolutionary principle inside the Serb movement. 


These are the two main nations who suffered in the Nazi Holocaust. Especially the Jews of Israel face huge dangers today once more. The Serb nation must see and understand this and must place the unity with the Jews of Israel against Arab antisemitism at the forefront of their work. The key figure here is the Palestinian Arab Fascist and Nazi, Hajj Amin el Husseini, who during the Holocaust in the Balkans murdered many hundreds of thousands of Jews and Serbs and these poor people were murdered together in the death camps. The Arab Nazi Hajj Amin el Husseini was behind it all. 

This Arab Nazi went on to inspire and found the PLO and both Arafat and Abbas were disciples of this Nazi butcher. Serbs must see the great danger to Israel now from Fascist Iran, from Hizbullah and from Hamas and must struggle to create this unity together against the Fascists and their promoters in the US and EU Imperialisms. The struggle to bring this necessary unity into being and to make it effective in the real world, not just on paper, is essentially the struggle for a new and a revolutionary leadership. In coming days we will be publishing some historical material connected especially with the support which Leon Trotsky gave to the Jews creating their national state and to general perspectives on how this relates to Serbs and Jews


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