by Felix Quigley

The situation facing both Serbs and Jews of Israel is now most critical. Either these peoples will be destroyed totally by Imperialism and by Fascism or they will have to act in the most decisive manner possible. This is our analysis and perspective.

Associated press yesterday carries a headline “Serbia Hunts Down Rioters” and this AP article confirms the strong position that 4international took on all of these events re Yugoslavia and Kosovo.

The AP article claims the following:

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February 23, 2008 7:39 AM

BELGRADE, Serbia-Serbia’s top state prosecutor said Saturday that authorities are hunting for participants in riots that targeted the U.S. and other embassies and Western commercial interests.

“We are collecting evidence and are identifying the culprits,” Slobodan Radovanovic said in a statement.

Police said they had arrested nearly 200 rioters Thursday night during the worst anti-Western violence seen on Belgrade streets since the ouster of former strongman Slobodan Milosevic in 2000.

Rioters protesting international recognition of Kosovo’s independence torched several offices of the U.S. Embassy’s consular section and attacked the missions of Germany, Belgium, Turkey, Croatia and other countries. One person died and more than 150 were injured in the violence, in which nearly 100 stores were looted.

The authorities said Saturday that the victim was 21-year-old Zoran Vujovic, from the northern city of Novi Sad. Serbian media said Vujovic was originally from the Kosovo town of Caglavica, but fled to central Serbia in the wake of the 1998-99 war.

On Friday, the U.S. State Department ordered nonessential embassy employees and families of American diplomats in Belgrade to leave Serbia.

“We are not sufficiently confident that they are safe here,” U.S. Ambassador Cameron Munter said in an interview.

The decision to implement what is known as an “ordered departure” will affect some of the between 80 and 100 Americans who work at the embassy, but it was not clear how many family members would be affected.

Current plans call for them to remain abroad for seven to 10 days, the embassy said.

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This confirms the nature of the present Government of Serbia, that it is a reactionary puppet of US Imperialism, and that any kind of Popular Front movement around Kosovo is a trap. These Serbian traitors are hunting down these wonderful Serbian youth who quite correctly wanted to burn the US Embassy to the ground, so sending a signal to all revolutionary youth and workers through out the whole of the world. For that the traitors in Serbia, slaves and flunkeys of US and EU Imperialisms, are actually this moment hunting them. Nothing could possibly be clearer.

We had written about this reality 2 days ago:

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This site, www.4international.wordpress.com, send our support to this massive demonstration of Serbs against the Albanian Jihad, against US and EU Imperialism in alliance with Islam in their attempts to destroy the Serbs as a nation.

However the leaders of the Government, Kostunica and Tadic, are the very traitors who traded Milosevic to the Hague Kangaroo Court where he was poisoned and killed by NATO.

 Therefore the leaders and organizers of all of this present action by the Serbs are only seeking to let off steam and to railroad the Serb people into the arms of NATO and the EU.

Furthermore, this Serb leadership of Tadic, by preparing to enter the EU, while the EU occupies Kosovo, are setting up the Serb people and the religious leaders of the Serb people in Kosovo to be massacred. This applies very much to the youth who have been demonstrating in Kosovo.

It means that these valiant youth are now entirely cut off by NATO from the support of Serbia. They are in a small pocket and are very vulnerable to the KLA Fascists who are backed by the US and EU. Moreover not only are they in danger from the Albanian Fascists, from NATO and from the EU police, they are also in danger from their own traitors in the Serb Government and its police state machine, the very same that dragged Milosevic in handcuffs and sent him to the Hague, which poisoned him.

This is really the logic and is the result of the political program of the traitorous Tadic and Kostunica Government which is following a path to bring them all into the EU. This is so patently hopeless because the EU is the organization which is policing the new arrangement.

The Serbs, Romany and very small number of Jews left are now in a hopeless position thanks to the planning of NATO plus the EU along with the KLA Fascists. But added to the problem is the traitorous nature of Tadic and Kostunica.

Just like the Olmert and Livni traitors in Israel it is Tadic and Kostunica which is really the biggest problem of all. Youth and workers who want to fight fascism can see clearly enough who the enemy is. But it is the enemy in the Serbian ranks which is the most debilitating.

The programme of Tadic and Kostunica is to place their trust in Imperialism. They became the puppets of Imperialism when they betrayed Milosevic to the Hague Court and the fate of Milosevic could be no more drastic, eventually to be poisoned by NATO.


end quote here

What is posed now for revolutionaries is total opposition to any Popular Frontism which was a Stalinist policy of the Thirties and which is in total conflict with the revolutionary strategy of United Front.

Let us in order to explain this go back to the position which Leon Trotsky took up towards the plight of the Jews in the late 1930s. Trotsky sided with the Jews totally against Imperialism and against Fascism, he warned (like Jabotinsky did) of the horrible dangers that the Jews faced from the Nazis, he urged most strongly that the Jews at all costs get out of Europe, that they should make their way to Palestine and should there set up their JEWISH state and make it free from antisemitism.

The leadership of the Jews in 1948 was in the hands of reformist Labourists and of Stalinists. Ben Gurion and his Stalinist supporters definitely did not do that. They did the opposite.

 While Leon Trotsky said that the new state should be free from antisemitism, Ben Gurion and his leadership created an Israel where it would be possible for Jews to be attacked in all kinds of ways by antisemites.

In something similar in Yugoslavia the Stalinist leader Tito made it possible and even desirable for Serb Haters to attack Serbs and Serbia. The people who now control Serbia are essentially following that same line of attacking Serbs.

 In that sense they are not mobilising the Serb people to recover Kosovo, they are doing the very opposite, preparing the Serb people to accept and to live with the loss of Serbia to Islamofascists.


The first thing that Jews in Israel must do is through revolutionary action get rid of the present traitorous Government of Olmert, Livni and the Labourist Barak, who in every sense are the tools of the US and EU Imperialisms, and of the Palestinian Arab Islamofascist Jihad against Israel.

And as part of this strike against these traitors a new leadership in alliance with a new leadership in the IDF must issue a call to the whole world stating its position clearly.

Nasrullah and the Fascist Hizbullah have stated just 2 days ago they will destroy Israel. Israel should tell the world this is war and act accordingly. While holding a defence against Gaza Israel must nove its army up the Laetani River valley, cut Hizbullah off at that point, issue a call for civilians to move out safety totally guaranteed, then it is all out war with Israel using EVERY means to destroy its Fascist enemy.

All those who have appeared on Israpundit Kosovo Independence Opposers list must be asked to vocally support this Israeli move against Fascism (Islamofascism variety). If they do not their names must be thoroughly exposed.

Having won this war against Hizbullah, with the US warning Iran to stay clear, then Israel must declare war on Hamas and Al Aqsa Brigades, (the armed wing of Abbas’s Fatah). Israel must move its forces in along the Philadelphia Corridor as a very first move, hold it by all means, issue a call to the whole world that Hamas has declared its intention many times to destroy Israel, and that Israel is at war with Hamas to the end. Civilians must be invited to leave into the Sinai and the transition will be entirely guaranteed safe. After a set time as with Hizbullah it is all out war in which Israel will use every method at its disposal to destroy and wipe out its enemy.

Israel having defeated these 2 enemies must make a call to the US: Are you NOW prepared to join us in destroying the Iranian Nuclear Bomb which action is distinct to an attack on the Iranian people. This point must be stressed. If the US is not then every political organization in the US must be asked to take a position. Israel must tell the world that to save its people it is at war with the Iranian Mullahs and must also call on the youth and workers of Iran to support the Jews of Israel. Then Israel with its new revolutionary leadership must destroy the Iranian bomb making facility by whatever means are necessary.


As with Israel the first thing Serbians must do is to get rid, by whatever means are necessary, the traitorous Government of Tadic and Kostunica.

Serbia must break all links with the EU, it must expel all in the EU and in the US who are in any position in Serbia. (Serbia must immediately expel all US and EU NGOs!) This must include Spain until Spain removes its troops and police from Kosovo so finally exploding the Spanish Zapateroist hypocrisy and duplicity.

Serbia must join in a confederation with Russia, India and China which all along has been the real target of these US and EU Imperialists.

Serbia must ask Russia, India and China to move its troops to the border of Serbia Kosovo. All electricity and water must IMMEDIATELY be stopped flowing into Kosovo. War must be declared on the Islamofascists and Imperialists who are destroying Serbia. The line must be drawn at that point otherwise decadent Imperialism will never be satisfied. All Russian and Serbian technology must be used to keep watch on Christian Monasteries which are in the south of Kosovo. The slightest harm on a Christian priest or on a Monastery must be answered in the most lethal fashion against the Islamofascists and Imperialists.

On that basis, and on that basis alone, of determined revolutionary military action must the line be drawn against Imperialism and against Fascism.


Leon Trotsky was a revolutionary theorist and strategist. He did not use words lightly or without meaning. He called for the Jewish state to be set up and made free from antisemitism.

This means that nobody who spouts antisemitism, hatred of the Jewish state, whether Jew or Arab or any other nationality, can be allowed to live in Israel.

The Serbs can learn something from this as well. There are too many Serbian Pappes and Hasses in Serbia and all of these people are responsible for a start for the murder of Slobodan Milosevic and for the continued imprisonemnt of  Serb Radical leader Seselj.

We exist in serious and difficult times and for that revolutionary leadership is needed. The issue of Kosovo, the issue of Israel, can and will not be decided by words and pious hopes. We have begun a war to the end with the Imperialisms of the EU and US and their associated friends in Islamofascism. The line has to be drawn right here.

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