The Vatican’s Holocaust Against The Serbs, Jews & Roma in Ustasha Nazi Croatia From 1941-1945

Posted by Nathan Pearlstein

Soon, in all parks and public transport vehicles, a new inscription appeared: “Entry forbidden to all Serbs, Jews, Gypsies, and dogs.” The Ministry of the Interior, led by Andrija Artukovic, issued the following decree: “All the Serbs and the Jews residing in Zagreb, the Capital of Croatia, must leave the town within 12 hours. Any citizen found to have given them shelter will be immediately executed on the spot.”

The Vatican’s Holocaust

The sensational account of the most horrifying religious massacre of the 20th century

By Avro Manhattan


Avro Manhattan (1914-1990)

About the Author:

Avro Manhattan was the world’s foremost authority on Roman Catholicism in politics. A resident of London, during WW II he operated a radio station called “Radio Freedom” broadcasting to occupied Europe. He was the author of over 20 books including the best-seller The Vatican in World Politics, twice Book-of-the-Month and going through 57 editions. He was a Great Briton who risked his life daily to expose some of the darkest secrets of the Papacy. His books were #1 on the Forbidden Index for the past 50 years!!

The Vatican’s Holocaust – Revealed at Last!

A sensational account of the most horrifying religious massacre of the 20th century. Startling revelations of forced conversions, mass murder of non-Catholics, Catholic extermination camps, disclosures of Catholic clergy as commanders of concentration camps; documented with names, dates, places, pictures and eyewitness testimony. Continue reading


By Felix Quigley

In previous articles we have looked at the way in which US, British and German Imperialism destroyed the sovereign state of Yugoslavia,  and we have showed the actual photographs of Serbs being murdered by Croatian “Ustasha” Nazis  led by Franjo Tudjman and the Bosnian Islamist Fascists led by Alija Izetbegovic in the 90s, in Europe. We also looked at the role of the American Jewish leaders in this genocide of the Serbs. Today I look more closely at one of these American Jewish  organizations.

MJ Rosenberg of a group called the “Israeli Policy Forum” seems a pretty impressive kind of guy.

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by Felix Quigley

Why has it been so well hidden that the state of Croatia, backed by the US and EU Imperialist powers, carried out a massive act of ethnic cleansing in the Krajina? Rather more to the point is: how has it been hidden?

Why did the “truth seeking” journalists of the world not move in and do their job, simply report? Continue reading


by Felix Quigley

Peter Tatchell has attacked George Galloway, (March 26, 2008, CIF The Guardian) the reactionary from Scotland who hates Israel. He attacks Galloway because Galloway is defending the Iranian Mullah Fascists and does not want any exposure of the crimes of the Fascists in Iran against Homosexuals. But in actual fact Tatchell is united with Galloway in their combined hatred of Israel! Continue reading


By Felix Quigley


In recent days we read of the visit of the Imperialist American leader Nancy Pelossi to India to spur on the Imperialist bandwagon against China, the trail already having been Blazed by the George Soros funded Human Rights Watch for many months.

 The cadre of the Trotskyist movement has to return to a serious study of the Chinese Revolution. It is now becoming clearer by the day that the barbarity of US and EU Imperialism in the ex-Yugoslavia was an indication of the future and the horror political programme of Imperialism throughout the whole world. Continue reading


By Felix Quigley

The worsening of the economic crisis in the world capitalist system is having its very sharp reflection especially in the Middle East and the dangers from Fascism faced by the Jewish people in Israel. The Jews of Israel had to create their state in the teeth of opposition from US and British Imperialism and of the Fascism of the Arab States in 1948.

Cheney’s visit yesterday to Israel is a major threat to Jews Continue reading