Joseph Biden is really an Imperialist anti Serbian swine in the same mould as Hoare and Kamm. In the last article we have seen the utter depths of hypocricy of US Imperialism in full flood. To recap Biden has just issued a statement supporting Kosovon so-called independence(illegal) and Biden is claiming that the Kosovon Fascists are going to protect Serbian places of heritage.

Which is an interesting statement on at least two counts. Firstly there are no Albanian places of heritage in Kosovo. Strange that! Secondly the KLA which Biden and NATO backed were responsible for the destruction of countless Christian Churches and Monasteries over the past 10 years. So the words of Biden are words of sheer hypocrisy.

But the depths of the hypocrisy of this man can only be understood in all of their cold blood when one knows about what this man has done to the Serbs in the US and EU Islamofascist war against Serbia.

Here we pull an extract from an article on this very subject from the writings of our dear friend Jared Israel of Emperors New Clothes, which really tell all we need to know about what Biden and his secretary Elizabeth were involved in.

It is from an article called “US Arrogance and Yugoslav Elections” and deals with research which Jared carried out on the critical period of approximately 1999

 begin quote here

From my vantage point in the West, I would like to relate what I know about Western interference in Yugoslav society and the current elections.

The Yugoslav opposition coalition calls itself democratic and independent.

However, my research shows it is controlled by Washington, by the same people who spent the last ten years trying to break up Yugoslavia.

In July, 1999, the US Senate held hearings on Serbia. The Special U.S. Envoy to the Balkans, Robert Gelbard, his assistant, James Pardew and Senator Joseph Biden all testified. They stated clearly that the US pays and controls the so-called “independent democratic” opposition. [1]

The day before the hearings the United States Senate had voted to give this opposition one hundred million US dollars. Special Envoy Gelbard said: “In the two years leading up to the Kosovo crisis, we spent $16.5 million on programs in support of Serbian democratization.” He added that more than $20 million had been given to Milo Djukanovic who heads the government in the Yugoslav Republic of Montenegro.

This money has funded, or even created, political parties, radio stations, even trade unions. If any hostile foreign power did that in the USA their local agents would be thrown in jail.

Here’s Gelbard’s assistant, James Pardew:

  • “PARDEW: Well, we work through nongovernmental organizations. We have established a ring around Serbia which is using international broadcasts, but we’re [also] offering that to independent voices in Serbia, which are using international facilities.” [Note unusual use of “independent” to mean “independent of THEM but dependent on US”] [1]
  • Sen. Joseph Biden didn’t feel that the measures which Pardew described went far enough:

  • “BIDEN: We can make facilities available.[But] are we prepared to shut down facilities that spew propaganda?” [1]
  • Gelbard tried to defend US government policy, pointing out that during last year’s war against Yugoslavia, the US had indeed “shut down” Serbian TV, by bombing it:

  • “GELBARD: Well, we have, Senator. during the conflict in Kosovo, we and our allies – ”
  • Senator Biden interrupted, afraid that Gelbard would say too much:

  • “BIDEN: No, I know that. I want to know from now.” “GELBARD: Well, as far as I’m aware, Serb television has still been cut off the EUTELSAT facilities, and we have made sure that whenever they made an attempt, we shut them off those.”
  • The Mechanism, for Subverting Yugoslavia

    When Special Balkans Envoy Ropbert Gelbard testified before the Senate in 1999 he said the U.S. government distributes money to “Civil Society” groups in Yugoslavia through the ‘National Endowment for Democracy’ which calls itself a ‘non-governmental organization.’ In fact the Endowment is quite governmental. It is funded by the US Congress.

    The National Endowment for Democracy was created in 1983 to solve a problem. People knew that the CIA bribed people and set up phony front groups to carry out US policy.

    “When these covert activities surfaced (as they inevitably did), the fallout was devastating.” (‘Washington Post’, Sept. 22, 1991)

    So Congress set up the National Endowment for Democracy to try to do openly what the CIA used to do secretly. This had a big advantage. Since the subversion was no longer done in secret, it could not be exposed.

    With vast sums of money and the participation of high-level members of the foreign policy establishment, the National Endowment and its daughter groups recruited “democracy activists” and “peace activists” and “independent economists” from target countries. These people were wined and dined and paid well. Plenty of expense money. Fellowships and scholarships and internships. They were made to feel they were tomorrow’s leaders in the American Empire.

    These “activists” proceeded to set up “independent organizations” in their home countries and then applied for money from the National Endowment (which had recruited them in the first place!) Isn’t it amazing? The National Endowment always gave them the money!

    Meanwhile, the National Endowment recruited reporters from the same countries. These were also wined and dined and paid and thus were transformed into “independent journalists.” They took over newspapers, radio and TV stations, or set up new ones. These “independent journalists” could then use their newspapers or TV shows to defend the “democratic activists.” If anyone accused the “activists” of being agents of the U.S., the “independent journalists” would denounce this as an attack on “freedom” by “entrenched, corrupt interests” who hide behind “nationalism”!

    Allen Weinstein directed the research study that planned the National Endowment. He explains:

  • “A lot of what we do today was done covertly 25 years ago by the CIA.” (‘Washington Post’, Sept. 21, 1991)
  • How clever! Like magic, “agents” became “activists.” Organizations and people who did what the US government told them to do were now called “the institutions of Civil Society.” Leaders who opposed US attempts to destabilize their countries became “corrupt nationalists ” who “opposed to freedom”. Listen to this statement from US Secretary of State Madeline Albright, delivered to a meeting of the National Endowment for Democracy, held by the US State Department, in Germany:

  • “I know that one of the subjects you will be discussing today is how best to assist the institutions of civil society. This is especially vital in Serbia, where we see courageous political and municipal leaders, journalists, students and other activists trying to assemble the nuts and bolts of freedom. We are honored by the presence of some of those brave leaders here today.”
  • Never has bravery been so well funded.What is the point of this huge network of “independent” front groups? It is used to soften up the target countries, making it easier for the US to take over, politically and economically. And if the US succeeds in taking over, the “institutions of civil society” can be used to undermine resistance to the horrible effects of being made a US colony.

    Buying Democracy

    In a Dec., 1998 report, The National Endowment for Democracy described some of the groups it has set up and/or taken over in Yugoslavia. This is not a complete list. I hope to uncover more:

  • [Start of Quote] “…The National Endowment for Democracy has been assisting democracy building programs in the former Yugoslavia since 1988, along with the Soros Foundation. The National Endowment for Democracy has enabled newspapers, radio and TV stations to purchase supplies and equipment, including newsprint and broadcast transmitters. Past grantees include: the newspapers Nasa Borba, Vreme, and Danas, TV Negotin, the prominent news agency BETA, and Radio B-92, the Association for Independent Electronic Media (ANEM). National Endowment for Democracy funds have also been used to bring talented young journalists from the FRY to the United States for professional internships. Other US funded groups: the Humanitarian Law Center (HLC), the Center for Democracy Foundation, a prominent Belgrade-based nongovernmental organization led by Dragoljub Micunovic, the Belgrade Center for Human Rights (BCHR), the European Movement of Serbian and the G-17. The Center for Anti-War Action (CAA) has received Endowment funding to promote the development of an independent civil society in Serbia by fostering political activism in the country’s larger towns and cities and by strengthening nascent nongovernmental organizations outside of Belgrade. “Western organizations should increase direct support to the independent media in Serbia, Montenegro and Kosovo. Special attention should be given to supporting the independent electronic media in Serbia, such as Radio B-92 and TV Negotin, Assistance should target the establishment of small “underground” print shops and distribution networks.“The West should help the democratic political opposition develop a concrete program which offers positive alternatives to the destructive policies of the Milosevic regime. Democratic think tanks, independent research organizations and expert groups should be supported to develop these alternative policy recommendations. In addition to assistance in policy formation, [National Endowment for Democracy] organizations should continue to provide opposition political parties with expertise in coalition building, message development, media outreach, improving the operations of party branch offices and election monitoring.

    “Democratic forces in Montenegro, including media, think tanks, student groups, human rights organizations, must be supported financially, and nurtured.

    “One of the most important tasks is to increase cooperation between trade unions and political parties. In addition, independent media must be encouraged to report on the work of independent organizations.” [End of Quote] (1)

  • I urge you to keep in mind that the terms “independent,” “democratic” and “non-governmental” are codenames used by the National Endowment for “Democracy” to describe organizations they create around the world to bring down governments and societies which they wish to re-colonize, break up or control.Meanwhile, back at the Senate Hearings, Senator Biden and Special Envoy Gelbard had the following exchange about the Serbian “democratic opposition”:

  • “BIDEN: What can we do about inside Serbia? For example, [Vuk] Draskovic continues to deny access to Studio B, which is supposedly–“ “GELBARD: No, he’s actually given access to Studio B to Radio B-92, [which] has just reopened as Radio B-292. We want Draskovic to open up Studio B to the rest of the opposition, and that’s a message that he’ll be getting from us in the next few days.”
  • Gelbard was Clinton’s top adviser on Yugoslavia. Biden is a leading anti-Serb US Senator. These two men are so involved in the control of the Serbian “independent” opposition that they know – up to the minute! – whether Draskovic, Djindjic and Djukanovic are properly sharing office space and broadcast time at Studio B in Belgrade.end quote here.

    Read the full article on

    The key importance of Biden and of the US and EU destruction of Yugoslavia is in understanding that they are seeking a completely new way to rule.

     Most of us were born in the post war period, some are like myself baby boomers. Hence we have been accustomed to having settled lives in the West.

    That is now at an end. The way that Imperialism in the face of potential economic meltdown is going to rule is by brute force, putting down all opposition, ruling along with and using the services of various forms of Fascism.

    The destruction of Yugoslavia showed that. From the Catholic Clerical Fascism of Tudjman in Croatia, through the Islamist Fascist of Izetbegovic and cronies, on to the KLA Fascist Gangsters of Thaci. These events in Yugoslavia were part of a whole cycle which has been much ignored, especially the crucial intervention of the CIA in Indonesia when perhaps a million Communists were butchered, to the Vatican Reagan alliance in the backing of the reactionary Catholic Solidarity in Poland.

    We can see in the above extract that Biden was working very closely with the world Media and in this regard he was in alliance with Kamm, Hoare and the Briitish Media.

    And the reactionary Irish Times never did answer me to date on their lies in their newspaper re Milosevic and his 1988 Kosovo speech. Lost the power of speech Editor of the Irish Times eh!

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