By Felix Quigley

It is of great importance that revolutionary socialists who stand in the tradition of Marx, Lenin and Trotsky take a position of total support for the families of the young Jeweish students who were murdered by an Arab Palestinian Islamofascist yesterday. These children were in a Lbrary studying the Torah, which to Jews is a form of prayer.

The reason we on 4international take such a strong position of support is this: Our movement is an atheist movement and it is precisely because of that that we rise to pay honour to the very old, very respected and very peaceful religion of Judaism. Jews have been persecuted because of their religion and nothing else for 2000 plus years.

Anybody who calls themselves a “socialist” and cannot take up such a position is not a socialist, is not a revolutionary socialist and above all is not a Trotskyist.

We on 4international want to make our position totally clear on this. These children had every right to live in Israel and to pray in Israel. We condemn totally the Islamofascist Palestinian Arabs who carried out this. It was carried out by Hamas but make no mistake about it, it was also carried out by Fatah and their leader Abbas who has supported the Hamas bombing of Sderot, as was shown in his antisemitic reference to the Israeli Army moving into Gaza to defend Jews from the Hamas rockets. Abbas could not have been more offensive to Jews by referring to this rightful defence as a “Holocaust” and “worse than a Holocaust”.

 We on 4international in particular are totally opposed to the role of the UN, that is the very same UN which attacked the Serbs, tried the Serbs, broke up Yugoslavia, tried Milosevic, murdered Milosevic, and finally stole Kosovo from the Serbs.

Let it be recorded that the UN has been unable to condemn the murder of these religious kids in Jerusalem by this evil antisemitic islamofascist murderer just as it has conducted war against the Serb people.

This is what happened at the UN yesterday:

begin quote here

UNITED NATIONS – For the second time in two months, Libya on Thursday blocked the UN Security Council from condemning violence and unrest in the Middle East.

The move came after a gunman entered the library of a rabbinical seminary in Jerusalem and opened fire on a crowded nighttime study session, killing eight people and wounding nine before he was slain. Israeli defence officials said the attacker came from East Jerusalem, the predominantly Palestinian section of the city.

Zalmay Khalilzad, U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, said the obstruction undermines the council’s effectiveness in the region. (Khalizad is the evil man who lay behind the destruction of Yugoslavia and the murder of countless Serbs…FQ) 

“What happened today was clearly a terrorist act,” he said after the council’s almost two-hour emergency session.  (But Khallizad, his boss George Bush, and Rice are the very ones who along with Olmert plan to reward these Antisemite Palestinian Arabs with a state of their own…FQ)

“We regret that this makes it difficult for the council to contribute positively to developments in this region but those who blocked this possibility bear responsibility for that.”  (No essentially Khalizad you and Bush bear the biggest responsibility for these murders because you created Hamas and Fatah…FQ)

The United States had proposed a press statement, which carries less weight than a formal resolution, condemning a day of violence that included not only the seminary attack but also a deadly ambush of an army patrol near Israel’s border with Gaza. Palestinian militants set off a bomb, blowing up an Israeli army Jeep and killing a soldier.

In closed-door discussion among the 15-country council’s diplomats, Libya insisted the statement should be “balanced” by including condemnation of Israeli actions in Gaza, a Libyan UN representative said after the meeting.

Three other countries agreed with Libya but most council members wanted to keep the issues separate, said council diplomats involved in the negotiations. (That is a full quarter of the Security Council…FQ) 

Russian UN Ambassador Vitaly Churkin, the council’s president this month, suggested a compromise by including an expression of deep regret at the loss of civilian life in the conflicts so far and said he regretted Libya would not go along.

end quote here

The lessons of all of this. There must be a revolutionary leadership created in Israel and number one is to withdraw from the UN, number two is to kick every UN person and NGO out of Israel, number three is for Israelis to make an appeal to the Serbs and to all poor people in the world to oppose the UN, to oppose US and EU Imperialism, and to unite to defeat Islamofascism.

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