by Felix Quigley

This murderous attack on young Jews praying is a major question which has to be solved. In this article we go on to look at the Antisemites of the WRP, SWP and others.

The Jews of Israel decided very foolishly to leave Gaza, and their thinking was basically that if they are kind to Islamofascism in the form of the Palestinian Arabs, then Islamofascism would be kind to them. Sharon, Olmert and the Israeli ruling class pushed the line that they would thereby have a peaceful border with Gaza.

But the Israeli ruling class from Ben Gurion on to the present leaders of Olmert, Livni, Peres and Barak have hidden from the Jewish people of Israel the Nazi origins of the Palestinian Arab movement, in that it was founded by the associate of Hitler in the Holocaust, Hajj Amin el Husseini.

The result of the Israeli ruling class pulling every last Jew out of Gaza was not only predictable, it was in fact predicted.

However, the Israeli ruling class around Ben Gurion, and now Olmert, are full of hatred for their own religious Jewish people. They dragged good and simple Jewish religious folk from their homes in Gaza, this was taken as a sign of weakness by the Islamofascist Arabs, they in gratitude elected Hamas into power, and Hamas in the past 2 years has rocketed working class homes in Israel on a non stop basis.

That is precisely what the Fascists in the fake left moveemnts of WRP, SWP, WSWS, CP and others support.

An example of such a Fascist fake Left movement is the Workers Revolutionary pary. In today’s online edition they ignore completely the Arab Islamofascist murder of these 8 Jewish students. Now that very fact of them deciding to ignore this is clear evidence that the WRP is an Antisemite Fascist movement, nothing to do with the revolutionary socialism of Leon Trotsky.

 This WRP Fascist movement instead carries this on its front page of its site:

OVER 200 people, including MPs and union leaders, took part in an emergency demonstration opposite parliament yesterday, to condemn the Israeli massacre of Palestinians in the Gaza Strip.MPs went to Downing Street to deliver a letter to Prime Minister Gordon Brown, signed by leading actress Emma Thompson, UNITE the union joint general secretary, Tony Woodley, journalist John Pilger and many others, including distinguished lawyers and human rights campaigners.

 Yesterday Thursday the mouthpiece of the Socialist Workers party in a website called “Lenin’s Tomb” wrote the following

eight Israelis are killed by a lone Palestinian gunman.

Such a pity. It was all peace and calm until now. Oh, there was a bit of bombing and baby-killing, some Knesset member threatening to ethnically cleanse the Israeli Arab population, the IDF planning to obliterate civilian population centres, Gaza in its worst humanitarian crisis since 1967 – but beyond that, all was going remarkably well. Israel will now presumably assert its Right to Defend Itself, perhaps by knocking off a few hundred Palestinians, and all the while sadly shaking their heads and wondering when these people will learn to love their children more than they hate Israel. And look at Hamas. Tsk. Call them partners for peace? Why, anyone would think they were angry about something. When will the hating end? Where is the love?

Posted on March 5 by “Lenin”

(What a bastard using the name of the great socialist revolutionary…FQ)

 Meanwhile in Ireland the antisemitic Palestine Solidarity Campaign group covered the murders like this, quoting an Arab Islamofascist writer:

In an apparent retaliation for the recent Israeli massacres in the Gaza Strip, (or the assassination in Damascus by Israeli agents last month of Imad Mughniya, a leading Hizbullah figure) unidentified guerillas on Thursday attacked the headquarters of the religious messianic Zionist movement in West Jerusalem, killing and injuring a number of settlers and soldiers.

 Not “guerillas” but Islamofascist antisemitic killers of young Jewish boys most aged about 15.

 As I said at the beginning these murders should not be forgotten because they raise such huge issues. And since I and we do not live in Israel then the biggest issue of all is to create a real socialist revolutionary alternative based on the struggles of Leon Trotsky, which can expose these fascist movements which falsely call themselves socialist. That is the best act of solidarity we can make to the struggling Jewish people of Israel at this time!

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