by Felix Quigley

From “Dispatches from an Anxious State”…”The Shame of it all”

by Daniel Gordis

In the morning, the papers report the attack, but there’s not a single mention of a response, or even a contemplated response. Of course one will come, but not yet. It will have to get worse first, because a few people killed in Sederot, and a couple of soldiers, and even eight kids from a yeshiva – well, it’s sad, but just for that we’re actually going to start a war?No, probably not, at least not yet. Because to go to war (or more accurately, to respond to the war that’s been unleashed against you) to defend your citizens, you’d have to be able to articulate why this country still makes any difference. You’ve have to be able to say something about why it was created in the first place. You’d have to have a sense of Jewish history. You’d have to have a vision for the Jews, an agenda for your country. You’d have to be able to see yourself as part of a several thousand year old conversation. You’d have to have some courage. And yes, you’d ­have to love your people more than you love your office.

There were days when this land was filled with that. There were days when we remembered, and we knew. And we fought. And even if we died in the process, we figured it was worth it, because life here was about something, for something. And so was dying here.

But those days are gone. Our Prime Minister doesn’t want to defend Sederot. Or Ashkelon. He doesn’t want to tell Bush that the charade with Abu Mazen is bound to explode, and that when it does, more of us will die. He just wants a country that’s “fun to live in.”

The writer above Daniel Gordis represents here the crisis inside the Israeli Jewish ruling class, including the Israeli Jewish religious section of that class.

Gordis in this is representing an extreme pessimism. He is saying there is no response but from whom anyway it is well worth asking is he expecting this response? He seems to be expecting this response to come from the Israeli ruling class of Olmert? That is the inherent and total weakness, if not abject bankruptcy, on the part of Gordis, is it not?

There is thus an extreme misleadership here on the part of Gordis. Why not spell out that the present Israeli Government of Sharon (I include him even though he is grievously ill,  because he bequeathed Kadima to Olmert, the Labour Party of Peres and Barak of course, the opportunist careerist Livni, and the whole of the Israel Media and Academia who as Steven Plaut affirms contains innumerable antisemites. Who then in reality is Daniel Gordis referring to and what does he expect these leaders to actually do?

These Israeli rulers are standing in the tradition of Ben Gurion who had his Jewish soldiers fire on Jews as they were in the water swimming away from the Atalena, in other words a deadly and infamous double-cross of the Jews in the Revisionist Movement. This was part of the same ruling class which joined in with the Islamofascists of the emergent Palestine Movement in creating the damaging Nazi Big Lie against the Jews of the so called Dir Yassin massacre, and which did so much damage to the name of Israel especially on the outside,  in the Diaspora. But those Israeli rulers did not care about that because the issue was one of winning state power; and the issue today which Daniel Gordis does not understand,  and does not even entertain as a possibility,  is that it is the same issue. It is one of who has got the power of the state in their hands in Israel today. The same ruling class have got the state power.

In order to keep that power in theirhands the present Olmert regime will do anything at all, without any limits.

Gordis is unable to place the murder of 8 Jewish students in that context. The real question to ask is what exactly does Olmert care about the lives and deaths of religious students in Israel today. The study of their Bible, and the unearthing of their history contained in the Bible, leads these students into becoming Israeli nationalists who see the land of Judea and Samaria, the Gaza and probably the Sinai, certainly the Golan Heights, and even the so-called state of Jordan, as being authentical Jewish land. This has revolutionary implications and these revolutionary implications pose a deadly threat to the Israeli ruling class which is based on the Ben Gurion shooting of good Jews swimming away from the Atalena on that fateful day.

Our website www.4international.wordpress.comhas got nothing at all in common with the abject pessimism of Daniel Gordis. We believe quite definitely and firmly that the Jewish people of Israel are a revolutionary people and that they will fight, all sections of it, for their future as Jews in Israel.

In opposition to such pessimism which is based essentially on an other worldly approach to Israel we have already proposed a programme which we are insisting must be discussed. So far it has only been answered with pure negativity by one Yamit on our site.

In the article called “Surviving as a People” we take this extract:

begin quote here


The first thing that Jews in Israel must do is through revolutionary action get rid of the present traitorous Government of Olmert, Livni and the Labourist Barak, who in every sense are the tools of the US and EU Imperialisms, and of the Palestinian Arab Islamofascist Jihad against Israel.

And as part of this strike against these traitors a new leadership in alliance with a new leadership in the IDF must issue a call to the whole world stating its position clearly.

Nasrullah and the Fascist Hizbullah have stated just 2 days ago they will destroy Israel. Israel should tell the world this is war and act accordingly. While holding a defence against Gaza Israel must move its army up the Laetani River valley, cut Hizbullah off at that point, issue a call for civilians to move out safety totally guaranteed, then it is all out war with Israel using EVERY means to destroy its Fascist enemy.

All those who have appeared on Israpundit Kosovo Independence Opposers list must be asked to vocally support this Israeli move against Fascism (Islamofascism variety). If they do not their names must be thoroughly exposed.

Having won this war against Hizbullah, with the US warning Iran to stay clear, then Israel must declare war on Hamas and Al Aqsa Brigades, (the armed wing of Abbas’s Fatah). Israel must move its forces in along the Philadelphia Corridor as a very first move, hold it by all means, issue a call to the whole world that Hamas has declared its intention many times to destroy Israel, and that Israel is at war with Hamas to the end. Civilians must be invited to leave into the Sinai and the transition will be entirely guaranteed safe. After a set time as with Hizbullah it is all out war in which Israel will use every method at its disposal to destroy and wipe out its enemy.

Israel having defeated these 2 enemies must make a call to the US: Are you NOW prepared to join us in destroying the Iranian Nuclear Bomb which action is distinct to an attack on the Iranian people. This point must be stressed. If the US is not then every political organization in the US must be asked to take a position. Israel must tell the world that to save its people it is at war with the Iranian Mullahs and must also call on the youth and workers of Iran to support the Jews of Israel. Then Israel with its new revolutionary leadership must destroy the Iranian bomb making facility by whatever means are necessary.

end quote here

The above extract shows that here on 4international we have no time for pessimism. Pessimism is going to lead to craven paralysis and to defeat.

The above extract was followed by our focus on the issue of leadership. This is something that Daniel Gordis has not done, cannot do so it is worth repeating also what we added to the above:

begin quote here

“I believe that Israel is hamstrung by its present leadership. It is a march against time. This present leadership in Israel must be replaced without any delay. There certainly are the leaders present in the Israeli situation which are able to meet the challenge posed in the above, the defeat of Hizbullah, the defeat of Hamas and a revolutionary strike against, not the Iranian people, but against the Iranian Nuclear Bomb.

end quote here

Not every detail in the above needs to be correct. It is not gospel.A revolutionary leadership of Jewish patriots and the IDF revolutionary leaders may decide on different tactics. This or that may be better in this or that situation. But in the above there is none of the pessimism and “mysticism” of Daniel Gordis. The issue of Israel and its fight to survive in the face of Imperialism and of Islamofascism, and to survive in the face of its own treacherous Jewish ruling class, is a vital revolutionary and material issue which can only be met by a revolutionary socialist leadership. That is why here on 4international there is none of the abject and helpless pessimism of Daniel Gordis and why we can put forward in front of the revolutionary Jewish people a concrete programme of action. Which we alone have in fact done.

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