The ITN/Guardian Trnopolje & Omarska “Death Camp” Hoax

The ITN/Guardian Trnopolje & Omarska “Death Camp”Hoax: The Lies of the British Guardian & ITN Exposed

By 4International writers: Joshua Rosenberg, Nathan Pearlstein, Max Rosenthal & Peter Robert North

The late Islamofascist Bosnian leader, Alija Izetbegovic, former illegitimate “president” of Bosnia Herzegovina, illegal ursuper of power in 1990 from the duly elected Bosnian muslim leader, Mr.Fikret Abdic, is the one behind the Bosnian “death camp” fraud.

Izetbegovic admitted it to former UNMIK head Bernard Kouchner on his death bed in 2003. He told Bernard Kouchner that he lied about Trnopolje and Omarska being “death camps” in the hope of provoking NATO bombing against the Bosnian Serbs. This monstrous media hoax was used in order to demonize the Serbs as the “new Nazis”of Europe, to trivialize the horrors of the Holocaust,  to turn the world – and especially Jewish people – against the Serbs, and to enable the US & NATO/EU Imperialist governments to further dismember Yugoslavia into a series of politically weak NATO/EU-run protectorates.

The Joseph Goebbels Nazi style “Big Lie”was spread world-wide with the mainstream media-connected resources of a multi-million dollar funded American “public relations”& lobbying firm called ‘Ruder Finn’ – whom also worked as a lobbying group in Washington on behalf of the Islamist Nazi terrorist KLA and Tudjman’s HDZ Fascist neo-Ustasha Nazi racist government responsible for the ethnic cleansing of over 550,000 Krajina province Serbs from 1990 to 1995 and for the murder of at least 20,000 Serbs during the same period.

Izetbegovic, the man described by ITN,BBC,CNN,the Guardian et al, as a:

“secular muslim and moderate democrat committed to a multi-ethnic Western style liberal democracy”was in fact committed to genocide of all non-muslims (i.e., mainly Serbs).

Well before the outbreak of war in 1992, Izetbegovic PUBLICLY announced his commitment to genocide by having his Islamist version of Hitler’s Mein Kampf (his 1970 manifesto, “The Islamic Declaration” – which was a call for Jihad and the extermination of non-Muslims – re-published in 1990 as part of his Bosnian election campaign).
The following is from the ISSA Defense & Foreign Affairs Strategic Policy Special Report published soon after Izetbegovic’s death:

start quote here

“Izetbegovic appointed the Muslim National Council (MNC) of Bosnia to achieve long-term aspirations, to create a Muslim state in the Balkans. This state would defend the Muslim interests throughout Yugoslavia, i.e. Sandzak, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro, Croatia, Serbia). “Rise brother Muslims, there are enough of us to accomplish our goals, whom the Muslim and those of Muslim blood will not betray. This time will never come again. Now is the opportunity to realize the dream of every Muslim” [qouted in Doc Center, 2002 from the Bosnian Muslim magazine VOX]. Among other objectives the MNC was working for were the creation of a Muslim state within the borders of present day B&H and formation of the Muslim Armed Forces.

“In October 1991, the MNC defined its political platform:

“The day is nearing when the announced Islamic Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina will be proclaimed. The date, which every Muslim in Bosnia-Herzegovina and Sandzak [Raška] is ardently waiting for has been known for a long time to be the 31st December. There are some indications that the Serbs might oppose this historic event…Every individual Serb must be aware of the responsibility of the entire nation, the penalty for crimes will be collective-for one dead Muslim one hundred Serbs will be liquidated-for one wounded Muslim (depending on the wound severity) 10-50 Serbs will be executed[ibid].

The document further elaborates how the Serbs would be treated in the Islamic Republic.

“All Serbs will have a 12-hour working day. The wages will be proportionate to the loyalty of all employees and as a rule they will be paid 30 percent less than the wages of Muslims whom occupy the same post … Serbs will receive rations for food, which they will obtain in special shops. Serbs do not have national parties and if they do not abide by the rules of political life, they will not be entitled to political organization or to vote..Serbs are equal to Muslims if, of their own will, they are received into the Islamic faith of their forefathers…A good Serb is a living and obedient Serb or a dead, disobedient Serb [ibid].

The presidency of the Association of the Islamic Clergy (Ilmia) for B&H offered in 1992 in huge print, run in annual Takvim, the following instruction for jihad:

“Jihad in Islam is not only a war in the name of Allah. In reality, Islam is a revolutionary ideology and program that aims at changing the social system of the whole world and order it in harmony with its regulations and ideals. Islam wants to destroy all the states and governments anywhere on earth which stand opposed to the ideology and program of Islam, regardless of the state or the nation that is in power. The purpose of Islam is to establish the state based on its ideology and program, no matter which nation becomes the bearer of Islam or which nation is undermined in the process of establishing the ideological Islamic state” [ibid].

end quote here

See: ‘Who was Alija Izetbegovic: Moderate democrat or radical Islamist?’


‘Alija Izetbegovic: A Retrospective Look at His Impact on Balkan Stability’

For photographs of Izetbegovic’s massacres (perpetrated by his Islamist Nazi “tough guy”, Naser Oric: given a “harsh” 2 year sentence by NATO’s Hague ICTY and RELEASED!) in the towns and villages of Srebrenica, Bratunac,Skelani,Milici, Kravica, Gorazde et al, see:

The Real Srebrenica Genocide

Of course, the Gaurdian and BBC knew that Izetbegovic was a Nazi as early as 1983 when he was jailed for his Islamist attempted terrorist activities, but deliberately censored the truth about his WW2 Nazi background.

Izetbegovic co-founded the Islamofascist “Young Muslims” organization in Sarajevo, Bosnia, in late 1939-early 1940, which co-operated with the leading Arab ally of Adolph Hitler and Heinrich Himmler: the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem – known as Hajj Amin al Husseini.

The Bosnian “Young Muslims” acted as recruiting agents for Himmler’s Waffen SS Bosnian Muslim Nazi divisions called “Handschar” [aka “Handzar”] and “Kama”and warmly welcomed Hajj Amin al Husseini’s visit to Sarajevo in 1943 where he officially inspected the Bosnian Muslim “Handschar” SS division.

The “Young Muslims”  based their ideology and political platform on the Islamist-NaziMuslim Brotherhood [Ikhwan al Muslimeen] founded in Egypt in 1928. The Islamist Nazi “Muslim Brotherhood” exist to this day and are the political forebears/antecedents of today’s Islamofascist al Qaeda and Saudi Wahabbi  Jihadist terrorists.

Most people today are completely unaware – thanks to the disgusting cover-up by the totally phony so-called “Left”Fascists of the WRP, WSWS, SWP, ISM, et al (many of whom falsely and despicably masquerade as “Trotskyists” or “Leninists”)- of the indisputable fact that Hajj Amin al Husseini is the late Arab PLO/Fatah leader Yasser Arafat’s uncle and decades-long political mentor! 

Izetbegovic publicly proclaimed his genocidal Islamist-Nazi beliefs in his Islamofascist Mein Kampf style manifesto, the  “Islamic Declaration” published in Sarajevo, Bosnia, in booklet form in 1970 genocidal views towards the Jews of Israel and implicitly, the Serbs of Bosnia which he reiterated publicly in a shuttle tour of fundamentalist Islamist terrorist states in the Middle East during 1991 (especially his visit to Tehran where he agreed with the Ayatollah Khomeini that Salman Rushdie deserved the death sentence for writing “the Satanic Verses”).

ITN reporters went to Bosnia in 1992 in search of “concentration camps held by the Serbs”after American reporter, Roy Gutman, of New York’s “Newsday”paper made a sensational claim – with no independent proof whatsoever – (other than Izetbegvic SDA government press releases) that the Bosnian Serbs were running “death camps”.

Pity ITN didn’t do so in 1991 when there were already real death camps set up at the Borovo footware factory and the “Rowing Club” in Vukovar, Croatia: at least 1,000 Serbian civilians – including women,children & the elderly – were beheaded and dismembered in a two month period in late 1991 by Tudjman’s neo-Ustasha Nazi “Black Legion” troops (Croat version of the SS) with many more thousands of Serbs being murdered and half a million expelled from late 1990 to late 1995.

See ‘Hiding Genocide:Croatia has resumed its “liquidation” of Serbs, while arguing that “ethnic cleansing” is a Serbian creation…’

As far as the Guardian is concerned they were an integral part of the ITN “accidental”deception and fakery regarding the refugee collection centre known as Trnopolje.

That is to say, their practice of “accidentally” placing their reporters INSIDE an enclosed agricultural compound surrounded by a less than 5 foot tall broken down CHICKEN WIRE fence – with two rusted out old strands of barbed wire on top – and then proceeding to “accidentally” film from within this enclosed area – surrounded by this chicken wire fence – a single very thin looking Bosnian muslim, known as Fikret Alic – whom instead of being sullen as one would normally expect from someone who was starving, was smiling and laughing. Mr. Alic was surrounded by men also doing the same – smiling and joking – the only difference being that these men were all normal looking and some even had pot bellies.

Even the judge in the LM vs ITN case had to admit that the ITN/Guardian people were “mistaken” in their belief (a nice way of saying that they were lying) that they were not filming from within an enclosed area (pretty hard to “believe” any such thing, since Penny Marshall & her team of ITN cameramen & the Guardian’s Ed Vulliamy had to crawl through a broken down part of the chicken wire fence in order to gain entry!)

Thus, ITN lied as did the Guardian not for what they explicitly said and wrote, but what they implied when they failed to tell the world that Trnopolje was NOT a WW2 style Nazi “concentration camp” with all that such a camp implies: 30 foot high guard towers in each corner containing machine gun nests and surrounded by 10 foot high electrified fences and/or razor sharp barbed wire.

They also failed to broadcast the uncensored video footage showing the Bosnian muslim refugees ridiculing the notion put forth by Penny Marshall, that they were in a prison or that they were not being fed.
See the photo fakery the Guardian perpetrated again 12 years later in September 2004, where they tried to pass off a photograph of Fikret Alic at Trnopolje refugee camp as “inmates of the Serbian concentration camp of Omarska”.

The description of the photo stayed up as “concentration camp of Omarska” on their website for nearly 2 years until it was exposed as a fraud.

See ‘Lies the London Guardian told me… or, The Return of Villainy’

ITN/Guardian reporters Ed Vulliamy and Ian Williams claim they were unable to film freely at Trnopolje and also claim that the POWs at Omarska were “poorly treated and in a state of fear”. How strange indeed that both ITN and the Guardian decided NOT to broadcast any of their video/film footage of these POWs at Omarska, but instead labelled the photograph of Trnopolje as…Omarska!

ITN and the Guardian journalists were invited by the Bosnian Serbs to visit both Trnopolje and Omarska to see for themselves that the “death camp”allegation was a monstrous lie.Not only that, but they were provided with a Bosnian Serb military escort to Trnopolje and Omarska which is why the ITN/Guardian team did not need to fly in via parachute behind enemy lines to get the “scoop of the century”.

So to recap: ITN and the Guardian reporters were INVITED by the Bosnian Serb authorities – in the middle of a war zone known as Bosnia-Herzgovina on August 5,1992 – to provide them with safe passage via a Bosnian Serb military escort which enabled the Guardian/ITN team to visit these alleged “death camps” and then said Bosnian Serb authorities ALLOWED the Guardian/ITN team to film/photograph this Omarska alleged “death camp” and “atrocities at Omarska” which said footage of “atrocities”was then subsequently ***NEVER USED EVEN ONCE*** in any broadcasts by ITN and which said photographs of Omarska were ***NEVER PUBLISHED EVEN ONCE*** by the Guardian in its so-called “reporting” on this supposed “death camp”.

Instead, we have the faked ITN footage of the supposed “death camp”Trnopolje being labelled by the Guardian‘s Ed Vulliamy as Omarska instead in order to cover up the fact that Omarska was far more humane than your regular US or British prison.

Then a certain David Campbell of the University of Newcastle, UK, comes along after this fraud was exposed and uses ITN and the Guardian as his “impartial” sources! Here is what David Campbell writes:

start quote here

“As Fikret Alic´ has observed: ‘I would like to say that behind the cameramen there were Serb soldiers and they shouted to write everybody’s names who said something in front of the camera’. See ‘Bosnian Prisoner Praises ITN Crew’. Ian Williams noted the severe restrictions on their capacity to report freely – including the fact the ‘guards stood over everybody we spoke to’ –in a live interview following the broadcast of his report.”

end quote here

Unfortunately for David Campbell we have the Emperor’s Clothes’ film “Judgement” in our possession:

There are NO Serbian “military film crews”present.A Serbian RTS [“Radio Television Serbia”TV] cameraman dressed in a khaki green camouflage shirt does not equal “a military film crew”. This is a deliberate twisting of the facts by David Campbell in order to support the racist anti-Serbian lying of ITN & its ally: the Islamist terrorist employment agency otherwise known as the Guardian newspaper (one of their former journalists was exposed as having been connected to a major Islamofascist terrorist group with links to al Qaeda; after which he was fired).

In the Emperor’s Clothes film,“Judgement”Penny Marshall can clearly be seen wearing a bulky military flak jacket.

Hmmmm….I wonder why Ms. Marshall is wearing a military flak jacket?

Did Ms. Marshall join the British army without telling us?

Hold on a minute, it’s August 5, 1992, in Bosnia Herzegovina, and a brutal inter-religious/ethnic war is raging all around between four ethnic/religious and political factions – with bullets and shells flying all over the place – maybe that has something to do with it.

Does that now make Penny Marshall a member of a “military film crew”? According to Dr. Campbell’s “logic”, it most certainly does.

There is NOBODY from the Bosnian Serb authorities – dressed in civilian or military clothing – intimidating or “standing over”ANYBODY in the film – whether they be Bosnian muslim refugees or ITN/Guardian journalists or camera-crew members – NOT at the 25:20 minute mark – as  David Campbell claims – or ANYWHERE ELSE in the entire film!

There are no “armed guards”tagging along with Ms. Marshall and her ITN film crew or the Guardian’s Ed Vulliamy.

NOWHERE does ANY Bosnian muslim refugee show visible signs of fear at the Trnopolje refugee collection center (described by the British media as a supposed ‘death camp’ that “…started life as a transit camp..” and this alleged ‘death camp’ according to the British media DOUBLED as a “refugee transit camp” which “…housed the refugees”!

NOWHERE does even ONE Bosnian muslim refugee at Trnopolje show even the slightest visible hint of fear, anxiety or tension.

In fact, most of the refugees are smiling and laughing: even casually joking with Ms. Marshall.

The above is hardly surprising, since as pointed out earlier, the Bosnian Serbs themselves invited Ms. Marshall, ITN cameramen and the Guardian‘s Ed Vulliamy – providing all of them full protection via military escort in the middle of a war zone – to visit both the Trnopolje refugee center and the Omarska POW camp to show how ludicrous Roy Gutman’s stories of “death camps”(stories based primarily on Izetbegovic’s SDA party – the illegitimate Sarajevo- based “Bosnian government” – sources & their handsomely paid American P.R. firm, “Ruder Finn” – really were).
EVERYONE in the film is quite calm and relaxed (except the arrogant Ms.Penny Marshall, whom was agitating for a “death camp scoop” because of immense pressure brought to bear on her by ITN’s management, due to Mr.Roy Gutman’s previous phony “death camp”reports in New York’s “Newsday” newspaper back in July, 1992).

All of the refugees appear quite calm – with many of them, as noted above, smiling, joking and laughing amongst themselves – including most notably, Fikret Alic himself (that’s right, the real skinny looking one whom supposedly was “beaten”, “pistol whipped” and had “four of his teeth knocked out”according to the NATO-owned ICTY Kangaroo Court in The Hague) while showing ZERO physical evidence of any such mistreatment – while other refugees were so calm that they almost appeared bored and nonchalant with the attention they were getting from Ms. Marshall, ITN‘s camera crew and the Guardian‘s Ed Vulliamy.

David Campbell is so eager to defend the ITN/Guardian version of events that he displays the same capacity for dishonesty and Orwellian “doublethink”as his sources: the Guardian‘s Ed Vulliamy, Ian Williams and ITN‘s Penny Marshall.

For example, David Campbell informs us that the man in the overalls, a muslim refugee named “Mekhmet”, whom – on camera – said to Ms. Penny Marshall regarding Trnopolje that: “it’s a refugee camp, NOT a prison!” (Mekhmet is to the right of Fikret Alic, and is the guy holding the less than 5 foot tall broken down CHICKEN WIRE fence enclosing Ms. Marshall and the ITN/Guardian team) was – according to Mr.Campbell’s claims – supposedly “imprisoned” by the Bosnian Serbs at Trnopolje, but that he also came to Trnopolje “VOLUNTARILY”!

So according to Mr.Campbell’s “logic” – or rather the lack of it – in support of the ITN/Guardian & Izetbegovic government’s racist-Islamist version of events – Mekhmet is now a “voluntarily” imprisoned refugee!!! (since according to the British tabloid press, Trnopolje, whilst supposedly being a “death camp” where “people were murdered and raped on a daily basis”– also DOUBLED as a refugee collection center – since Trnopolje, according to the very same British media “…ALSO HOUSED THE REFUGEES”!! 
We are also informed by Mr. Campbell that the Bosnian muslim medic, a certain Dr. Merdzianic, whom was supposedly “forced”to look after the refugees’ health at Trnopolje, was able to “secretly” hand over a camera to Ms. Marshall containing film – supposedly of “beaten and tortured”Bosnian muslim “inmates”.

How could this have been done in “secret” if there were Bosnian Serb “guards”watching the good muslim doctor’s every move? Why would the Bosnian Serbs even ALLOW Ms. Marshall to go anywhere near Dr. Merdzianic, let alone interview him if they were indeed guilty of such horrendous atrocities as claimed by Dr. Merdzianic? Hardly surprisingly, Mr. Campbell doesn’t bother to tell us.

Mr.Campbell also doesn’t explain to us why the Bosnian Serbs INVITED Ms. Marshall and her film crew to Trnopolje and Omarska, whilst as pointed out by the International Committee of the Red Cross [ICRC] at the time of Ms. Marshall’s visit, both the Bosnian muslim Izetbegovic SDA authorities AND the Bosnian Croat HDZ authorities under Messrs. Mate Boban & Franjo Tudjman, outright REFUSED to allow Western journalists and Red Cross/UN personell access to THEIR prisoner of war camps where they were holding Bosnian Serbs as well as Bosnian muslims loyal to the legitimate ELECTED muslim leader of Bosnia, Mr. Fikret Abdic.

Keep in mind that at the ITN vs LM libel trial, ITN claimed, incredibly, to have actually “LOST” (?!) the uncut raw film footage (i.e. its so-called “rushes”) of the “pictures that SHOCKED THE WORLD”! As Deichmann recounts, this caused a great uproar and commotion in the courtroom at the time.

start quote here

“Interestingly, ITN appears to have lost a crucial videotape of the uncut rushes from which the report was edited together — an accident, of course”.

end quote here

The above comment was made by Philip Hammond soon after the ITn vs LM libel trial verdict.

Mr. Philip Hammond of the UK, co-editor with US Professor Edward Herman, of the University of Pennsylvania, analyzed media coverage of wartime events in Kosovo in ex-Yugoslavia in their book “Degraded Capability: the Media and the Kosovo Crisis”

It is hardly surprising that ITN suddenly claimed to have “lost”the raw unedited footage, since it would have clearly shown how Ms. Marshall, her ITN film crew and the Guardian’s Ed Vulliamy all ended up getting inside the CHICKEN WIRE fence-enclosed barn and transformer station – from which Ms. Marshall and her crew filmed in order to make it look like the Trnopolje refugees were the ones enclosed by barbed wire, and thus give the image of a supposed “death camp”.
Here is what Jared Israel had to say about the ITN vs LM trial:

start quote here

“If, throughout the trial, LM and Deichmann had adopted the strategy of exposing ITN’s pattern of lying about the Serbs, then they would have had the moral stature to turn the physician’s testimony against ITN by exposing the physician as a cynical liar.

For example, they might have said to that doctor, ‘You have made some horrific charges. But some things about your story are puzzling. You say you had to hand Penny Marshall your camera in secret, because, you claim, the Serbs were watching and you had much to fear. Could you elaborate?’

After the doctor waxed poetic about how he was under scrutiny with an ever-present threat of deadly reprisals, the defense could have asked, ‘Why did you believe the Serbs wouldn’t want you to give Ms. Marshall your film?’ The doctor would explain that of course they were afraid of the truth getting to the public. The defense could have responded, ‘There was quite a public hue and cry about supposed Serb concentration camps at that time wasn’t there? And the Serbs denied it, didn’t they?’ Then the defense could ask, ‘If you are telling the truth about supposed monstrous abuses at Trnopolje, and if the Serbs therefore wanted desperately not to let the truth get out, then why did the Serb leaders invite ITN to film and interview people in Trnopolje? Why was Ms. Marshall allowed to speak to you in the first place?”

Deichmann writes that the court permitted LM to use the uncut film that ITN shot at Trnopolje. This film is almost identical to footage shot by the RTS (Serbian TV) crew that filmed alongside ITN. The RTS footage was used to make the Emperor’s Clothes movie, ‘Judgment!’ As anyone who has seen ‘Judgment!’ will testify, the Bosnian Muslim refugees at Trnopolje wandered about freely.

They gave casually disdainful answers when asked if they were being mistreated – as if the idea were ridiculous. Beaten men, men who are threatened with violent reprisals (even death!), may out of fear deny they are being harmed, but they begrudge such lies. They are sullen, not relaxed and casual, like the refugees in ‘Judgment!’ and, therefore, also in the uncut ITN footage.

The defense could have played the footage in which one of the Muslim refugees, Mehmet, chats amiably with Penny Marshall, while a large group of refugees looks on, with everyone except Penny Marshall appearing relaxed, reasonably cheerful, and with no evidence of fear.

They could have asked the doctor, ‘Do you see any guards here?’ And, ‘If your stories were true, wouldn’t these be the men who were being beaten and killed; wouldn’t it be their wives and girlfriends and mothers who were being raped. How do you explain that they joke with Penny Marshall?

Why does the refugee, Mehmet, reject Penny Marshall’s persistent attempts to get him to say the Serbs are mistreating the Muslims? Why does Mehmet say the Serbs are kind, “very kind”? And how do you explain the fact that there are no guards?

Are you claiming that the Serbs placed you, a doctor, under close watch, but they did not even send a guard to tag along alongside Penny Marshall’s film crew when she interviewed these men – the very ones you say were being beaten and killed?

I submit, doctor, that your story about rapes and beatings is, based on the evidence of our own eyes, a fabrication.’

Why does Deichmann accept that “the photos [supposedly passed secretly to Penny Marshall] showed Bosnian Muslims who had been beaten and mishandled.”

How could he know when and where the “poorly lighted photographs” shown at the trial by ITN had really been taken?

How could he know the photos were not phonies? Couldn’t the people in those photos have been actors? Or mightn’t they have been Muslims or even Orthodox Christian Serbs who had been photographed elsewhere? Who knows?

Didn’t this trial take place precisely because LM challenged the authenticity of the “pictures that fooled the world”?

Wasn’t ITN suing because Deichmann had written that the ITN pictures were “fakes”? If ITN pedaled fake pictures before, why on earth did Deichmann say, without hesitation, that they were peddling real pictures now?

Deichmann writes, “The physician described on the witness stand the rape and assault of defenseless civilians.” Note he does not even use the term, “alleged.” To be accused of rape and assault by this doctor was to be convicted.


can’t one imagine a few possible reasons for the good doctor to have lied? Such as:

a) he was promised some reward if he lied or

b) he was afraid of what would happen to him and/or his family back in Bosnia if he did not lie.

Deichmann says the man’s testimony was “the most moving.”


Why in heaven’s name did the LM people refuse to cross-examine the physician?

I think they did not challenge the doctor’s testimony because, having been caught up in great events, they had first taken a brave stand and then, seeing that the enemy had raised the stakes (by attacking LM all-out) they surrendered.

Whether or not there was ever an explicit discussion between some representative of Deichmann and/or LM and the ITN people, in effect LM-Deichmann and ITN cut a deal. I will explain the nature of this deal later.

end quote here

The article about Trnopolje from the online Wikipedia encyclopedia in early 2007 contains some obvious absurdities and self-contradictory claims. It states that Trnopolje was a “detention camp” – in other words, a prison complex which implies that the “inmates” are imprisoned behind tall and strong wire fences and NOT free to come and go as they please. Then in the very same sentence, it states that:

“Trnopolje was a relatively minimal-security staging area…”

thus certainly implying that it was most definitely NOT a “prison”.

In other words by using the phrase “relatively minimal-security staging area”,the author is clearly implying that people could very easily escape at any time; thus according to this statement, Trnopolje was absolutely NOTHING like a WW2 Nazi style “concentration camp”as the Guardian’s Ed Vulliamy claims (perhaps Mr. Vulliamy has never seen what a real “concentration camp” looks like: 30 foot high guard towers in each corner containing machine gun nests and surrounded by 10 foot high electrified fences and/or razor sharp barbed wire).

The implication that people could not only escape with relative ease but that in fact that they could come and go as they pleased is confirmed again in the very same sentence! It states that:

 “detainees…were allowed to forage for food outside the detention area’s perimeter”!

First its a “concentration camp”, then it’s a “detention camp”, then its a “minimal-security staging area” where “detainees” are even allowed to go outside in search of food!

And this sentence is somehow supposed to explain away how everyone except Fikret Alic was emaciated looking (whilst smiling and laughing) whilst many of the other so-called “detainees” had pot bellies:

“…detainees were fed only sporadically,but were allowed to forage for food outside the detention area’s perimeter”.

Clearly implying that Fikret Alic must have been fed so “sporadically” that he ended up so thin, that whilst being allowed to leave the “minimal-security staging area” of Trnopolje where he was “allowed to forage for food outside the detention area’s perimeter”, Mr. Alic was somehow so incompetent (or unlucky) that he was incapable of finding food and feeding himself, whilst all the other “detainees”were clearly able to do so, since, we are told by Wikipedia:

“this explains the widely varying nourishment condition of the inmates.”

So we have a “concentration camp” which isn’t, but rather a “detention camp” which really isn’t, but rather a “minimal-security staging area” which is so minimally secure that “detainees” are even allowed to go outside the “perimeter” – since it did not have the luxury of “concentration camp” style security benefits like 10 foot high electrified and/or razor wire fences – in order to “forage for food”.
Incidentally, if we want to know why Wikipedia can engage in such preposterous absurdities as above, one only need look at its track record on the subject of the Balkans conflict in ex-Yugoslavia.

Wikipedia is fast becoming a totally discredited source of information on the Balkans conflicts specifically, as it has been exposed on numerous occasions as having deliberately censored exculpatory evidence vis-a-vis the Serbs accused of “war crimes”and the deliberate censorship of Croatian Ustasha Nazis’ and Bosnian Islamist Fascists’ war crimes against Serb civilians, along with the suppression of the Tudjman HDZ Croatian Ustasha Nazis’ and Izetbegovic SDA Bosnian Islamist Fascists’  pro-Nazi, pro-genocidal views expressed prior to the outbreak of war – as well as during the war.
One notorious example is the almost WORD for WORD copying of the Croatian HDZ ruling party’s propaganda information ministry hagiography of the late Croatian pro-Ustasha Nazi Hitler loving president, Franjo Tudjman – whom wrote in his 1989 Croatian version of Mein Kampf: “Wastelands of Historical Truth”(aka “Wastelands of Historical Reality”) the following:

“The establishment of Hitler’s New Order could be justified by the need to be rid of the Jews, as well as to correct the French-British sin of the (post WW1) Versailles setup” and… “Genocidal violence is a natural phenomenon in harmony with the societal and mythologically Divine nature. Genocide is not only permitted it is also recommended,even commanded by the Word of the Almighty, whenever it is useful for the survival or the restoration of the earthly kingdom of the chosen nation, or for the preservation and spreading of its one and only correct faith”.
The Guardian‘s censorship of the truth of the genocide of tens of thousands of Serbian civilians and the ethnic cleansing of over a million and a half more, perpetrated against the Serbs by the racist Tudjman HDZ neo-Fascist Ustasha Croats, the KLA Islamist Nazi terrorist leaders: Ceku,Haradinaj,Thaci,Demaci and the Bosnian Izetbegovic SDA Islamofascists -whom incidentally  glorify the Nazi Waffen SS Handzar division from World War 2 – speaks volumes.
In kindergarten, we all learn a very basic rule, which I like to call “The Boy Who Cried Wolf Principle.”

How does this rule work? Suppose that you know this person, whom we will call Ed Vulliamy of the Guardian, and suppose that Ed Vulliamy, in the past has lied to you repeatedly, dramatically, and shamelessly about topic A over many years.

The next time that Ed Vulliamy of the Guardian makes an assertion about topic A with the same slant as assertions on topic A that have repeatedly been huge lies, you have to make one of two choices:

1) Make the provisional assumption that Ed Vulliamy is lying again (until proven otherwise); or

2) Make the provisional assumption that Ed Vulliamy is, for the first time, telling the truth (until proven otherwise).

If you choose the second option you demonstrate that you are an imbecile who cannot reason. This is what Wikipedia, this guy Ed Vulliamy of the Guardian and Penny Marshall of ITN would have us do.

The British Guardian is clearly guilty of crimes against peace by suppressing the truth of the genocide of tens of thousands of Serbian civilians and the ethnic cleansing of over a million and a half more, perpetrated against the Serbs by the racist Tudjman HDZ neo-Fascist Ustasha Croats, the KLA Ceku/Haradinaj/Thaci Islamist Nazi drug-running, child-sex slavery trafficking terrorists and the Izetbegovic SDA Islamist Nazis from 1991 to 1999 – inciting a racist war against the Serbs for an entire decade – by incessantly screaming out for the Serbs to be bombed out of their ancestral homes by NATO on behalf of NATO’s proxies: the real genocidal Nazis of Tudjman, Izetbegovic & Ceku/Thaci/Haradinaj of the KLA – on the basis of photographic fakery and egregious outright lies.

They – along with the BBC & ITN– should have been tried and punished for these journalistic crimes of racist incitement to war – crimes against peace in support of self-confessed genocidal Nazis and Islamist Fascist terrorists – in their publicly announced commitment to ethnic cleansing campaigns of mass murder PRIOR to the outbreak of war – massive crimes of genocide which the Guardian and ITN  knowingly covered up and suppressed, whitewashed, distorted and skewed the truth of, for the last 17 years.

3 thoughts on “The ITN/Guardian Trnopolje & Omarska “Death Camp” Hoax

  1. This is a great article and is very timely on this site. We are trying to place the Fascist murder of 8 young Jews who were studying and praying in their library a few days ago in its proper context and this article does so, because Izetbegovic makes it very clear in his Islamic Declaration that the struggle of the Jews against Arab Islamofascism is the same as the struggle of the Serbs against Nazism in the Balkans. Izetbegovic makes it also clear that he sees the “Palestinian” Arab movement as part of the Jihad.

    This is particularly important: “(especially his visit to Tehran where he agreed with the Ayatollah Khomeini that Salman Rushdie deserved the death sentence for writing “the Satanic Verses”).

    These British journalists in the Guardian, the Independent, The Irish Times, Maggie O’Kane of the Guardian, the Venishkas and David Ts of Harrys Place, and of course Kamm and Hoare have worked so hard to hide the reality of the politics of Izetbegovic. They portray themselves as great exponents of liberty but here you have drawn the vital link between Izetbegovic, the Iranian Fascist Government and their Fatwa on Salman Rushdie.

  2. I approved 2 comments and they have not appeared. I wonder did I make a mistake though I do not think so. I beg of the commentators to please consider doing so again.

  3. What this article affirms for me is that Yugoslavia was and is a class issue. The Guardian, Independent, Irish Times, BBC etc are the mouthpiece of the British venal and lying ruling class, the same ruling class which lined up behind Thatcher, spreading lies against Scargill in the Miners Strike of 1984-85, and a whole campaign to defeat the miners and to starve them back to work.This Media in Britain and Ireland, expanded into a European and even a world phenomenon, is a class issue at its very centre.

    It is clear from reading the article that the Bosnian Serbs had invited the ITN with Guardian obviously in tow, in order to try to clear up a previous lie spread by Izetbegovic and the Western media. Remember this was also a time of a vicious witch hunt against the Serbs in general and Milosevic in particular. I think it is correct to say that at this time Maggie O’kane, an Irish journalist in the pay of the British Media, was sending back report after report which was blackening the name of Milosevic and the Serbs.

    So the Bosnian Serbs 1. invited this Media presence 2. welcomed them by showing them around and providing protection in a Civil War situation 3. happened to have a Serb filming crew on hand.

    So Marshall and co knew they were being filmed. Why did this not make her desist from what she was so obviously doing, that is creating a false set up.

    This may be because the ITN and Guardian paid aces (hacks) had become somewhat complacent. Remember that the Fascist “Lefts” of the WRP, SWP etc were joining in with the attack on Milosevic and the Serbs. So she felt she had no opposition and could get off with it. Also ITN were being given a clear run in the set up by the professional cover up merchants of Hoare, Kamm and the likes of what you have now on Harrys Place. Plus Marshall and co had clearly a job to do, they were under pressure to find a concentration camp, and if they could not find one they set about creating one. Marshall possibly had in the back of her mind something like…Hey, my bosses have sent me out here with clear instructions, remember that conversation I had with my “partner” we have to get that new kitchen installed, personal career is the name of the game, or maybe she just by this stage did hate Milosevic and was convinced that he was evil, we can only speculate. Perhaps she had bought into the myth. In any case the fact that she was being filmed she cast aside.

    But it came back to haunt her, the film rushes of her filming told a lot and was made into a special film “Judgement” by Emperors New Clothes, the issue today is as fresh as then, the whole issue gives an insight into most of those who work for the Media, the issue is of huge relevance to Jews as well as Serbs and its importance is really universal, because we live in a global capitalism. I think this issue is not over.

    One thing the article does raise is the nature of Living Marxism and how these people caved in in front of the ITN legal department. Jared Israel only goes part of the way. In a bourgeois court of law the issue is not to convince the judge, who is likely going to rule against the revolutionary socialists, the issue is actually to prepare the revolutionary movement for working in conditions where bourgeois courts try to outlaw the revolutionary movement. It is in other words to use such libel cases against the revolutionary movement TO BUILD THE REVOLUTIONARY MOVEMENT. So we ned to investigate further LM, who they were, and why was it that they did a deal with ITN, and in a situation where The Times offered their leader a job as a result of the deal.

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