by Felix Quigley

What actually happened in the murder scene itself has been described in great detail by Israel National News website.

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The attacker entered the yeshiva and opened fire on students before he was gunned down himself by a part-time yeshiva student, aided by an off-duty army officer from the neighborhood. The attack began in the seminary’s library with the terrorist spraying bullets in every direction before anyone could react.

The part-time yeshiva student who first shot the terrorist, 40-year-old Yitzchak Dadon, said he was in the Yeshiva’s study hall when he heard the shots.  “Everyone left through a side door,” he said, “and I left through a window, and lied down on a roof overlooking the library… When he came out, I shot him in the head twice.  I saw him start to stagger, and then David Shapira [a yeshiva graduate and paratroopers officer] arrived on the scene, shot him with his M-16 rifle, and then we emptied our magazines into him.”

Dadon later told Arutz-7, “It was terribly frustrating feeling, knowing he was in there shooting, but I could do nothing but wait for him to come out so that I could shoot him… While waiting, I could see some boys in a side room in the library turn off the lights and barricade their door – and though he tried, he was unable to come into the room and gun them all down.”

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The account which Dadon was giving to the Media was not just telling what happened but how and whyit happened. He was going behind and beyond the event to incriminate the false political programme of the traitors of Labour and Kadima, and others such as Oz, who have refused to defend the Israeli people against Fascism. He continues:

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State-Run Radio Leaves Dadon Out of Report
Dadon was interviewed on various television and radio channels and told his story.  When describing what the terrorist was wearing, Dadon emphasized that he was armed with a Kalachnikov rifle that was given him by “our President Peres and by the Olmert government.”  The interviewers invariably tried to cut him off.  Later, the official news report by government-run Israel Radio left him out of its reports, announcing only, “An IDF officer who lives near the Yeshiva heard the shots, came to the scene and shot the terrorist to death.”  That report still appeared on its internet site late Friday morning.

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The reason for this closing down of the truth by the Government and the Media is pretty obvious. The Israeli state is ruled by a reactionary political element which is based on the idea that, if you are nice to Fascists, they will respond to your kindness and be nice back to you. It is also ruled by a similar political element which is hostile to Jewish nationalism, and since the Jewish religion is interconnected and interlaced with Jewish nationalism, it is hostile as well to Judaism.

 Remember the nature of this school which was chosen by the Fascists for attack:

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The Merkaz HaRav Yeshiva is located near the entrance to Jerusalem, in the Kiryat Moshe neighborhood. The yeshiva, founded by Rabbi Avraham Yitzchak Kook, is at the heart of the national-religious movement in Israel.

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This is also why no matter how many times the Fascists attack Israel like this these reactionary forces will deep within themselves blame the Jews even though they are part of the Jewish people themselves…in other words it is a definite ideology with its own false logic and momentum. The real reason for this reactionary ideology is, rather more than Jewish self hatred promoted by world antisemitism, the role of Stalinism and social democracy in the founding of the state of Israel itself.

Hence the immediate reaction of this Israeli ruling class to the attack, close down the discussion, a Stalinist and Labourist reaction, proved thousands of times throughout history, and not just limited to the Jews and Israel.

This very full report of the murders  with graphic pictures can be seen on

So after these murders where does this leave the Jews of Israel? This is a major question and needs to be answered in the most concrete manner.

On Israpundit a regular commenter called “Yamit82” wrote from Israel

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Had it not been for a part-time student armed with a gun, and a nearby resident who, as an IDF officer was trained to know the difference between Purim firecrackers and real gunshots, the attacker might well have murdered many others. Thank G-d for the Jewish warriors who were as competent with a physical weapon as they are in Torah study.

Even though there was a tip to police of an imminent attack on the capital was not enough to prevent it from happening is frightening, because the comfortable thought that “forewarned is forearmed” has now been debunked. This tragedy occurred because there were assumptions made by some of the authorities that the terrorist would come from outside the area of attack. Security checkpoints hastily placed in a tight ring around the city were wasted; the terrorist came from within the circle.

It was an “inside job”

The terrorist was a 25-year-old Israeli Arab citizen, complete with an Israeli ID card (teudat zehut), a resident of a neighborhood in the eastern section of the capital, who had driven children and adults back and forth from schools in the city – including the yeshiva. He was known and trusted. And therefore not suspect.

Many Palestinian Authority Arabs and Israeli Arabs work for and together with Jews in this country and there are still some Jews who have not yet learned to hate. Now the question is: Which of their friends and workers can be trusted, truly?”

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Let me go back to the period of the late 30s and the political positions which Leon Trotsky was taking up concerning the Jews, and the whole general danger coming from the Nazis. Trotsky spelled out in unmistakable terms that the Jews had to get out of the killing fields of Europe (this was long before the Holocasut started) and had to make their way to Palestine, where he asserted that they had to create their own space which was free from antisemitism.

Taking that and taking the comment of Yamit82 above it is clear that there has been a break in the logic of that clear position somewhere along the line and it behoves us to ask where did the break happen. Yamit is describing the danger as coming from within, that is from Jew Hatred from within that space (Israel) that Trotsky said the Jews should make their own and within which they must be safe free from antisemitism.

The serious break down of logic is shown clearly when we compare what Trotsky asserted Jews must do, with what they actually diddo, when the leadership of Ben Gurion and Weizman came to setting up the Jewish state of Israel. It was not in the event actually exactly a Jewish state, that is a state for the Jews and devoted to Jewish safety, at all.

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The State of Israel … will foster the development of the country for the benefit of all its inhabitants; it will be based on freedom, justice and peace as envisaged by the prophets of Israel; it will ensure complete equality of social and political rights to all its inhabitants irrespective of religion, race or sex; it will guarantee freedom of religion, conscience, language, education and culture;

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You will notice in the above they wheel the “prophets” in on their side but it opens up the suicidal idea that all in the Jewish state, no matter who they are, will have equal political rights. It is worth going back to the political formulations of the League of Nations Mandate in San Remo in 1922 and you will find that even the international jurists in that body did not do this, they only went as far as giving minorities social rights, not political rights.

For the purposes of our enquiry here we will now repeat a quote from the last article on this site, which deals with the Israeli Arabs, and the political forces which are acting upon them. This quote deals with how different Israeli Arabs reacted to the murders of the students:

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Last Friday, hundreds visited a traditional Muslim mourning tent in Jerusalem’s Jabel Mukaber neighborhood to pay their respects to the family. The tent was adorned by hundreds of posters of the dead man’s face. It also was also decorated with Hizbullah and Hamas banners.

The tent was erected to honor Alaa Abu D’heim. In a scene taken from a Russian pogrom, Thursday night D’heim entered Mercaz Harav Yeshiva and massacred eight boys and young men as they studied Torah.

D’heim’s family did not fear retribution from their fellow Arabs. His neighbors did not demonstrate against his crime. The Israeli Arab leadership did not credibly condemn it.

Yet the lack of protests did not necessarily mean that his crime is supported by all Arabs in Israel. Sunday night, Channel 2’s Suleiman Ashafi interviewed a young man outside the tent who said, “If I had known that he was planning to attack people, that he was planning to carry out a terrorist attack, I would have shot him in the head myself.” The young man, like the Beduin soldier’s family, requested not to be named. He used his hand to hide his face from the camera. He too, was intimidated. He too feared he would be attacked for voicing his condemnation of D’heim and his implied support for Israel.

WHAT IS going on in Israeli Arab society? What are the implications of the tangible fear among those Arabs who support Israel and the unabashed willingness of the Israeli Arab leadership to defend the likes of Hamas, Fatah and D’heim in their terror war against Israel?Is Israel’s Arab minority – which comprises 20 percent of the population – lost? In the 1996 electoral campaign which pitted Binyamin Netanyahu against Shimon Peres, Netanyahu appointed former foreign and defense minister Moshe Arens to run the party’s campaign for the Arab vote. Arens succeeded in bringing the Likud candidate five percent of the overall Arab vote. His labors were credited with bringing victory to the party in that photo-finish race.

In the aftermath of Thursday’s massacre, Arens warns that it is wrong to view Israeli Arabs as a monolithic block. Indeed they are an ethnically and religiously diverse population.

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So there is a small minority of Israeli Arabs who are in support of Israel, and who are opposed to antisemitism, and thus to these murders. So then what is the revolutionary socialist answer to this conundrum, on which the whole future of Israel and the lives of millions of Jews, and probably as well many Arabs, is going to be fought upon. Actually the pointer is there once again in the political positions mentioned above of Leon Trotsky and we will come to that in the next article of this series.

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