By Felix Quigley

March 18, 2oo8

Kosovo Serb Nebojsa Vukomanovic, shot in the head early Monday in clashes with UNMIK police in Kosovska Mitrovica, underwent surgery in a Kragujevac hospital but remains in coma and was placed on life supprt.

Intensive care surgeon Djordje Ugrinovic told Tanjug that Vukomanovic was brought to Kragujevac unconscious and that his life is in danger.

Vukomanovic, officer of the Kosovo Police Service, is a father of three and has a wife, parents and two brothers

The B92 report on this has the following:

18 March 2008 | 17:22 -> 18:53 | Source: B92
KRAGUJEVAC — Doctors are still fighting for the life of Nebojša Vukomanović, a Kosovo Serb shot in the head Monday.The 35-year-old, one of over 70 injured Serbs during the clashes in Kosovska Mitrovica, was transported to Kragujevac in critical condition, where he underwent four hours of surgery.Doctor Jasna Jevđić said today that although all the vital parameters are for now stable, the “prognosis remains uncertain”.

Jevđević explained that her patient suffered damage to the right side of his brain from a gunshot wound.

Ministers Dragan Šutanovac and Mlađan Dinkić today visited Vukomanović, who is in a coma.

Yesterday, Vukomanović was transported to Kragujevac in an ambulance, the trip that took 3.5 hours before he reached the Kragujevac hospital.

Today, Šutanovac is said to have offered to have the victim transferred to the military clinic, VMA, the country’s top medical institution.

Meanwhile Ilija Ćuća, another Serb seriously injured, is not critical. A team of doctors that operated on him in Belgrade said that he has lost sight in his injured eye, but that his life was not in danger. 

Reuters has this report of NATO Martial Law in Serbian Kosovo:

Tuesday, March 18, 2008
MITROVICA, Kosovo (Reuters) – NATO placed the Kosovo town of Mitrovica under de facto military law on Tuesday after riots by a hostile Serb population killed one U.N. policeman and forced the pullout of U.N. personnel. The NATO-led peacekeeping force KFOR and the United Nations mission ordered all local Kosovo Serb police officers to park their patrol cars and suspend normal duties.

With U.N. police already withdrawn, the order left French, Belgian and Spanish troops in sole control of law and order in the northern slice of Kosovo, where Serbs opposed to its Feb 17 secession from Serbia dominate the population.

“KFOR have put north Mitrovica under ‘military law’,” said a Kosovo security source who asked not to be named. There was no immediate announcement from KFOR.

At the main police station, three dozen Kosovo Serb police officers carried their holdalls and flak jackets out past Belgian armored cars guarding the perimeter to the parking lot.

“Following yesterday’s events KFOR has taken over authority for north Mitrovica and occupied the northern police station. U.N. police have ordered us to stay at home until further notice,” Captain Milija Milosevic told Reuters.

A Ukrainian police officer serving with the United Nations died overnight of injuries sustained in the riots. A U.N. source said he died of shrapnel wounds. Polish, French and Ukrainian police were also injured, some seriously.

The violence was the worst since Kosovo’s Albanian majority declared independence from Serbia on February 17 and highlighted the risk of the new state’s partition along ethnic lines.


Soldiers in armored personnel carriers (APCs) secured key positions in the flashpoint town of Mitrovica, where Serbs opposed to Kosovo’s independence clashed with U.N. police and NATO peacekeepers on Monday.

The main bridge over the river separating the Serb north from the Albanian south was closed. Razor-wire and upturned garbage containers blocked the way.

The violence was sparked by a U.N. police operation to retake a U.N. court seized three days earlier by protesting Serbs and cast further doubt on the deployment in the north of a European Union rule-of-law mission in the coming two months.

It left NATO holding the line. But the 16,000-strong peace force has ruled out policing the new state, a job the United Nations is supposed to hand over to the EU.

“We will maintain our intention to deploy the mission throughout the territory of Kosovo,” the EU’s new Kosovo envoy, Pieter Feith, told a news conference. The EU last month withdrew a small advance team from north Mitrovica for security reasons.

About 120,000 Serbs remain in Kosovo among 2 million ethnic Albanians. Almost half live in the north, adjacent to Serbia and in complete isolation from the capital Pristina. They reject the incoming EU mission as “occupiers.”

This is actually the new form of rule not only for Serbs but also for anybody who opposes capitalism in crisis. It also sets the pattern. Here the US and EU Imperialism are making a beeline for Islamofascist support. Following on from their support for the Iranian Mullahs (Carter) they rowed in behind antisemite Tudjman in Croatia, then the Islamofascist Izetbegovic (and with Hajj Amin El Husseini: fellow member of the Muslim Brotherhood and executive of the Holocaust in the Balkans) finally with Hashim-“The Snake”-Thaci and his gangsters now running Kosovo.

This has the sharpest lesson for the Jews of Israel. There Bush, Blair and Rice are supporting the Fascists of Hamas and Fatah (Abbas being a Holocaust Denier). They must take note and strive for unity with the Serbs.

Being from Northern Ireland this little item tucked in at the end of the B92 report caught my eye:

“Ćuća says that he was wounded when a rubber bullet was fired at him point blank in Kosovska Mitrovica yesterday”.

The new reality. Northern Ireland comes to the world.

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