By Felix Quigley

The writers on this site 4international call on our Jewish friends on Canadian website Israpundit to campaign against the treachery of their Government in their plans to recognize Kosovo this coming Tuesday.

The following is a report from CP

start quote here

March 18, 2008

OTTAWA, Canada (Dow Jones)–Canada is poised to announce that it is recognizing Kosovo as an independent state, the Canadian Press reported.

The Serbian Embassy said the Canadian federal government informed it of its intention to make the announcement Tuesday, the CP reported.

Recognition of Kosovo’s self-declared independence has been a troubling issue for Canada’s Conservative government. About 30 countries have recognized Kosovo since the province declared itself independent from Serbia last month, the CP reported.

Another two dozen or so, including Russia, are strongly opposed.

Canada has remained mum on the issue because recognizing a unilateral declaration of independence could allow Quebec separatists to claim they could leave Canada the same way – with a one-sided declaration, the CP reported.

There have also been fears it would provoke anger among Canada’s small, but vocal, Serbian ethnic community.

Canada was part of a NATO force that intervened militarily in the province in 2003 to stop Serbian attacks on the civilian population. (A lie, see below)

end quote here

The last sentence in the above report is a direct lie and shows how far the anti-Serb propaganda has gone.

Our Jewish friends on Israpundit and on other Jewish sites in Canada and America must step up to the mark on this one. For Canadians it has less to do with Quebec than as a matter of principle and of unity with the Serbs and essentially to defend themselves as Jews against reaction.

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