By Felix Quigley

The worsening of the economic crisis in the world capitalist system is having its very sharp reflection especially in the Middle East and the dangers from Fascism faced by the Jewish people in Israel. The Jews of Israel had to create their state in the teeth of opposition from US and British Imperialism and of the Fascism of the Arab States in 1948.

Cheney’s visit yesterday to Israel is a major threat to Jews

Yesterday Dick Cheney – the vice President of the United States – paid a visit to Israel. He was pictured with the Israeli leaders, in particular with traitor to the Jews, Israeli President, Shimon Peres. Cheney in Israel is a very evil presence and no good will come out of this visit. It is a most serious threat to the lives of many thousands of Jewish people.

Cheney is close to the Neocon Movement in the US which was responsible for the murder of thousands and thousands of Serbian peasants and ordinary workers by Croatian Nazis, by Izetbegovic Islamofascists and by the Thaci Kosovo Albanian thugs.

Cheney is also close to the politics of John McCain, the pro Islamofascist who will be at the centre of the NeoCons in their upcoming election. McCain is the man whom the Jewish website Israpundit is going to support. This will amount to the greatest ever betrayal ever of the Jewish people. We will be dealing with the betrayals of this website in coming articles.

We say, not Clinton, not Obama and not McCain. More on Israpundit shortly.

First Cheney in Israel.

Cheney said this:

Mr Cheney said history had shown that “Israelis are prepared to make wrenching national sacrifices on behalf of peace” when encountered by Arab partners “who accepted Israel’s permanence and are willing and capable of delivering on their commitments”.

When Cheney starts talking about a people, any people, making “wrenching national sacrifices” then watch out. This is the language of US Imperialism as it organized the invasions of Iraq and the creation of an Islamist regime in Iraq which will be controlled by Iran, and will offer a clear run to the Iranian Islamofascist Revolutionary Guards through Iraq to the very borders of Israel.

Cheney, Clinton, Obama and especially McCain are in league with Islamofascism big time, shown in the support which they all gave to the Islamofascists of Izetbegovic and Thaci and to all the murders carried out on defenceless Serbian people by the Coatian Nazis of Tudjman in the Krajina.

So we on 4international say very clearly to all our Jewish readers, when Bush or Cheney talk about Jews “making sacrifices”, then what they are really saying is that Jews will be sacrificed, in the same way that Jews – 6 million of them – were murdered by the Nazis in the Holocaust, while the US and British Imperialists could not be bothered to blow up the railway lines which were running to the death camps.

That sort of “sacrifice” is on the cards for the Jews of Israel from US Imperialism. So the visit by Cheney yesterday is most ominous.

To continue the BBC report of this evil Cheney visit to Israel:

start quote here

The vice-president attended an Easter Mass in Jerusalem and met more Israeli officials before his visit to Ramallah. In a meeting with Israeli President Shimon Peres, he reiterated Washington’s commitment to the Middle East peace process. “We’re obviously dedicated to doing all we can as an administration to try to move the peace process forward and also obviously actively involved in dealing with the threats we see emerging in the region,” he said. In Ramallah, Mr Cheney is due to meet Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and Palestinian Prime Minister Salam Fayyad.

‘Darkening shadows’

US President George W Bush has said he hopes for a peace deal before he leaves office in January.

Both Mr Cheney and Mr Olmert referred to regional tensions in the Middle East.

“We must not, and will not, ignore the darkening shadows of the situations in Gaza, in Lebanon, in Syria and in Iran and the forces there that are working to derail the hopes of the world,” Mr Cheney said shortly after landing in Israel.

Mr Olmert said that there were “many items on the common agenda” of the US and Israel including Iran and carrying on peace negotiations with Palestinians.

“We are watching very carefully the northern front, the behaviour of Syria, and Hezbollah,” he added.

Hamas spokesman Fawzi Barhoum called Mr Cheney’s comments “completely biased in favour of the Israeli occupation”.

He said they confirmed that the US “is a partner to Israel in its war against our people and against the Gaza Strip”.

end quote here

It seems right somehow that the BBC should report on Cheney taking in a mass on his visit. One of the darker forces behind the threat to the Jews from Palestinian Islamofascism is the presence of the Vatican and the present German Pope, who follows in the footsteps of the reactionary and anti-communist Pope John Paul the Second, a communist hating Pole. Poland, Germany, all significant geographical points of reference for sure in the Jewish agony.

And please note when the US ruling class talks about moving the peace process forward they are really already counting the bodies as a result of the war process, and if Jews doubt that they only have to look across at the present plight of the Iraqi people, murdered in their thousands, and with repressive Islamist gangsters now in power.

Note also in the above how carefully this evil US leader talks incessently about Israel and the US being together. This is the political theatre that they enact continually. This is the trap that the US continually leads the Jews of Israel into.

As against those who lead the Jews into this trap, we on 4international, along with our vital historical material on the agony which the Serbs have gone through, will also be letting a scientifically correct and socialist revolutionary perspective for the Jews of Israel to follow. Only the revolutionary socialism of Leon Trotsky offers any hope at all to the Jews, not just in the future, but in the very present 

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