by Felix Quigley

24 March 2008

The issue of who is going to lead the Jewish people and what leadership in fact can save the Jewish people is sharply posed as never before. The equivalent period is the 1930s when the Nazis of Germany were making their preparations to destroy the Jews.

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23/03/2008 12:59 CAIRO, March 23 (RIA Novosti) – Russia and Egypt will sign an agreement on cooperation in the civilian nuclear energy sector next week, Egyptian Foreign Minister Ahmed Abul Gheit said.

The document will be signed during a forthcoming visit by Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak to Moscow on March 24-25, Gheit said.

“This agreement will enable Egypt to use Russia’s extensive experience in the peaceful use of nuclear energy,” Gheit said.

A source in Egypt’s electricity and energy ministry earlier said the document will lay the foundation for nuclear energy cooperation between Egypt and Russia and will strengthen relations between Russian companies and Egypt.

However, the agreement will not automatically mean that Russian companies will build nuclear power plants in Egypt.

“Companies will be selected at an international tender to be announced by the Egyptian government at the end of the year,” the source said.

At the same time, Nabil Rashwan, an expert on Russia, said that the agreement would allow Russia to build nuclear power plants in Egypt, train Egyptian personnel and supply nuclear fuel, adding that cooperation with Russia was more advantageous than with the U.S. that imposed tough restrictions, including regular inspections and control.

According to Rashwan, the U.S. is pressurizing Egypt to place its nuclear program under U.S. control to protect the security of Israel.

Russia, which is responsible for the Iranian nuclear plant in Bushehr and which recently signed a similar deal with Bulgaria, is determined to infiltrate the Egyptian market – which has thus far been dominated by France and the United States.

Mubarak is scheduled to meet with both outgoing president Vladimir Putin and his successor Dmitry Medvedev, who will take office on May 7.

Egyptian daily al-Masri al-Youm reported over the weekend that Washington is applying enormous pressure on Egypt not to sign the burgeoning deal. The report, attributing the comments to “sources in the know,” said the US was actively trying to put obstacles in the path of nuclear cooperation between Russia and Egypt.

According to the sources, Washington is trying to gain ground with Egypt on the matter at hand so as to gain control of its nuclear plan and add the Egyptian program to the list of those under US supervision.

The report also asserted that the US had already thwarted a similar agreement during Mubarak’s trip to Russian last year.

Reactor will be operational by 2017
A Russian delegation headed by Victor Khristenko, minister of industry and energy, visited Cairo last week to promote the deal. Mubarak met with the group and urged them to speed-up the project so as to provide an alternative energy source for fuel and gas. Egypt is also considering at least three tenders from other nations.

Officials in Egypt said the final decision on the matter will only be made in 2009. The reactor is scheduled to be operational by 2017.

Estimates indicate on the one hand that Egypt may be signaling that it is serious regarding the agreement with Russia, while other State officials believe Cairo’s intent is to pressure Washington into stepping in and aiding it with its nuclear program.

Senior State officials have said that Israel has no objections to the development of civilian nuclear technology by friendly nations. “So long as friendly nations are the ones supplying the reactors and the fuel and the project is being monitored by the International Atomic Energy Agency and cannot be used for military purposes – Israel has no problem with it,” said one of the sources.

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You can see from the above two sources that humanity is once again casting the Jews into an impossible situation. The political content of the whole of the Arab League states since their inception was clearly Nazi and antisemitic. The Persian state of Iran under the counter revolution led by Khomeiny and the Mullahs is the worst form of Fascism and Jew Hatred, certainly the equal of Hitler. The Iranian Fascist state has threatened Israel and the Jews with obliteration. The US has clearly stated through its Intelligence Report of a few months ago that the US will offer no assistance to Israel against Iran, in fact quite the opposite you can say, because the US under Carter created the Fascist Mullah power there. Now there is this threat from Egypt, Russia and the United States in an as yet undefined manner because Egypt clearly is playing the Russians off against the US.

There is wide knowledge and understanding of these issues among many ordinary folk and among youth (but the crisis of leadership remains in that power remains in the hands of appeasers like Livni Olmert and Barak). I was struck by the clarity of these comments on the Ynet article:

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Jonathon Sabbah wrote

Why should Israel have a problem with Egypt getting a “civilian” nuclear program, when Israel has no problem being bombed by Egypt’s proxy Hamas.

A few years ago Livni said that the world will only recognize when Israel allows for the establishment of a Palestinian state.

When the people of Israel stop electing incompetent leaders, security will be closer.

Scott wrote

Does anyone really think that the ME will remain intact for THAT long , 2017?!

Nora from Tel Aviv wrote

Egypt nuclear? Understandable. Kuweit nuclear? Next in line. But what about MIcronesia? They have all the rights in the world to become nuclear too.
Next? Next, Armageddon.

Billy from Canada wrote

Folks! You’ve such a short momery! The American Aid to Egypt is a part of Carter’s deal with Sadat & Begin for peace treaty. Nothing to do with what you’re talking about! It a “price” of peace that Americans are paying willingly for the peace in ME. And by the way, they did not because they’re in love with either Israel or Egypt. They’re paying it cause it helps their strategic objectives in theis troubled region.

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We on 4international believe that in the Russia Egypt Nuclear issue this is some of the most serious news and developments that we have heard of. It represents a major, major threat to Israel. It can be approached like this perhaps:

The tradition of antisemitism in Russia is enormous and most serious. Paul Johnson in his book History of the Jews described the filthy antisemitism which poured out from the Russian Stalinist (please note we do not call it “communist”) Government in the 60s and 70s. This had a major effect on the Communist Left throughout the world to the point today where we refer to the left as the Fascist fake “Left”. This is understood well by our movement and only a scoundrel will confuse Stalinism with what we represent -Trotskyism

Then there is the role of US and EU Imperialism. The US not only forced Israel to make a peace with Egypt, signing away the strategically vital Sinai to its enemy, and this has been no peace at all. As one comment above points out Egypt has armed and supported the evil antisemites of Hamas. But the US through its huge power in the region forced Israel to accept the deal. Then followed massive arms assistance to Egypt from the US. And as the person above says, why not also help from the US for a nuclear Egypt! The antisemitic Arab League is setting up a new arms nuclear race in the Middle East, a direct threat to Israel.

What should Israel do is a major question. We on 4international believe that Israel must find the leadership which will unite patriots in Israeli society with patriots in the IDF,  and immediately strike a blow to destroy the Iran nuclear bomb making plants. And when the time is opportune Israel must destroy every bomb making facility which the Arab League fascist states will organize. Israel must do so while at thje same time making a call to the Arab and Iranian Persian masses of workers, youth and students to help by overthowing their tyranny and in the fight against antisemitism seek a friendship with Jews. These youth must understand, or come to understand…This is not a may be for Israel, this is an absolute must.

In every way the present Russian ruling class, the Chinese also, are carrying on the Stalinist antisemitism tradition I mentioned above. The forces of Judaism, essentially a religion cum national movement, will be unable to meet this and unable even to understand it. There are needed two factors in the situation.

Firstly 4international joins together with all Jews and Serbs who are prepared to fight against Stalinism and against Imperialism. We emphasise here those who are prepared to fight against Imperialism, and especially against American and EU Imperialisms.

Secondly our own leadership must be built in a struggle to develop this Trotskyist policy and programme.

Postscript: Although this news has just broken today we on 4international have a proud history on this question. Today is the 24 of March but on the 13 of March I wrote the following on a Jewish blog called Israpundit. Note please carefully what I said about the Arab States and their Fascist leaderships in relation to the Nuclear Bomb and the defence of Israel:

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There is need for a new organization to unite those on a programme based on principle.

Such as

Oppose the Palestinian state

Oppose Kosovo Independence

Oppose the creation of Islamofascist states by the US and EU

Unity with the Iranian youth and students and homosexuals in their battle against Fascist Mullahs

Call on Arab masses to break from Antisemitism and Islamofascism, overthrow their reactionary rulers and join with Israel, in defence of Israel.

Israel must destroy the Iranian bomb and must prevent at all costs any of the Arab League states acquiring the Nuclear Bomb.

To carry out this programme is needed first of all an organization, It was called by Trotsky a United Front. It is made up of all those who will fight against Imperialism and Fascism and it has certain minimum demands. Inside this United Front there is full freedom of discussion.

In Israel what do we aim for?

It is vital to organize the forces around certain demands and aims.

Firstly I reject position of Yamit not to take the war against the Shas leadership. (This was a reference to a political opponent I met on Israpundit) The supporters of Shas must be mobilised rapidly against their leaders who are passive and opportunist rascals.

Secondly total opposition to the thinking of Isseroff and the Israeli Labour Party, Communist Party (not Communist but Stalinist) and the Peace Movement.

Seek a unity between revolutionary atheists and religious Jews in a fight to create an Israel which wages active war on antisemitism. This will entail a government which will close down for starters Haaretz, without any compensation, and its machinery taken over and run by revolutionary Israelis. The immediate expulsion from the country of traitors and antisemites like Pappe, Hass, Levy and many others in the Media and in Academia. The insistence that there is no place in Israel for antisemites. Arabs who do not fight in the Army for Israel to be immediately expelled. It is a treasonable offense. The same applies to Jews.

And the Israel to fight for? An Israel in which religion is a private matter and where antisemitism is outlawed in which then Jews have a space to follow their ancient religion and traditions without molestation.

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The crisis of leadership inside the international working class is particularly sharp and this is reflected inside the Jewish and the Serbian movement. We invite all to read our articles on this website, especially the lengthy article 2 days ago on Croatia, and if you wish more information or just discussion email us at felixquigleyatyahoodotcom (disguised for spam avoidance purposes just replace with . etc)

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