by Felix Quigley

Peter Tatchell has attacked George Galloway, (March 26, 2008, CIF The Guardian) the reactionary from Scotland who hates Israel. He attacks Galloway because Galloway is defending the Iranian Mullah Fascists and does not want any exposure of the crimes of the Fascists in Iran against Homosexuals. But in actual fact Tatchell is united with Galloway in their combined hatred of Israel!Peter Tatchell has written the following:

“I am part of a new campaign group, Hands Off the People of Iran (HOPI). HOPI opposes both a US war on Iran and the tyranny of the Iranian regime. My motto is: Neither Washington nor Tehran! A war against Iran would be another disastrous neo-imperial adventure, which would strengthen the Tehran dictatorship. President Ahmadinejad would play the patriot and manipulate nationalism to rally the population behind him. He would use a US military attack as an excuse to further crack down on dissent in the name of safeguarding national security.The overthrow of the theocratic police state by the Iranian people – not by US military intervention – is the best way to resolve the nuclear crisis and prevent a needless, unjustified war. With no dictatorship in Tehran, President Bush and the neo cons would lose the rationale for a military strike against Iran.”


We on 4international naturally representing the revolutionary principles of Leon Trotsky are totally opposed to the repression of homosexuals, and call for full freedom in every way for homosexuals, and to be treated by society in exactly the same way as heterosexuals. Absolutely no difference.

However, Tatchell as can easily be seen, does not stop there. Tatchell carries quite a bit of other baggage with him. He is in fact an enemy of Israel and a supporter of Palestinian Fascism.

On 15 May, 2004 Tatchell led his movement on a demonstration in support of Palestinian Fascism, and against Israel, to Trafalgar Square in London. This report amply demonstrates the reactionary and confused morass that Tatchell leads, and indeed adds weight to:

 start quote here

Lesbians and gay men from OutRage! and the Queer Youth Alliance joined
today’s demonstration in London to support the human rights of the
people of Palestine. But they also urged the Palestinian Authority to
halt the arrest, torture and murder of homosexuals.
They marched with placards reading: “Israel: stop persecuting
Palestine! Palestine: stop persecuting queers!”

As soon as they arrived in Trafalgar Square to join the demonstration,
the gay protesters were surrounded by an angry, screaming mob of
Islamic fundamentalists, Anglican clergymen, members of the Socialist
Workers Party, the Stop the War Coalition, and officials from the
protest organisers, the Palestine Solidarity Campaign (PSC). They
variously attacked the gay activists as “racists”, “Zionists”, “CIA
and MI5 agents”, “supporters of the Sharon government” and “dividing
the Free Palestine movement”. 
(In fact, as we shall see, Tatchell and his group was united with these Fascists on a common platform of hatred for Israel which was why he was actually on the march, an anti Israel affair from beginning to end…FQ)

PSC organisers asked the gay activists to “stand at the back of the
demonstration”, and when they refused blocked their placards with
their own banners and shouted down the gay campaigners as they tried
to speak to journalists and other protesters.
Most people at the Palestine protest expressed no hostility towards
OutRage! and the Queer Youth Alliance. Some expressed positive

”We call on the PLO and Palestinian Authority to condemn homophobia,
uphold queer human rights, and to order an immediate end to the abuse
of lesbian and gay Palestinians”, said OutRage! protester, Brett

“Having experienced the pain of homophobia, we deplore the suffering
inflicted on Palestinians by the Israeli government”.

“Both Islamophobia and homophobia are intolerable. Upholding the
principle of universal human rights, we support the human rights of
the people of Palestine. We call on the Palestinians to recognise the
human rights of gay Palestinians”.

Another protester, Peter Tatchell, said:
“Gay Palestinians live in fear of arrest, detention without trial,
torture and execution at the hands of Palestinian police and security
services. They also risk abduction and so-called honour killing by
vengeful family members and vigilante mobs, as well as punishment
beatings and murder by Palestinian political groups such as Hamas and
Yasser Arafat’s Fatah movement”.

“These revelations come from the independent human rights watchdog,
B’Tselem, and from the Israeli gay rights groups Aguda and Open House,
which help gay Palestinian refugees”.

The abuse of Palestinian gays has been confirmed by two senior
Palestine Liberation Organisation officials in conversations with
queer rights activist, Peter Tatchell.

“Both officials expressed personal regret concerning these abuses but
said their liberal views were not shared by the majority of PLO
officials and supporters”, said Mr Tatchell.

“For over 30 years I have supported the Palestinian struggle for
national liberation (my emphasis…FQ)
, but it would be wrong to remain silent while the PLO, Hamas and the Palestinian Authority are abducting, brutalising and murdering lesbian and gay Palestinians. Freedom for Palestine must be freedom for all Palestinians – straight and gay.
“Unless we challenge the abuse of queer human rights now, this violent
homophobia will become entrenched in a new Palestinian state and
Palestinian leaders will be emboldened to abuse the rights of other
Palestinian citizens”, said Tatchell.

end quote here


So Tatchell claims that “For over 30 years I have supported the Palestinian struggle for national liberation”. But this (that Palestinianism is national liberation) is a lie and a myth as any reading of the history or the analyses by researchers like Jared Israel or Francisco Gil White will make abundantly clear.

Tatchell in fact buys into the big lie against Israel and on this vital matter Tatchell is on the same side as the notorious enemy of Israel, George Galloway.  He is also on the same side as the Fascist fake “Left” groups like the WRP and the SWP.

We recall above the words of Tatchell on the issue of the Iranian Nuclear Bomb which are:

start quote here

A war against Iran would be another disastrous neo-imperial adventure, which would strengthen the Tehran dictatorship. President Ahmadinejad would play the patriot and manipulate nationalism to rally the population behind him. He would use a US military attack as an excuse to further crack down on dissent in the name of safeguarding national security. “

end quote here

Here Tatchell does a number of very deceitful things

 1. He plays up the idea that the US will attack Iran. In fact according to the researches of Francisco Gil White and Jared Israel the US is in league with Iran and has no intention of attacking Iran or stopping Iran acquiring the Nuclear Bomb

2. Tatchell completely ignores, doing this obviously deliberately, that the Iranian Fascist regime is developing the Nuclear Bomb in order to use it against Israel. We know this because the Mullahs have said this.

3. Tatchell therefore is expecting Israel not to defend itself against these Fascists in possession of the Nuclear Bomb.

4. Tatchell does one other very deceitful thing. He talks about a war with Iran. First of all Iran is already at war with Israel. Secondly he talks about total war with Iran. That is not the case and certainly not what Israel will and must do. Israel must strike against the Nuclear Bomb facilities and must not be involved if possible in a war against Iran. In striking against the Nuclear Bomb of Iran Israel must call on the Iranian workers, youth, students, homosexuals, all who are repressed by the Mullah Fascism, to rise up, overthrow the Fascists and seek friendship with the Jews of Israel.

That must in fact be the spur to overthrowing the Fascist dictatorship in Iran.

Why does Tatchell not make that call.? The answer is simple. He hates Israel. He is prepared to see Israel under threat from the Iranian Nuclear Bomb. He is prepared to see Iran given the time to create the Nuclear bomb. He wishes that Israel will do nothing and allow these Persian Murdering Fascists to acquire the Nuclear Bomb. Tatchell is when you strip everything away a reactionary.

Tatchell in fact is on the same side as Galloway and all of those other Fascist fake “Left” groups who hate Israel. And in fact the defence of Homosexuals will not be conducted by Tatchell either. That is an amazing but true fact.


  1. It is the case that gays are sometimes the victims of dishonor killings.

    Ellen R. Sheeley, Author
    “Reclaiming Honor in Jordan”

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