by Felix Quigley

Why has it been so well hidden that the state of Croatia, backed by the US and EU Imperialist powers, carried out a massive act of ethnic cleansing in the Krajina? Rather more to the point is: how has it been hidden?

Why did the “truth seeking” journalists of the world not move in and do their job, simply report?

These are important questions to ask in dealing with articles which have recently appeared on




In an article, “Joe Lieberman Apologist for the Fascist KLA”, Jared Israel wrote about this problem about why news of what was really happening in Yugoslavia did not leak out. What was going on in the Krajina region, and why was exposure not given to the murders of defenceless Serb people who lived there, and who had lived there for at least a thousand years?

 We have a clue to how this happened by looking at a parallel event in Yugoslavia, that was the whole events surrounding Srebrenica. That town has become known as the place where “the Serbs carried out a horrific genocide against Bosnian Muslims”. Except that they did not carry out such a massacre at all! But there was a prolonged killing, adding up to a real massacre, of ordinary Serb people, who lived in or close to the “Safe Area” set up by the UN in the Srebrenica area. You get the drift, a massacre IS carried out, the Serbs are blamed for a massacre. It seems the bolder the lie the more successful it becomes.

So to understand how the ethnic cleansing of the Krajina by the US backed Tudjman forces was hidden, it is good to look at this piece of writing by Jared Israel, which appeared on the website Emperors New Clothes. We give an extract but as always we provide the url so that you can read the full article.

[begin quote here] 

Why should people read articles challenging this massacre story? After all, it’s consistent with what one has been told: that Srebrenica was a safe haven where the UN was supposed to protect Muslims from supposedly murderous Serbs; that the Muslims, portrayed in the media as an oppressed group, were moderate and tolerant while the Serbs were supposedly fanatical Muslim-haters with a Hitlerian vision of a mono-ethnic state; that therefore it was no surprise that when the Serbs took Srebrenica, they supposedly killed thousands of Muslims as fast as they could. Why should you read material challenging the Srebrenica massacre story when you, dear reader, have limited time and you may have read nothing in the media that would cast doubt on any of the above? My answer is, that is precisely why you should be skeptical about the massacre story.  Permit me to explain.The credibility of the official massacre story depends on the credibility of media coverage of Yugoslavia in general and of what happened in Eastern Bosnia, including Srebrenica, in particular.  If that coverage has been objective, why should one entertain the possibility that the entire media has manufactured or gone along with lies about a supposed giant massacre?  How might the media objectively cover a bitter conflict like the one in Bosnia?  First, it would endeavor to fairly report what each side said, giving them equal time.  Then it would investigate claims.  For example, if each side accused the other of spreading hate propaganda, the media might publish each side’s claims and then compare those claims to samples of each side’s propaganda, both written material and what was said at rallies and in mass meetings.  If each accused the other of atrocities, the media could publish the accounts of both sides, and then do hard investigative work to see who – if anyone – was telling the truth. It would hunt for lies, because what people lie about is most revealing.If you are like most, you have no idea what the Serbs said about what happened in and around Srebrenica from the time the Bosnian war started in the spring of 1992 until the so-called fall of Srebrenica in 1995.  No idea at all.  And therein lies the evidence that the media cannot be trusted about Srebrenica: because in fact, the Serbs said, and published, a great deal about Muslim extremist atrocities against them, but the Western media published virtually none of it. What was published by the Western media stands out for the same reason that gold stands out, because it is rare. [1]

For the Western media to have lied for the past ten years about Srebrenica assumes that the media has been organized, by whatever means, to distort information.  It is hard – and rather awful – to believe that such a level of organization for lying could exist. But exactly the same level of organization is required in order for the entire media not to have sought out Serbian eye-witness accounts and human interest stories, to have suppressed almost all evidence of funerals of Serb victims, news reports in the Serbian media, documents and photographs distributed by the government of Serbia and by the Bosnian Serb government and army, and so on. The public is unaware of the existence of such data because the media has suppressed almost all of it. You, by the very fact that you have not seen this material, are living proof.

Let me give you an example. 

In June 1993 the United Nations published a 132-page report entitled “Memorandum on War Crimes and Crimes of Genocide in Eastern Bosnia (communes of Bratunac, Skelani and Srebrenica) committed against the Serbian population from April 1992 to April 1993.” Note the dates: April 1992 was the very beginning of the war in Bosnia.  The Serbs charged that from the outset of the war the so-called Bosnian government (they say it was a government run by a faction of Muslims, the extremist faction) had a policy of genocide against Serbs.

You never heard of this document? I am not surprised.  I checked with the Lexis-Nexis media search engine. I could not find a single English-language newspaper or TV news program that reported that it existed. 

The point is, in order for the public to come to any judgment about the accuracy of this UN document, it had to know the document existed and what was in it. To that end, the media of course should have reported the existence of said document and what it charged, with extensive quotations in newspapers of record such as the New York Times, and it should have seriously investigated the horrific charges. 

The undeniable fact that most people, at least (but not only) in the NATO countries, are completely ignorant of what the Serbs wrote and said about Muslim extremist crimes against Serbs in Eastern Bosnia, including Srebrenica, is sufficient to make a prima facie case that media reporting concerning Eastern Bosnia, including Srebrenica, has been anti-Serb propaganda, not news.  Thus there is every reason for you to be skeptical concerning media claims about a supposed huge massacre by Serbs in Srebrenica.  By suppressing virtually everything said and written by the Serbian side in the bitter Bosnian conflict, the media has perjured itself.  Would you accept, on faith, the word of a perjured witness?

Below are links to the pdf files of the UN report so that you may read it, only 12 years late.

Jared Israel
Editor, Emperor’s Clothes


Memorandum on War Crimes and Crimes of Genocide in Eastern Bosnia (communes of Bratunac, Skelani and Srebrenica) committed against the Serbian population from April 1992 to April 1993.

A/48/177 and S/25835

Item 115 (c) of the preliminary list
Human Rights Questions: Human Rights Situations and Reports of Special Rapporteurs and Representatives

2 June 1993

Note: Four sections of the UN document repeat the same three introductory pages, followed by the appropriate texts.   


Comments by Petar Makara

Consulting Editor, Emperor’s Clothes. The horror that Bosnian Serbs suffered at the hands of Muslims in the vicinity of Srebrenica is no secret. The Yugoslav State Commission for War Crimes submitted a 132 page study presenting this Serbian suffering as early as May 24, 1993 to the United Nations Security Council. Representatives of Republika Srpska (the Bosnian Serb Republic) were not allowed to submit similar documents because  Republika Srpska was not recognized by the United Nations. Yugoslavia, as a UN member state (since 1945) and one of its  founding nations, was allowed to submit this document. The Security Council admitted the study as an official United Nations document. The document was given UN id numbers A/46/171 and S/25635 and dated 2 June 1993. Many UN documents, crucial for understanding the civil wars in Bosnia in 1990’s, were, on American insistence, declared classified. But this document was not. Its distribution was marked “General.” Any Western journalist could have stopped by room GA57 in the basement of the U.N. Building at the corner of 46th Street and 1st Ave. in New York and gotten a copy. Or they could just called the U.N. Public Inquiry Office at (212) 963-4475 and ordered it.If the contents of this document are false, why didn’t the Western media report it and refute it?  Its suppression eloquently proclaims its validity and the dishonesty of the media that suppressed the very news of its existence.We present it in its entirety. More. It is scanned in original form. You can print the PDF files and you will have a photo-copy of the original. Petar Makara
Emperor’s Clothes
Pages 1 – 21 of the document. Historical background. Serbian suffering in the region. Repeated acts of hostility toward the Serbian population in and around Srebrenica, this time in the 1990s. A list of recent Serbian victims of Muslim crime.
The list of Serbian victims 
Pages 22 – 40 of the document. Bosnian Serbs from in and around Srebrenica murdered by Bosnian Muslims from April 20, 1992 to April 5, 1993, organized by date, victim’s first name, father’s name (in parenthesis), last name, year of birth, place of birth, county.
Pages 41 – 51 of the document. General description of the crimes committed: Types of torture and murder, plunder of Serbian property, cleansing of the Serbian population.
Muslim perpetrators 
Pages 52 – 80 of the document. Bosnian Muslim perpetrators. Their full names, types of crime committed. Places and dates of their crimes.
Victims’ statements – part 1 
Pages 81 – 104 of the document. Some surviving Serbian victims tell, in their own words, what they went through and how they survived.
Victims’ statements – part 2 
Pages 105 – 132 of the document. Continuation: surviving Serbian victims tell what they went through.
end quote here
[end quote here]

One of the biggest weapons which the Fascists of Croatia and the Islamofascists of Bosnia and Albania had in their hands was the support of the main Jewish organizations in America. The whole story of the interconnection between America and these national groups in the Balkans was well put in this extract from Diana Johnstone’s book Fool’s Crusade. From Diana Johnstone’s Fool’s Crusade, Pluto Press 2002, p. 68-70:This book is a fantastic source for understanding some of the truth about Yugoslavia. Diana Johnstone is a hated figure with Kamm, Hoare, Harry’s Place and all of that viciously pro Islamofascist group which exists in the British Media, which is now encompassing the American and Canadian Media in the form of Fascist-supporting fake “Lefts” like Naomi Klein and her Husband, and many others.

The following is a useful extract from that book:

[begin quote here]

Creating a Public Opinion

On 7 July 1991, under the auspices of the European Community, the leaders of Slovenia and Croatia agreed (in the so-called “Brioni Declaration”) to suspend their declarations of independence for three months to allow negotiations toward a peaceful solution. However, during this supposed cooling-off period a major unilateral step was taken in the most decisive of all wars in Yugoslavia: the public relations war. On 12 August 1991, the Croatian government hired the American public relations firm Ruder Finn Global Public Affairs to “develop and carry out strategies and tactics for communication with members of the U.S. House of Representatives and the Senate as well as with officials of the U.S. government including the State Department, the National Security Council and other relevant agencies and departments of the U.S. government as well as with American and international news media“. On 12 November 1991, Ruder Finn’s contract was renewed to include lobbying in relation to diplomatic recognition, sanctions, and embargoes, as well as briefings for officials of the first Bush administration and preparation of special background material, press releases, both reactive and proactive articles and letters to the editors to appear in major newspapers, briefings for journalists, columnists, and commentators. In January and February 1992, Ruder Finn organized trips to Croatia for U.S. Congressmen. The United States recognized Croatia as an independent state on 7 April 1992.

Many people’s first impressions of the conflict were influenced by the deluge of press releases sent to Congressmen and media. Video clips with frightful images of death and destruction were distributed worldwide with commentaries designed to support the idea that the fighting taking place in Croatia was part of a deliberate plan to create “Greater Serbia” by the conquering Croatia.

On 23 June 1992, Izetbegovic’s government in Sarajevo in turn signed a contract with Ruder Finn in order to promote a stronger leadership role for the United States in the Balkans. To this end, the agency undertook an impressive array of actions, notably setting up a “Bosnia Crisis Communication Center” in contact with American, British, and French media; media appearance coaching for Bosnian foreign minister Haris Silajdzic; sending press releases to U.S. Congressmen and “Fax Updates” on developments in Bosnia-Herzegovina to over 300 addresses, including the most important world media and parliamentarians; writing 17 letters to be signed by Izetbegovic and Silajdzic and addressed to top world representatives at international conferences; organizing personal contacts between Silajdzic and Al Gore, Margaret Thatcher, and other influential personalities, including 17 U.S. Senators; placing articles on in the editorial pages of the New York Times, the Washington Post, USA Today, the Wall Street Journal, and so on.

Siladjdzic revealed the effects of his Ruder Finn training in subsequent conversation with the French writer Bernard-Henry Levy, who had undertaken volunteer public relations for Izetbegovic in Paris. Silajdzic boasted naively of being a “star” in the United States, and claimed that he was able to change millions of votes by merely appearing on television. Silajdzic startled Levy by reproaching him for failing to exploit sufficiently the “propaganda” theme of “genocide“. This showed his “American side”, commented Levy.

Eighteen months after taking the Croatian contract, Ruder Finn was able to boast to having “developed a reputation as the international public relations agency with the greatest experience and involvement with the crisis in the Balkans. Our work has helped put Ruder Finn on the map in Washington, DC, and internationally.” The agency claimed to have gained “dozens of close contacts in Congress and among the news media”.

In October 1992, Ruder Finn took up the job of public relations for the ethnic Albanian separatists in the Serbian province of Kosovo.

In March 1993, as hostilities sharpened between Croatia and Muslim forces disputing territory in Bosnia-Herzegovina, the Croatian government turned to another American agency, Waterman and Associates, to stave off eventual Muslim accusations that Croatia shared equal responsibility with Serbia. The campaigns on behalf of Tudjman’s Croatia enjoyed financial and political support from Croatian E­migre organizations in the United States and Canada.

In April 1993, French television journalist Jacques Merlino visited the Washington headquarters of Ruder Finn Global Public Affairs to interview the man in charge of the Balkan contracts, James Harff. Merlino asked Harff what he considered his proudest achievement in this operation. The answer: “Having succeeded in putting Jewish opinion on our side.” The image of both Croats and Bosnian Muslims risked being tarnished by their involvement in the persecution of Jews during World War II. “Our challenge was to turn that around”, Harff told Merlino, and this had been done thanks to the “camps” story.

In the first days of August 1992, the Long Island newspaper Newsday published reports from its Bonn correspondent Roy Gutman, based on interviews in Zagreb, telling of horrendous conditions in Serb-run internment camps in Bosnia. Seeing the potential impact of comparison with Nazi “death camps”, Ruder Finn immediately contacted three major Jewish organizations, the B’nai B’rith Anti-Defamation League, the American Jewish Committee, and the American Jewish Congress, suggesting they publicly protest. They did. This launched the demonization of Serbs as the new Nazis. In 1993, Ruder Finn was awarded the Silver Medal of the Public Relations Society of America in the category “crisis communication“.

[end quote here]

Why did the Jewish leaders in America swallow all of the lies spun to them by the American ruling class? Perhaps the truth, and the only truth, is because we live in a class society and because the dominant ideas are the ideas of the ruling class. They certainly have the means of dissemination of information (and disinformation) at their disposal and every clarification has to be conducted in a major and serious struggle against those dominant ideas.

The whole world is full of this single truth, well known to the traditional Marxist movement, ever since Lenin wrote his pamphlet “What is to be Done”, which we have referred to on our website 4international.

An example of this truth picked at random (there are thousands daily) is a speech by Israeli MK Eltad.

In an article “The fate of Sderot is the fate of Jerusalem”, written on 13 November, 2007, he said:

[start quote here]

What advice can we give to the refugees from Sderot? Don’t buy an apartment in Kfar Saba, Ra’anana or Hadera: they are within range; and if Lieberman’s twisted plan to transfer the Triangle area and Wadi Ara comes to fruition, then avoid Afula, as well. For the moment, it appears that Mitzpeh Ramon is relatively safe and Yerucham, too. The garbage dump of Chiria (renamed for Sharon) and the industrial park of Ramat Chovav with its stench are, at least for the time being, safe havens.

I really don’t know why I’m writing this. Even before the withdrawal from Gaza, we warned about what would happen to Sderot, and the people of Israel didn’t listen. Why should they listen now? Olmert and his buddies are pushing Israel towards the abyss on the assumption that Israelis are stupid and prefer not to hear the warnings. 

Those who succeeded in reducing the number of students in a classroom from 40 to 20 were the members of Hamas.

Anyone who has studied the history of the Jews in Europe before their destruction and was unable to understand why they did not escape when they could may understand now. Citizens of Israel are allowing their leaders to establish a terrorist state in the heart of their country and they’re closing their eyes to the writing on the wall. Against all logic, they hope that the evil will not befall them and that Jerusalem will not face what Sderot faces.

And why will it not? Does anybody in Israel believe that Abu Mazen has control over any area beyond his office walls? The Palestinians themselves call him “President of the Mukata’a” (his compound) in order to delineate the borders of his influence. The PLO has disintegrated completely. Fatah does not accept his authority and its splinter groups are under Iranian influence. Most of his administration’s bureaucrats have moved to Jordan and gangs rule the streets. And this is the Abu Mazen to whom Olmert wants to give Jerusalem and Tulkarem and Kalkilya. Suddenly, he has a “partner.”

The most corrupt and least able of Israeli prime ministers has chosen an irrelevant Palestinian leader as his partner just to stay in office a little longer. There are more supporters of Abu Mazen in Olmert’s Cabinet than there are among the Palestinians. There are more supporters of Olmert in Ramallah than there are in the State of Israel.

And the Hamas leaders are rubbing their hands in gleeful anticipation. With these two, and the assistance of Condoleezza Rice, their victory is assured.
3 Kislev 5768 / 13 November 07

[end quote here]

Eltad does not really understand how simple is the problem because his own background militates against it. But the real reason that Olmert gets away with it, and likely will get away with it, is the same reason they sold all the Big Lies about Srebrenica and the Krajina. The dominant ideas are the ideas of the ruling class and these ideas can only be fought through an ideological struggle. As far as I know Eltad remains at the level of an individual, and a bourgeois individual (in the sense of subscribing to the non-class understanding of society)

So if the American ruling class hold the powers of persuasion in their hands, a more or less total control, then what kind of message do they impart. Not far to look or hard to find, it is everywhere, but let us take this from a leading member of the American ruling class, who also has great influence among these Jewish organizations. His name is Joseph Lieberman. In a debate on The Guardian he wrote the following:

[start quote here]

Democratic US senator Joe Lieberman, who introduced the Kosovo Self Defence Act on March 25

If, after extended air strikes, it becomes clear that Mr Milosevic intends to continue his war of aggression, we must have an answer to the question of what next? The bill we are proposing provides us with such an answer, and an opportunity to send an uncompromising message to Mr Milosevic: we will not stand idly by and allow him to brutalise the people of Kosovo any longer.

This bill is premised on our belief that Nato ground forces will not be put into Kosovo unless the Serbs and Kosovans reach a peace agreement. If we adopt that stance, though, and Serbian aggression continues, we have an obligation to allow the Kosovans to defend themselves. Our legislation, by providing aid to the Kosovan military forces, would give them a fair chance to fight for their families and their future.

I am aware that this proposal will raise some concerns. I recall that when I first raised the idea of training and equipping the Bosnian army, many critics told us that we would destabilise an entire region or accelerate an arms race. In the end, I think those concerns were shown to be misguided.

Training and equipping the Bosnians enhanced the stability of the area and helped end the Bosnian war. The situation in Kosovo is different. But that does not diminish the suffering of the Kosovan people subjected to Serb aggression, nor negate their right to defend their families from the threat of genocide.

From the Guardian. Should the West arm the Kosovan Liberation Army?, Friday April 7, 1999.

 [end quote here]

This is a classic example of what we referred to above. Lieberman talks about the threat of “genocide” (That is the Big Lie) from the Serbs towards what he calls the “Kosovans”, but this is not understood as simply “any” US Congressman talking thus, this is a “Jewish” American Congress man talking. Exactly the point that Ruder Finn was making!

Jared Israel and Eric Garris writing on 20 August, 2000 said of this (Lieberman’s quote appearing first):

[begin quote here]

  • “[The] United States of America and the Kosovo Liberation Army stand for the same human values and principles … Fighting for the KLA is fighting for human rights and American values.” (Sen. Lieberman quoted in the ‘Washington Post,’ April 28, 1999)
  • In April, 1999, during the NATO aggression against Yugoslavia, Senators Joe Lieberman (Democrat) and John McCain (Republican) proposed legislation to arm the so-called Kosovo Liberation Army, or KLA. This was the “Kosova Self-Defense Act.” We have posted the text of the statement Lieberman made at the time below.

    Here are a few observations that may assist in putting Joe Lieberman’s actions in perspective.

    There is virtually no doubt that at the time Lieberman was calling for a law to arm the KLA, the US was already covertly providing arms and training to that secessionist-terrorist group.

    [end quote here]

    And indeed the message that McCain and Lieberman were transmitting into the American people through their very strong propaganda outlets was indeed that. The Serbs “were evil”. The KLA were a “national liberation force”, as was the Islamofascist philosophy underpinning Izetbegovic (also “progressive”, they said). Lieberman is quite specific on that above.

    Hence this was the message taken up by the American Jewish leaders. They in turn became the messengers and so the ideology of the ruling class is reinforced. And who was there to challenge this in America? Well nobody actually. There was Jared Israel, Francisco Gil-White and a few others. But they all remained at the level of individuals and individual effort.

    What is going on in these earth changing events? Why do people act thus? The Jewish leaders themselves are not fully conscious of the forces working through themselves. They have been groomed by history and by events you could say. This is not a new thought by any means.

    It was in 1852 in the Eighteenth Brumaire of Louis Bonapart that Marx wrote this, giving a clue to why and what these Jewish American leaders did in recent years to the Serbs:

    [start quote here]

    Hegel remarks somewhere that all great world-historic facts and personages appear, so to speak, twice. He forgot to add: the first time as tragedy, the second time as farce…Men make their own history, but they do not make it as they please; they do not make it under self-selected circumstances, but under circumstances existing already, given and transmitted from the past. The tradition of all dead generations weighs like a nightmare on the brains of the living.

    [end quote here]

    Jews coming to America found in the country a respite from antisemitism. They were actually finding the freedom brought about by the great American Revolution.

    Nothing however remains static and the great freedoms of the American and French Revolutions are not at all represented by the American ruling class today. The American ruling class, as the foremost Imperialist power in the world, is very definitely not a promoter of freedom. But these American despots, like Lieberman, have not forgotten the words of freedom. Just that they now use them to apply to the KLA, to Tudjman and to Izetbegovic. These Lieberman words of freedom are quite elastic and can even be extended to a Holocaust Denier like the disciple of Hajj Amin el Husseini, that is, Palestinian Arab Mahmud Abbas, and of course Jewish leaders will lap that up too. And tell other Jews whom they influence that it is so.

    It is good to be a little sceptical towards the “words” of the likes of Lieberman.

    Consider what might have happened if Jewish American leaders had not followed Ruder Finn, McCain and Lieberman, and did some investigation as to what was really taking place in Yugoslavia in the late 80s and 90s. Of course they were incapable of such independent investigation. They were on the same wavelength as Clinton, who remember had a mother named Cassidy, an Irish person who probably like the Jews found some sanctuary in the United States. They all swallowed the evil ideology of the American ruling class, and in fact became the ruling class.

    So if the American Jewish leaders had not given their huge influence on the issue of genocide and holocaust to promoting the Big Lie that the Serbs were guilty of “Holocaust and of Genocide” there would have been other implications.

    It was not all that hard to do. They might have simply said:

    You say the Serbs are guilty of genocide and of running concentration camps, as in the Holocaust. Show us the evidence please and let us consider and evaluate the evidence”.

    Then the American Jewish leaders and the very influential Jewish community in America might have opened up a discussion in America that would have shot a cannon through the lies of the American Presidents and State Departments in each era.

    Those implications might then be:

    9-11 might not have happened

    The position of Islamofascism in the United States, Canada and Britain would be much weaker and groups like CAIR more exposed

    Likely Mark Steyn might at the present not be facing prosecution and Hirsi Ali might still be in Europe fighting the necessary fight there, etc etc.

    (The 9-11 assertion above is not far fetched. The lies of Lieberman et al meant that Bin Laden could use the patronage of Izetbegovic in Bosnia in order to assemble the organization that made 9-11 possible. One principled journalist at least had the knowledge which could have been used: )

    The lessons of what happened in Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia and Kosovo are really the lessons in how Fascism is to be confronted today. Fascism is a modern phenomenon, a precise term used in connection with the growth of extra-parliamentary forces in the period of the decline of the capitalist system, and their conscious use by the rulers of that system.

    But the forces of Fascism were actually weak in these states, Croatia, Bosnia and of Kosovo. There was no mass movement behind these elements like you had in Italy under Mussolini and in Germany under the Nazis. What gave them all their power was that the Imperialists, especially the Imperialists of the US, of Germany and of Britain, weighed in to support and promote these Fascist forces. This made them very strong indeed. The sole reason was to promote the strategic interests of the US and EU Imperialist classes against their enemies. In that regard Israel is but a little blip on the map for these evil strategists, and Yugoslavia will turn out to be like a Sunday School picnic in comparision to what lies ahead, as Capitalism in its death agony will try to capture the Chinese, Indian and Russian markets by any means necessary. It could be by means of promoting Islamofascism and other forms of Fascism when it is apt to do so.

    Remember that future when you look at the photographs of Serbs murdered by Tudjman, backed by the US and EU Imperialists in the articles mentioned above.

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