by Felix Quigley

Olmert, Livni and Barak are like wrestlers who are now in a headlock which is engineered by the US Imperialists, represented by the diminutive Rice. But then Rice is backed by some real heavyweights, one of whom is of course Bush, another Blair and Brown. Bush is the grandson of a man who had very close relations with the Nazis of Germany, and who indeed without question made a lot of money out of the Holocaust of the Jews in the Nazi concentration camps. The US firm IBM was also heavily involved in the Holocaust and could, we wonder, the same thing be happening today in the shape of all the pressure being placed on Israel to give up vital strategic land and political heritage to a “people” called “Palestinians” who are led by out and out Nazis…Hamas and Fatah.

It seems to us on 4international that the conditions of the 1930s when the Jews were groomed for the Holocaust over many years are returning with a vengeance. It may not be exactly the same but it is getting pretty damned close. We have noted above the heritage of Bush, his horrific family ancestry had a very big hand in the Holocaust indeed (How could those Jewish American and Canadian organizations and leaders have campaigned for Bush 8 and 4 years ago…have they not a scrap of principle in their makeup?). But then look at the heritage of Blair and Brown, they are direct descendants of Bevin who in his position in British Labour Politics was responsible for stirring up antisemitism in Britain which made the launching of the present antisemitism in the workers movement possible.

There is one other factor however, both apart from Imperialism and also complementary to it. That is the Israeli ruling class itself, now led by Barak, Olmert and Livni. This is a venal and cruel ruling class which is very antagonistic to the idea of Jews expressing their individuality through their religion, Judaism. Barak, Olmert and Livni hate Jews to be Jews. They hate Jews who take their religion seriously. They hate Jews who study the Bible, who study their history, who try to gain some solace and inspiration from their history. This Israeli ruling class is also a product of Labourism, exactly the same roots as to Blair, Brown and Bevin, and there was and is still a direct input from Stalinism (I have read that Sharon was reared in that milieu and just look at Olmert’s wife and daughters!!!). We on 4international are opposed to all of them and we stand proudly in the tradition of Leon Trotsky and his principled defence of the Jews in the face of German and world Fascism.

We are unique. We stand on our own against Stalinism and reactionary reformist Labourism. We are unique because the position of Leon Trotsky was unique. In the 1930s Leon Trotsky urged without cease that the Jews MUST get out of Europe, make their way to Palestine and there they must set up their own JEWISH state. Note he did not insist that they set up a socialist state. In fact Leon Trotsky all his life did have a very advanced and liberal approach to the practice of religion. But especially in relation to the Jews he insisted that the Jewish state had to be, must be a respite, a place free from antisemitism, a place where Jews could practice their ancient beliefs without any molestation whatsoever. THAT POSITION WAS IN TOTAL CONFLICT WITH THE POSITION OF STALINISM AND LABOURISM.  Labourism is also often called social democracy, Stalinism often is called “Communism” but that is false, Stalinism is the gravedigger of Communism. I know there are many people that do not want to know the meaning of these terms, such as those who run the website Israpundit, which our Jewish and Serb cadre know quite well. To our friends on Israpundit we do note it when you deliberately confuse these terms, when you create confusion over the terms left and right. But we on 4international will never tire. The more you try to throw your reactionary and deliberate confusion about what is revolutionary socialism, and the key part it has to play in saving the Jews, then the more fiercely we will fight to make it clear to the youth and young workers why we as Trotskyists support the Jewish struggle for Israel totally. And we will expose your crude and lying method Israpundit.

So these are the forces who are involved in this struggle:

1. The forces of Imperialism and of Islamofascism. Remember that Arab and Persian Islamofascism is a form of capitalist Imperialism itself, and they have all worked together quite happily in Afghanistan, in Croatia, in Bosnia and in Kosovo. All of these forces are essentially antisemitic. Bush, Blair, Rice, the EU, all fall into this category of extreme hatred for Jews and for Israel as a progressive, happy and prosperous nation. They just do not like the idea of Jews being happy and successful in living life. But Jews being dead that is a different matter, and they will and do gain huge contentment in building Holocaust Museums for dead Jews. You doubt this, once again I draw your attention to the heritage of these people and groups.

 2. The treacherous leaderswho make up the Israeli ruling class…the political class around Livni, Peres, Barak and Olmert

So these are the people and forces which are influential now in the Middle East, which every day go about their profound calling of “shafting the Jews”. Remember the American Imperialist James Baker remark of “Fuck the Jews”.

Of course when Bush speaks to the Press, when Livni utters her poisonous asides, when Rice adds her particular brand of Jew Hatred venom, it is all couched in a diplomatic language…just.

Take this extract as an example of what is going on today, right on the day when it was announced that Jews will have to wear GAS MASKS in Israel their Homeland, that Homeland that Trotsky urged the Jews to set up and make free from antisemitism.

[begin quote here]

Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni told European lawmakers on Tuesday that Israel had agreed “to conduct a dialogue on the conditions for establishing a Palestinian state,” according to a ministry statement.Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas will hold biweekly meetings mediated by U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice. The American secretary, in making the announcement Tuesday at a Jerusalem press conference, added she would join them “from time to time” to help them along.

(You note that…mediated by the US Government. Ted Belman on Israpundit claims not to understand the meaning of Imperialism. Wise up Ted and open your eyes. The definition is in the above word mediated…FQ)Her announcement was met with satisfactionfrom the Prime Minister’s Bureau. “Since a permanent agreement is not possible, we agreed to continue negotiations regarding the future Palestinian state to prevent the dialogue from reaching a deadlock,” Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni said. Israel would present its security needs within the framework of the meetings, she said, adding “the implementation will be done according to the road map, which established that the road to Palestinian statehood is through combating terror.”

end quote here

Once again for the benefit of Israpundit editor Belman the above is Livni in a headlock. Livni is still a Jew, and Livni is concerned about combatting terror. The US and Rice could care less about terror from Islamofascists striking Israel. THAT is Imperialism Belman!

You can have your thoughts on why US Imperialism is seeking to reward Palestinian Arab Islamofascists led by Hamas and Fatah for Jew Hatred. There can be many crossing reasons and interpretations. BUT YOU CAN NEVER DENY THAT US IMPERIALISM IS DOING JUST THAT, REWARDING THE ISLAMOFASCISTS IN THE MIDDLE EAST with the highest reward possible…their own state.

We on 4international are not doctrinaire in any sense so now I will present the thoughts of a real enemy of Israel, a person who comes from the American Time Magazine stable, who is totally an enemy of the Jewish state which Trotsky so urged the Jews to set up. Because actually this paid hack states some obvious truths: 

 [begin quote here]

So Rice began forcing a Palestinian leader representative of only a minority of Palestinians to begin holding weekly meetings with an Israeli prime minister who enjoys the approval of no more than one in five Israelis, to build “confidence” in each other’s ability to make peace. Olmert and Abbas, each politically dependent on his relationship with the U.S., had no choice but to go through the motions. At the same time, the U.S. worked to convince Arab regimes that their support was needed for these parties to make a deal, at a peace conference originally intended to be held on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly session in September, then moved back to November in Annapolis, and now, we are told, likely to be delayed still further until the Israelis and Palestinians can agree on a joint statement. That may not happen, of course, and so, too, any meaningful peace conference.

The expectation that President Bush’s planned November Middle East peace conference will fail is so widespread on all sides of the divide that it might be deemed conventional wisdom. Neither the Israelis, nor the Palestinians and other Arabs, nor most longtime Middle East hands in Washington and other capitals are expecting the Annapolis event, as conceived by the Bush Administration, to produce much of value; instead, their shared concern is largely to head off the very real possibility that its failure actually makes the situation in the Middle East a lot worse, by cutting the already slender ground out from under Palestinian and Arab moderates. Right now, the likes of Abbas represent a minority view even in Fatah when they continue to assume that a U.S.-led diplomatic process can bring a fair and credible solution to this most toxic of conflicts.

The reasons why failure is expected is not hard to see: Seven years after the collapse of Camp David, the Palestinian leadership, now considerably weakened, to whom the U.S. is talking has not substantially altered its negotiating position; its bottom-lines remain broadly similar. But the Israeli political consensus has moved way to the right. Olmert is weak and dependent on allies to the right of him, some of whom openly advocate ethnic cleansing of the remaining Arab population of Israel. (Avigdor Lieberman warned that no peace will be possible without the “transfer” of 1 million Arabs out of Israel. And such casually racist extremism is not from some fringe element; Lieberman is Olmert’s minister of Strategic Affairs). Even Olmert’s dovish credentials are questionable; he was the sidekick of Ariel Sharon in the latter’s ferocious resistance to the Oslo peace process; like Sharon he comes from the party of the settlements, and he has continued Israel’s systematic expansion of its colonization of the West Bank.

[end quote here]

(Rice Olmert Abbas: End of the affair, by Tony Karon, a senior editor on Time)

Karon was writing some months ago, before the Anapolis meeting. Karon really is a snake. You can sense his hatred of the Jews having any viable state whatsoever.

One thing that ALWAYS gets me is this. They (Karon et al) attack Israel but they NEVER explain ONCE that Israel is about the size of ONE province of tiny Ireland, no bigger than Munster. That is the area that the Jews are left with.

You can see also that this political snake from Time never once mentions:

 1. The Arabs in Palestine have a history related to Nazism

 2. The Arabs in general, and the Islamic world, are filled with extreme Jew Hatred which brought about their alliance with the Nazis in the first place. JEW HATRED IS WRITTEN INTO EVERY FIBRE OF THE KORAN.

That is what this Time journalist and director leaves out.

You can see from this that Karon refers to the situation in Israel as essentially being the fault of what he calls the “Right”. By that pernicious term, much used by Jewish reactionary leaders as well, he casts a label on Jewish patriots who are in the front line of the fight with Islamofascism. Bote that this Time Editor has nothing to say about Islamofascism in the guise of Fatah and Hamas, he is a cover-up merchant for these Islamofascists.

Karon notes the distance between the Palestinian Arabs and the Jews of Israel. That part of his analysis is useful. It is a starting point in understanding. But by leaving out the Islamofascism of the “Palestinians” Karon is blaming the Jews, in reality blaming the Jews like Lieberman for wanting to defend the Jews from the worst forms of antisemitism. If you note the date that was written by Karon in Oct 2007 and the divide remains and must remain, unless the Jews lie down and allow themselves to be killed once more.

But truly Karon has a totally twisted mind.

In their time of greatest danger this site 4international stands totally along with the Jewish people against the reactionary US and EU Imperialism and against the forces of Islamofascism and Antisemitism represented by the Palestinian Arabs.

We are standing for the building of an independent revolutionary socialist leadership in Israel, in Serbia, in every country. The fight of the Jewish people of Israel is at the very forefront of the fight against Imperialism and against that other form of Imperialism, Islamofascism and Antisemitism.

But how to fight this? First you must identify the enemy; and the very FIRST thing here is to recognize that Jews face not just one enemy, say Hamas, but many enemies.

 The great lesson of Yugoslavia is this. The Serbs did face Fascist enemies which they had faced over many decades. The Fascists and Nazis of Croatia with a mass Catholic Church Vatican backed organization in the Holocaust, the Islamofascists of Bosnia, the Stalinism, gangsterism and Islamofascism of Albania Kosovo. But by the 90s nowhere did the Serbs face a mass Fascist movement like in the 30s. It was the support which the US and EU Imperialist machine with their huge reserves of power and money gave to these smallish Fascist groups that did all the damage.

The damage was the disappearance of Yugoslavia.

We on 4international are totally on the side of Jews and Serbs because they are fighting against extinction at the hands of US and EU Imperialism, which are allied with Islamofascism in all its forms. Every step which Jews and Serbs will take and are taking to defend their countries we will support and do support. But we remain independent to our very core and we will expose all of those who are traitors to the Jews, those who are lining up with the enemies of the Jews. We have already exposed one such group and we will be ruthless in exposing others.

We call for a massive United Front against Imperialism and against Islamofascism and inside this United Front (the discussion must be uncensored) we will place our proud Trotskyist programme in opposition to all the enemies of the Jews and of the Serbs.

Join in this great discussion now. No matter where you live we will contact you if you write to:

felixquigleyatyahoodotcom (just replace the dot etc, used for spam avoidance purposes)

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