By Felix Quigley

Sultan Knish …what sort of a name is that! It is obviously a fake name and unlike Israpundit, I do not like our writers on 4international to use anything other than their real names. All the same, this really made me laugh:

Sultan introducing his blog:

Named one of the Jewish Press’ Most Worthwhile Blogs, 2006, 2007 and 2008 Cited at Front Page Magazine and One Jerusalem and Little Green Footballs and American Thinker and Hot Air
Quoted by Daniel Pipes , Atlas Shrugs, Debbie Schlussel and Tim Blair, Judith Klinghoffer and Michelle Malkin
Referenced by Michael Savage , AM 770 CHQR – The World Tonight with Rob Breakenridge , 670 WCBM Sean and Frank and Jim Ball  

But I am a revolutionary socialist, Mr Knish, a Trotskyist, and I do not give two figs for all of that top brass in the Jewish world acknowledgement. They might just all be gullible, and wrong. So I will take what he writes about a known enemy of Israel and see how he fares. Quote from Knish first…what I make of his politics following… 

Knish is talking about the Islamofascist supporter and extreme US Imperialist Brzezinski who (Jews and Serbs alike, please note) had a big say in the destruction of Yugoslavia and in the murder there of many thousands of poor, unarmed and defenceless civilian Serbs and even their decapitation/dismemberment. Check if Knish mentions that!!!

[begin quote here]

Zbigniew Brzezinski’s plan was to counter the rise of pro-Soviet left wing regimes with a string of Islamic regimes, countering Marxism with Islamism finally culminating in an Islamic overthrow of the USSR (replacing one monstrous regime with another monstrous regime). His dabbling in Afghanistan would eventually give birth to Taliban rule and Osama Bin Laden and September 11th, something he blames Israel and Neo-Cons for. In Iran, Zbigniew Brzezinski backed a policy that would support the Ayatollah Khomeni as America’s new ally. And thus when the hostages were taken the United States waited instead of acting because Zbigniew Brzezinski’s Green Belt strategy required an Islamic victory in Iran.To show its affinity for the Mullahs, the Carter Administration had lifted a 1978 ban on arms sales to Tehran. The exiled Shah was barred from entering the United States to seek medical treatment. The United States even promised to defend Iran against the Soviet Union. Zbigniew Brzezinski met with the Ayatollah Khomeni’s Prime Minister Mehdi Bazargan and offered the new regime a strategic relationship with the United States. It took five months before a rescue attempt was made and when Zbigniew Brzezinski planned out the disastrous Operation Eagle Claw it was sabotaged from the start by the chains placed on the operation from the Carter White House.The Carter Administration may be gone but the wicked never rest. While Carter himself plays America’s Mullah, piously preaching hate against Israel and supporting terrorist and anti-american regimes around the world from Iran to Hamas to North Korea to Venezuela, Carter associates like Zbigniew Brzezinski do not rest either. Zbigniew Brzezinski continues to hold to a vision of an America allied to Islamic Iran and Hamas and even the Islamic terrorists in Chechneya. Zbigniew Brzezinski is co-chairman of the American Committee for Peace in Chechnya. The American Committee for Peace in Chechnya supports the “Government in Exile” in Chechnya which includes Shamil Basayev, one of those behind the Beslan massacre.

As he did then, Zbigniew Brzezinski remains far more interested in using Islamic regimes allied to the United States to checkmate a revitalized Russia thereby protecting his native Poland than in protecting America and the world against Islamic terrorism. Zbigniew Brzezinski more than anyone else has been responsible for the emergence of Shiite terrorism on a grand scale and the rise of international Saudi backed terrorism continues to treat Islamic terrorists, much as Carter did, as “men of faith” minimizing the danger at every step while hinting at great rewards from an American-Islamic alliance.

Zbigniew Brzezinski who in 1978 wrote a memo to President Carter claiming that Islamic extremism was not a significant factor in the middle east has not only not retracted it today but continued to claim the very same thing after September 11th, condemning Bush’s comparison of Communism and Islamism and warning that such rhetoric will only enrage moderate Muslims. In Zbigniew Brzezinski’s world, Israel is the obstacle to an ideal American-Islamic alliance bound by some loosey goosey Jimmy Carter style vague faith of the sort that the Ayatollah Khomeni laughed at. And today Zbigniew Brzezinski is endorsing a candidate whom he believes will carry on the same Carter administration policies that the Ayatollah Khomeni mockingly described as “like a headless chicken.”

If America winds up with another President committed to headless chicken policies in the face of terrorism, the consequences are inconceivable.

[end quote here]

So here goes. My take on this, or at least some points which strike me as relevant about the above, in so far as they show the politics of Sultan Knish…who I will call SK for brevity:


1. SKcannot help showing his hatred of socialism and the Russian Revolution. Note he does not at any time, or in any way, distinguish between revolutionary socialism and Stalinism. He does not even mention Trotsky and Stalin. He does not state to his readers that there were differences between Lenin and Stalin, and between Trotsky and Stalin. What a fraud this SK is, masquerading as a knowledgeable Jewish man.

2. Why does SK lump Israel and the NeoCons together? The NeoCons are extreme and reactionary American Imperialists. More to show that SK is an American Imperialist dressed up as a Jew. Jews please beware of this mischief of SK. It is extremely damaging to link Israel with the NeoCons.

3. Look at what SK writes here …The United States even promised to defend Iran against the Soviet Union. Zbigniew Brzezinski met with the Ayatollah Khomeni’s Prime Minister Mehdi Bazargan and offered the new regime a strategic relationship with the United States….Yet SK is a big supporter of the US and obviously an extreme anti-communist!

4. Look also at this which SK writes above…As he did then, Zbigniew Brzezinski remains far more interested in using Islamic regimes allied to the United States to checkmate a revitalized Russia thereby protecting his native Poland than in protecting America and the world against Islamic terrorism…You see the trick SK is playing on his gullible readers. He is creating the big bad wolf syndrome but in fact it is George Bush who today, and for the past 8 years, has been doing exactly that. It is in fact the policy and programme of the US Government to attack and to discipline China, Russia and India, indeed the whole world, and to bring the whole world under the control of the US Imperialism. But SK is really a big supporter of US Imperialism, a supposed friend of the Jews but in reality a supporter of that very Bush US Imperialism, setting out to destroy Israel (which is the end result of the creation by Bush of a Palestinian state)

5. And note in the above that SK says not ONE word about Yugoslavia, the destruction of a sovereign state, by all branches and Presidents of US Imperialism over the past 20 years, which involved the murder –  by poisoning –  of the elected President of Serbia, Slobodan Milosevic.

So that is part of the politics of Sultan Knish. This is the man who has been welcomed on board of the once great Israpundit site by its editor Ted Belman.



I think it tells us a lot about Israpundit today and its role in the Jewish movement.


These are my criticisms:


Obama is a Fascist type of politician. But he is not alone. Israpundit has spent acres of print over the past 2 months in attacking and exposing Obama. I am not saying do not do this. But they have missed the main item on Obama, and that is his similarity to these people:



George Bush Snr

George Bush Jnr

Clinton the man

Clinton the woman




And all other US Presidents that I have read about.



The purpose of every US President is to advance the interests of US Capitalism, which in today’s world represents US Imperialism. THAT IS WHAT SULTAN KNISH AND TED BELMAN TODAY ARE HIDING. All of these US Presidents are in their foreign policy Fascist in the extreme, and the destruction of Yugoslavia combined with the intended destruction of Israel shows their Fascism.



The focus on Obama is a strategy to hide what Bush and Rice are actually doing THIS VERY MINUTE to Israel.



The problem AT THIS VERY MINUTE is not Obama but it is Bush, Rice, the whole of the US Establishment, and it is also the continuation in power of Olmert, Livni and Barak, who THIS VERY MINUTE are engaging in the negotiating away of the heritage of Israel.



You see neither Knish or Belman are capable, and therefore do not, address that problem, which is the central problem.


We on 4international are Trotskyists, we will not allow either Belman, Knish, or anybody else to make snide attacks on the history of revolutionary socialism or on the honour of Leon Trotsky, or the falsification of the history of Trotsky in relation to the Jews in the 1930s. That is what Knish has done above and that is what Belman of Israpundit is supporting. Both Knish and Belman are part of the US Imperialist machine first and foremost and that cannot and will not go unchallenged by us on 4international. They have NO programme to place in front of the Jewish people which can save the Jewish people. But we on 4international WILL NOT BE SILENCED. Because we indeed do have the programme which can save the great Jewish people which our revolutionary socialist cadre is going to expound over the next weeks, and forget censorship, we will not be silenced in the Jewish movement. 






  1. I’m Anti-Communism as I am Anti-Nazi. First of all because I’m opposed to anyone who kills millions of Jews, regardless of their political agenda.

    The post involved Brezinski, rather than an extensive discourse of Communism. There were obvious difference between Stalin and Trotsky, but their common denominator was that they had no problem with wiping out the Jewish people if the Jews were in the way of their political program. Which is exactly what was done, beginning with the Yevsektsia culminating with the Gulags.

    As someone who has lost relatives to both the Nazis and the Communists, I have nothing but hate for both ideologies and contempt for anyone who attempts to whitewash them.

    I’m well aware that Trotskyists continue to survive into the present day in their numberless splinter groups and are often found behind the scenes of radical left wing movements, like the Workers World Party, which are typically hostile to Israel and Jews. So feel free to continue bloviating about the US Imperialist machine that doesn’t actually exist.

  2. Felix,

    You have to understand that first of all, Israpundit is filled with people who are totally ignorant of what happened in Bosnia,Croatia,Krajina and Kosovo.

    Secondly, you also must understand that people on Israpundit like Sultan Knish, Bill Narvey, Bill Levinson, Jerry Gordon and many others are all totally blind followers of US and EU imperialism.

    These people are simply incapable of believing that Western governments would deliberately aid and give succour to Nazis and Islamofascists over several decades.

    Sultan Knish is pushing the untenable,ludicrous line that the US government is opposed to Islamofascism and Nazism.

    If you look at many of Israpundit’s posts, you will find a consistent theme.That theme is this: the US government of George W.Bush and the Republican party is the protector and benefactor of Israel and the Jewish people, which of course, if you examine the hard documented evidence is a total crock of bullshit.

    I have written rather detailed and lengthy posts on Israpundit WITH MASSES OF DOCUMENTARY EVIDENCE – BASED ON US GOVERNMENT DOCUMENTS AND STATEMENTS BY US GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS – exposing this fraud here (comment #5):

    And also here (comments #7, #13, and #22)

    Certain Israpundit writers/commenters maintain that basically in a nutshell, all these US/NATO/EU politicians simply “screwed up” and made “unintentional mistakes” (the old, worn out and cliched “the road to hell is paved with good intentions” ruse/smokescreen) when it is revealed by hard documented evidence that US/NATO/EU governments funded, trained and armed al Qaeda and other Islamofascist terrorist groups for several decades.

    When confronted with hard documented evidence of CONSISTENT decades-long US government involvement in supporting,funding and training Islamofascist/Nazi terrorist groups in the Middle East (Iran,PLO-Fatah,Hamas,Hezbollah,al Qaeda) Islamist terrorist groups in Central Asia (former Soviet Union) and Islamist/Nazi terrorist groups in former Yugoslavia (Bosnia,Kosovo,Croatia,Krajina) you will get either silence or the specious,apologist line covering for US imperialism that US leaders simply “screwed up”.

    That is, that successive US administrations OVER SEVERAL DECADES – both Republican & Democrat – were just merely “misguided”, “stupid”, “ignorant”,”foolish”,”cowardly”, “did not know what they were doing”, “could not predict the consequences of their actions”,etc.-in other words, the old “Bumbling Bear” theory of US government foreign policy.

    They have absolutely NOTHING to say about US support – for the last 20+ YEARS – in covert co-operation with Iran and al Qaeda – of the Islamofascist Izetbegovic SDA party in Bosnia, the Islamist Nazi KLA in Kosovo and Macedonia, and the Tudjman neo-Ustashi Nazi HDZ party in Croatia -which resulted in the genocide and ethnic cleansing of over a million Serbian Christians, Jews and Roma at the hands of these US government and Iranian-supported Nazi Croatian, Islamofascist Bosnian & Albanian cut-throat killers.

    Just do a search on Israpundit for all articles related to Brzezinski, Kosovo and Bosnia for documented proof of this continuous casuistry, obfuscation and sophistry on behalf of US/NATO/EU imperialism.

    Certain Israpundit commenters – (e.g. Bill Poster) – when the evidence of decades long US government support for Islamofascism/Nazism cannot be refuted and is undeniable, even come out in defense of the US government funding, arming and training – in covert co-operation with the Islamofascist Iranian Mullahs – with the CREATION OF NEW ISLAMOFASCIST/NAZI TERRORIST STATES in the Middle East, Central Asia and former Yugoslavia by pushing the line that (to paraphrase): “if the US doesn’t control the world and withdraws into isolation, then Russia and China will move in to fill the vacuum”.

    Certain Israpundit writers/commenters are unwittingly giving aid and succour to the mortal enemies of Israel and the Jewish people by ignoring all of the hard documented evidence directly implicating the governments of the United States, NATO and the EU of supporting the creation of Islamofascist and Nazi terrorist states all over the globe. (see my comment #5 here at: )

    And yet here we have Sultan Knish saying – with a straight face – that US Imperialism “doesn’t exist”.That’s right Mr.Knish, we should “pay no attention to the man behind that curtain” because he supposedly “doesn’t exist”.

  3. Sultan Knish

    You insult and may be very unknowledgable about the actual history of Marx, Engels, Lenin and Trotsky etc but I will pass over that because the purpose of this site is to clear up these issues. That will come in time. We will uncover EVERYTHING on this site.

    The issue of the Yevsektsia has to be studied. I need to study the issue further but what I believe is:

    The issue of Jewish nationalism and of indeed all nationalisms caused the Marxists much difficulty. Marx also had problems in orientation to the Irish nationalists, the 19th century Fenians.

    There is a misunderstanding. People do not line up for revolution with every single item prepared and in place. It does not happen ideally. People are forced into revolution. They definitely did not line up in 1917 with everything down to the last t and is crossed and dotted. The revolution was FORCED upon the people of Russia. Revolutions are never ideal situations.

    That happened above all in October 1917. But it was a real workers revolution. The workers actually were totally involved. It was definitely NOT a putsch as is portrayed by enemies of revolution… the very concept of revolution.

    I do not think to put it mildly that Lenin was an antisemite. He talked of the Jews as the most capable and intelligent in Russia and he always wanted them to take the top positions of responsibility.

    Trotsky in this period seemed to deny his Judaic roots and he counterposed some kind of “internationalism”. I reckon he was dead wrong and did not understand (at least fully) the key role of Judaism in human history of the previous 3000 years or so.

    But read our articles. Trotsky was an enemy of antisemitism at every point and in every moment of his life and he saw Stalin using it against him in the fight for power which was the counter revolution, in the years aprox. 1925 to 1927.

    It is in the period of the 30s that you must work on to have any chance of getting to the truth about the significance of Leon Trotsky for the Jewish people then and today. Noting:

    1. The rise of Hitlerism, along with Fascism in Italy and Fascism in Arab states

    2. And flowing immediately and unpostponably from that…What is Fascism actually?

    3. How it (Fascism) can be fought, stopped and defeated

    Those are the great issues, the key issues. Where the most confusion comes in. Where the Yamits of this world start confusing everybody and everything by lecturing us on Purim. FASCISM IS A MODERN PHENOMENON associated with a particular stage of capitalist development and crisis.

    How to fight Fascism is the number one question. It was in 1933 and it is today.

    Today there are no mass Fascist movements like the 1930s. But there is a US Imperialism and a German and British Imperialism (among others) which is driving towards world control, and in their foreign policy you can definitely recognize FASCISM, in the sense that they tear up all international laws and norms of behaviour built up over generations,

    This is the GREAT lesson of Yugoslavia. There the US, British and German Imperialist powers, with the US predominant, linked up with:
    Croatia…Tudjman Fascism
    Bosnia…Izetbegovic Islamofascism
    Serbia…ñanti Serb traitors
    Kosovo…KLA ex stalinist gangsters and Albanian Islamists

    To completely destroy a sovereign country and murder in a crooked NATO created and financed court its elected President.

    All of extreme importance for Israel.

    Issue facing Jews is this

    1. There is an American Imperialist presence…Rice with as I said Olmert and co in an armlock…Rice is the Imperialist and Bush is her backer

    2. A Jewish Israeli class led by Olmert, previously Sharon, which is selling out Israel as fast as it can

    We say that Jews must act to stop this. A/ get rid of the Olmert Government B/ Put in power a revolutionary type patriotic Jewish government (you can drop the revolutionary and just stick with patriotic but in practice it will be hard to separate the two)

    But it must be on a definite programme. To not give away Judea and Samaria. To protect Jews inside and outside from antisemitism.

    Sultan Knish tell us here how concretely that can be done. By concretely I mean specific and down to earth proposals for action, or practice.

    On those two issues only at this point

    Get rid of Olmert
    Put in power a patriotic govt on a specific programme.

    So you see I am throwing a challenge to you Sultan Knish. I have switched from your extreme prejudice and obvious ignorance on Leon Trotsky to asking what you as a Jewish person is going to propose to do.

    What we do, not what we say, is primary.

    How to save the Jews from a new Holocaust? History is repeating itself. We are back in 1933 again.

  4. I have very little interest in debating people whose ideology is covered in Jewish blood, but I’ll point out first of all that your repeated claims that I have not talked about what went on in Serbia are blatantly wrong

    In fact I’ve repeatedly written on the topic, e.g.

    and I’ve been repeatedly critical of the Republican party.

    No Lenin was not an anti-semite in the sense of hating Jews. He himself had a Jewish grandfather after all. But then anti-semite is a narrow word of little meaning.

    Lenin’s goal, as was Trotsky’s goal, was to destroy the Jewish people in the name of their greater good, the establishment of their revolutionary socialist system, locally or worldwide. What they were both clear on what that a separate Jewish identity was to be eliminated. And that was what the Yevesktsia was about.

    Fascism comes in many forms and what emerged in Russia was not fundamentally different than what emerged in Germany, and that has always been my theme.

    My call as always is for true Zionism through Jewish national consciousness, that is the only path of Jewish, not mere survival, but resurrection.


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