Rabbi Riskin on Christian Support for Israel

We on 4international are Trotskyists and are revolutionary socialists. We stand fully in support of Israel and against the threats from US Imperialism (Bush, Rice and whoever) along with Islamofascism to destroy Israel. This is why we are intensely interested and are supportive of the support for Israel which comes from the Evangelical Christian people from wherever, but especially from the US.

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This past Friday, Pastor John Hagee visited the Menachem Begin Heritage Center.  He was most impressed, very much so.


Rabbi Riskin was present and spoke.


At one of my wife’s blogs (here), Ellen Horowitz published an attack on Rabbi Riskin prior to his appearance, suggesting that Rabbi Riskin, in this matter, is not promoting Torah Judaism.

I asked Rabbi Riskin for a response and received this:-

For the last five years I have been involved with some major evangelical groups on many different levels; never during those years was there any kind of missionary activity which they initiated, certainly not with me, but neither with any other Jews in Israel or the Diaspora. The Jewish people is facing an existential battle for our lives against Islamic Fundamentalism, which is fast taking over Europe and is slowly becoming more and more vocal and visible in the United States. This is the most critical threat facing us a people and facing the entire free world – and there are only less than thirteen million Jews against over a billion Moslems. And there are at least a billion and one half Christians

Yes, for close to 2,000 years the church has spewed anti Semitic hate and its only interest in the Jews was either to kill us or convert us. Open your eyes ! This is not the situation today ! The evangelical community in USA are the staunchest supporters of Israel and especially of settlement Israel, they believe in us and our right to be where we are. And if they believe that at the time of the resurrection we will convert to Christianity, I respect their right to that belief; I believe that in the Messianic age all the Christians will convert to Judaism, and I say this vocally. The Nature of our relationship is not eschatological theological debate.

Rav Soloveitchik spoke to and lectured Christian theological groups . His first address on the Lonely Man of Faith was presented in a Catholic University in Boston (I believe it was St. Johns) He was against theological debate on religious issues in which we are not respected equals in the eyes of the Christians. So am I. However, I do not believe he would be against our relationship today on behalf of world peace and against Islamic Jihad.

Not only do I believe my activities are important; I believe that for the love of Israel and the future of the free world, there is perhaps no more important association that I can think of or involvement that I believe we should be engaged in. I urge you to hear my last CD.

With every best wish and Torah Greetings

I remain sincerely,

Shlomo Riskin

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(I thought this comment (comment 2) to the above was most interesting also…..FQ)

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2. dogmatism vs. tolerance
It does not promote a correct attitude to impose one’s views of the Torah on others. One thing about sectarianism is that the proper attitudes and behaviors as outlined for Jews by G-d gets lost in the focus of what is perceived to be written. Another thing is that one has to be absolutely without reason to dismiss support for Judaism and its standing among religions simply because some people don’t believe exactly as you do! I have heard about Mr Hagee as well as other Evangelicals who have risked life and limb by openly supporting Israel. Short-sightedness and blindness are not supported by the Torah. We should welcome friends and supporters.
jimjames, Jerusalem (09/04/08)

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