By Felix Quigley

Israel is now in the greatest danger that it has ever been in during all of its life. We on 4international have repeatedly emphasised that the way in which Yugoslavia was destroyed (wiped off the map) was through an alliance of American, British and German Imperialism which set up reactionary alliances with Fascist/Nazi entities within Yugoslavia. Those entities were the Fascists around Tudjman in Croatia, the Islamofascists in Bosnia around Izetbegovic, and the Thaci/Haradinaj Fascists and Stalinists of Kosovo. Weak on their own, nevertheless the role of US and NATO/EU Imperialism with all of its power, especially Military power linked to Media power, meant that the Serbs were isolated and defeated. Much of this went on behind the scenes, the public were not aware because the public always underestimates the role of conspiracy and secrecy in how the ruling Capitalist class works.

This is the great danger to the Jews today. While websites like Israpundit degenerate almost daily as it ties the Jews of America behind a pro- American Imperialist programme, and in concrete practice and reality carries out daily a MASSIVE BETRAYAL OF THE JEWS, the preparations for destroying the great Jewish nation and people proceeds at terrific speed.

JUST TODAY a report is issued by the very respected news agency and website called WorldNetDaily which lifts the cover off from the very advanced plans to destroy Israel. It tells the story of the great secrecy which exists, that the Olmert Government of Israel is very far advanced in betraying the whole future of the Jewish people in Israel, that the US Government is right at the centre of this conspiracy, and that just as in Croatia, Bosnia and in Kosovo it is the US Government (along with the EU/NATO) which is promoting Islamofascism. In these talks it is the Fatah Fascists of Abbas and the Hamas Fascists which the US is promoting. Great secrecy is the rule and that is why we on 4international are privileged right now to use the material provided by WorldNetDaily:

[begin quote here]

Secretive U.S.-backed discussion focuses on West Bank, Jerusalem





Posted: April 07, 2008
9:32 pm Eastern

 By Aaron Klein



JERUSALEM – U.S.-backed negotiations between Israelis and Palestinians are expected to generate an agreement by the end of the year that would set up a Palestinian state in the West Bank and eastern sections of Jerusalem, according to a source who has participated in the talks.
In one of the first media glimpses into the current negotiations, a source who takes part in the regular meetings outlined for WND the main objectives of the secretive negotiations.
Since last November’s Israeli-Palestinian Annapolis summit, which set as a goal the creation of a Palestinian state before 2009, negotiating teams including Israeli Foreign Minister Tzippy Livni and chief Palestinian negotiator Ahmed Qureia have been meeting weekly while Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas have been meeting biweekly.

Unlike previous Israeli-Palestinian negotiations in which both sides attended with about a dozen advisers each, the teams working with Livni and Qureia are small, usually consisting at most of five people each.

Also unlike previous talks, in which the contents of many meetings were leaked quickly to the media, the current negotiations have resulted in few press leaks

 [end quote here]

We call on the cadre and the readers of 4international to take this report from WND most seriously. Those of us who have lived in Northern Ireland will understand something of what is going on here. It is said that peace was achieved in Northern Ireland. That is complete rubbish. What happened is that the killers and reactionaries of the Provos were placed in governmental power along with the Fascists of the DUP, a group which helped spawn many organizations of Protestant loyalist killers of Catholics. That plan, the Good Friday Agreement, was carried through by much conspiratorial planning over many years, involving also the infiltration into the Provos of British state agents, TO THE HIGHEST LEVEL IN THE PROVOS. All talks were carried through in great secrecy. So therefore you can see immediately that the structure of the talks above is on the same basis: great secrecy, few people involved, the aim being a final announcement AND AGREEMENT SIGNED, THE SIGNING WOULD OF COURSE BE A PUBLIC OCCASION, BUT THAT PUBLIC OCCASION WOULD BE A FORMALITY. That is how it worked in Northern Ireland. It is also how it worked in Yugoslavia right down the line, as we on 4international in our recent articles on Haradinaj have proved.

Having dealt with the great secrecy and undemocratic nature of these talks in the Middle East, which WND emphasises, let us go on a little further with their report:

[begin quote here]

The source said the U.S. pledged advanced training for thousands of PA security officers who would take over security in the West Bank and eastern sections of Jerusalem and operate in those territories instead of the Israel Defense Forces and Israeli police.

The U.S. previously has trained thousands of Palestinian security officers, including units in which known members of Fatah’s Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigades terrorist group serve. Scores of those security forces have carried out terrorist attacks against Israeli soldiers and civilians, including recent deadly shootings in the West Bank.

But the source claimed the planned U.S. training is different:

“This training is unlike anything before. The PA, Israel and the U.S. are working very closely to vet the forces. All sides are approving the training candidates. The training is more advanced than ever. It will create a very serious Palestinian army,” said the source.

The source said as part of the negotiations, Abbas has agreed to hold early PA elections in the West Bank by 2009, including presidential elections that could replace the Palestinian leader.

PA elections previously have been held simultaneously in both the West Bank and Gaza Strip. The source’s description of planned new elections only in the West Bank implied the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip would be treated as a separate entity

Leaders from the Hamas terrorist organization, which swept the last municipal elections, stated the past few days Hamas would agree to early elections

[end quote here]

This will be the end of the road for Israel if a way is not found to stop this. Meanwhile the Jewish website which I know best carries out betrayal day after day. The editor, Ted Belman, has no perspective whatsoever to stop this Fascist Palestinian state – a direct threat to Israel – he ignores completely all of the articles which we print on 4international, he allows a person called Yamit82 to call for the murder of Jews, Jewish people who this person – Yamit82 – considers are not religious enough, he allows Levinson and others to carry on propaganda on behalf of Bush, McCain and the American Republican Party (he, Belman, agrees with that treacherous programme of choosing one branch of American Imperialism against another). In fact it is the American Imperialist system as a whole which is the enemy of the Jews of Israel, of Jews everywhere, of Iraqi poor, and of Serbian oppressed.

In the meantime every day which passes is a day lost against the need to stop the Iranian Fascists from building their nuclear bomb. The US Imperialists of Bush along with the Israeli traitors of Olmert are preparing to destroy Israel by means of the Palestinian Fascist state, but the US also will allow their friends – the Islamofascists in Iran – to complete their bomb. The only way to stop this planned destruction of Israel centres on the issue of forcing the Olmert Government from power and the election of a patriotic Jewish Government to defend Israel.

We on 4international are entirely different from this reactionary mob on Israpundit. We have a definite perspective which is based on the struggles fought by Leon Trotsky against Fascism and also for the setting up of a Jewish state which had and has to be made free of antisemitism. Knish and Yamit82 (the latter now calling for the murder of Jews, while Belman says not a word) have both slandered Trotsky, Trotskyism and our cadre on 4internatuional. So what are they now going to say and do about this vital WorldNetDaily report?

We on 4international call for the creation of a massive United Front of all who oppose this conspiracy by US Imperialism with Islamofascism – a truly massive United Front – in order to destroy Imperialism. We have showed that Knish has tried to close down the discussion. What will Belman do now on Israpundit? Will he continue to support Levinson, the Bush Republican zealot on Israpundit, or support Knish the hater of Trotsky, or Yamit82 the “Jew” who is out for the murder of Jews who do not fit the bill, that is, his bill? Ted Belman, we do need to know. 



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