by Felix Quigley

From the comments which were made some time ago by some posters on Israpundit it became clear to me that Moshe Katsav was framed by the Israeli ruling class, and there is also a strong chance that Peres was involved. Hence I am glad that Katsav has decided to fight the Israeli state machine to clear his name. I hope to follow this as it shows the reactionary nature of the present Israeli ruling class and the role of the Israeli Media.

Former President Katzav Dimisses Plea Bargain

by Hana Levi Julian

(IsraelNN.com) Former President Moshe Katzav decided Tuesday to refuse to admit to any charges of sexual misconduct, choosing instead to try to clear his name in court. Katzav has always maintained his innocence and claims the media have tried and sentenced him without any semblence of due process.

The former president is likely to face a tougher indictment than the one he avoided with the plea bargain deal he backed out of on Tuesday, according to Attorney General Menachem Mazuz.

The Attorney General made the statement at a news conference hours after Katzav announced in the Jerusalem Magistrate’s Court Tuesday that he had decided to plead innocent on all charges of sexual misconduct – including rape – rather than plead guilty to any crime.

The former president said he would rather “fight for the truth,” adding that he was “aware” of the ramifications of his actions, a declaration echoed by Mazuz, who noted that Katzav clearly knew what he was doing. “The implications of this move are probably clear to Moshe Katzav,” the Attorney General told reporters. 

He added, however, that the decision reached by the former president’s attorneys was more difficult to understand, given that their client might face up to seven years in prison if convicted on rape, the most serious charge he could face.

Once the defense made it clear the decision was firm, the prosecution agreed to the request to cancel the plea agreement, the judge approved it and the deal was off.

State Prosecutor’s Office attorney Irit Baumhorn stated she was sorry for “the defense’s fickle behavior and conduct,” noting that it had brought the entire affair back to square one.

“Before signing the plea bargain, our clear inclination was to indict Katzav for the most serious offenses he was suspected of, despite the difficulties this would entail. Now that the plea bargain has been called off, the necessary decision will soon be made,” said Mazuz.



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