by Felix Quigley

It is a long time since Leon Trotsky wrote concerning the fate of the Jews in the face of the Nazi Fascist Racist onslaught. Trotsky’s position could not have been more clear. He asserted that the Jews had to escape Europe and had to set up their own Jewish state in Palestine which they must make into a space free from Antisemitism. Now we must discuss how that state can be defended and how the Jews once more can be saved from Genocide.

On 4international we must now begin the most serious discussion as to how Israel can be defended from total destruction. It is clear to anybody who has got eyes in their head that the Israeli ruling class, led by Olmert and Barak, are intent on signing an agreement, which is supervised by that great friend of the Jews, American Imperialism in the form of Bush and Rice, which will hand strategic territory over to Fatah/PLO for the creation of a Palestine state. This state will be the Trojan Horse on the borders of Israel which the Arab League and Iran will use to mount its attack. Meanwhile Iran could by then be armed with a Nuclear Bomb!

So the question I pose is how can this be stopped? Please contribute to this series of articles in comments if you are a true friend of Israel.

It may be possible in this discussion for members of the cadre of our movement, who have had experience in particular of how Yugoslavia was destroyed, to bring this experience into the discussion in a concrete fashion. We will do this for the benefit of our Jewish brothers in Israel who are facing surely the danger of a Genocide at the hands of Fatah and the PLO.

I know that this is a big challenge for our cadre and it is not necessary to comment on every single article, only if something useful can be contributed. The main lesson from our recent article on Haradinaj, a known Fascist and Killer of Serbs who was in league with US Imperialism, also with Britiah and German Imperialisms, is that the crisis in Imperialism is international. Jewish people, such as on Israpundit, tend to see the crisis as only effecting them solely. This is an illusion. The Imperialist class, especially the imperialist class of the US, is driven on further and further by the crisis in their system, the declining return on their capital, the need to keep profits flowing, to discipline the rampant markets of China, India and Russia. In this Israel sits, as a small nation with limited power, and is thus very vulnerable in the face of the recent attacks following OSLO and the Road Map.

How can Israel be defended. How can Israel survive as a true Nation, a Nation which will be free for the Jewish people to practice their ancient religion and follow their own customs. How can that be done?

Sharpen your pencils! We need your involvement!

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