Leon Trotsky wrote in a letter to American friends following the Crystal Night in Germany [writing on 22 December, 1938]

“It is possible to imagine without difficulty what awaits the Jews at the mere outbreak of the future world war. But even without war the next development of world reaction signifies with certainty the physical extermination of the Jews.”

Writing then Trotsky did not know about Death Camps, about the Wannsee Conference, about poison gas etc. But he was right. Why and how was he right? How did he get it so right? We have had people like Sultan Knish making the most horrific attacks on us as Trotskyists, he used the word Communists but Trotskyism IS Communism, but he cannot answer the above. How then could Trotsky predict the Holocaust of the Jews in such an accurate way as he did above. There was no magic involved and there certainly was no supernatural assistance available or used by Trotsky. How then?

The only reason…because he had made a deep study of capitalism in crisis, and a deep study of the modern phenomenon of Fascism.

That is why we are all so interested in Yugoslavia today. Why we follow the antisemitism of Islam so closely. It is also why we have been so insistent in our discussions that Fascism is a phenomenon of the modern world, connected to the historical decay of the capitalist system, and which was studied by Leon Trotsky in that historical setting, as a development of knowledge (theory) in a struggle against Stalinism.

With Olmert and Livni blindly and traitorously leading, with US prompting Israel into a trap, Jews are again walking into a Holocaust. All the signs of great danger are there. Israel is being urged by US Imperialism, backed by the Vatican and the EU, to make peace with Fascism and help to create a Fascist type “Palestine” state on its borders. Israel has to prepare for war in order to survive, it is being asked by these forces to make peace with an enemy which aims to destroy Israel.

We still have images in our minds of Jews being rounded up and marched to their deaths by the German Nazis. History does repeat itself but rarely exactly as before. It does not have to be quite like before. A new Holocaust of the Jews can take a different form.

Hence read this article which I published just yesterday

“ISRAEL’S top-secret air raid on Syria in September destroyed a bomb factory assembling warheads fuelled by North Korean plutonium, a leading Israeli nuclear expert has told The Sunday Times.

Professor Uzi Even of Tel Aviv University was one of the founders of the Israeli nuclear reactor at Dimona, the source of the Jewish state’s undeclared nuclear arsenal.

“I suspect that it was a plant for processing plutonium, namely, a factory for assembling the bomb,” he said. “I think the DPRK [Democratic People’s Republic of Korea] transferred to Syria weapons-grade plutonium in raw form, that is nuggets of easily transported metal in protective cans. I think the shaping and casting of the plutonium was supposed to be in Syria.”

In this case only the Israeli state machine, Mossad and the IDF, as well as the uncharacteristic decision made by Livni and Olmert to act, and also the decision of the US Government to collaborate (it seems from the evidence to me anyhow), which saved millions of Jews from horrible death in that one instance.

But it only takes one such action by the Antisemites to be successful. This is the horrific situation that the Jews in Israel are being asked by the world to face yet again.

The US Imperialists may not be out to destroy Israel. But they may lead Israel there, because all branches of US Imperialism look after only the interests of Imperialism, and not that of the Jews.

For example with a Palestine state on the border, and with Iran armed with Nuclear, even with just the threat of nuclear incineration at the hands of such a Fascist Jew hating regime, how many young professionals would live in Israel in those conditions?

It would be the destruction of Israel anyway.

The main point I make about Yugoslavia is that the Serbs were defeated by a combination of Imperialism with various types of Fascism and Gangsters.

No use in moaning (for Serbs) about it afterwards. They were defeated. The real question for Jews to ask, (they must ask!) is why and how?

The first thing about this defeat which the Serbs have suffered is the absolute ruthlessness of Imperialism in waging its war against the Soviets in Afghanistan, leading on to the destruction of the social democratic type Federation which was Yugoslavia. This is the big lesson for the Jews and a lesson which has been paid for in great suffering by the Serbian people. This site has demonstrated fully in several articles the utter barbarity of Imperialism as it joined with Fascists in Yugoslavia to murder simple peasant Serbian folk, thus creating a reign of terror by all means at their disposal…Fascist murders, beheadings, NATO bombing over many months, creating faux atrocities which they pinned on the Serbs, a major Media campaign of hate mongering against the Serbs as a people. Much of this was reminiscent of the Holocaust of the Jews by the Nazis.

Out of this the biggest lesson of all for Jewish people of Israel to learn is that the Serb people as a whole, especially the ordinary Serb working class people, hated Imperialism, hated Fascism, wanted to fight Imperialism and Fascism, but could not because they were hamstrung by a leadership which had its roots in Stalinism and social democratic reformism. Because of leadership they found no way forward and it was in these conditions of a vacuum of leadership that Imperialism was able to send in its agents, such as the various forces unleashed by the Soros Fund. In the end it was a section of the Serbian bourgeoisie which joined with Imperialism and with the Imperialist Hague Court to place Serbs on trial and where Imperialism carried through the murder of Milosevic through poisoning.

This main lesson, the lesson of leadership, is what Jewish people in Israel have got to assimilate. Jewish people in Israel now face war and horrible dangers from antisemitism…the warning which Trotsky gave to the Jews in December 1938 following the Crystal Night is also applicable today. There is no way forward for Jewish people in Israel without the building of a Trotskyist party or leadership. Most of all Jewish people in Israel need to learn rapidly the forces which are ranged against them. They cannot find this out by a study of the Bible, they can only find it out by studying the contemporary forces of Fascism, and their starting point must be to take on board all the lessons of the destruction of Yugoslavia.

There is only one mechanism in which this discussion which Jewish people must enter into can be effected and that mechanism is the United Front. The United Front is not a social club situation where pals join together to have a chat. The United Front is first and foremost a defence mechanism against Fascism and Imperialism in order that the necessary defence can be created for and to the discussion. As we write this the notorious supporters of Croatian Fascism and Islamofascism in Bosnia, supporters of US Imperialism, Kamm and Hoare, are waging a campaign to stop the discussion of Srebrenica from taking place. They wish to label anybody who disputes their lies about Srebrenica, as “Genocide Deniers”, and they are linking this with Holocaust Denial. This monstrous charge by Kamm and Hoare is leading to the EU and NATO arresting anybody who will bring to the notice of Jewish people in Israel what happened in Yugoslavia. Thus they are seeking actually to disarm the Jewish people in their battle against Fascism and Imperialism. If Kamm and Hoare are not defeated on this then the discussion which is vital for the Jewish people of Israel cannot take place. It will be stopped in its tracks. This is the great need and role of the United Front, to enable the discussion of perspectives actually to take place. Only if the discussion takes place in the open, in front of the workers and ordinary people of Israel, can they see the way forward.

The Trotskyist cadre is weak numerically, but we are strong on principle.  Inside the United Front we will fight for our perspectives to be heard. At the centre of this is the truth of what Trotsky put forward to the world in the 1930s. The Jews had to escape from Nazi Europe and find some respite from antisemitism by creating their own Jewish state in Palestine. The Jews ARE a nation. That is the proud tradition of Trotskyism which is in fact revolutionary socialism, or communism. Anybody who will attempt to distort this we will fight and expose as liars. But in decaying capitalism antisemitism does not stop but intensify, the latest expression of which is resurgent Islamofascism with its support in the Fascist Fake “Left”.

Finally, in the world of today, one cannot be a revolutionary socialist or a Trotskyist without the placing the defence of Israel at the very top of the agenda. That is what the Trotskyist cadre must do – place the defence of Israel at the forefront. If you are interested in this series of articles please add your comment or write to the author on

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  1. Trotsky was hardly alone in predicting that extermination would follow. Jabotinsky among others had done the same thing. Having been raised in a Jewish home, Trotsky would have been familiar with enough of Jewish history from Egypt to Persia to be able to connect the dots.

    Trotsky however foresaw the extermination as “Reaction” on the right, rather than the reality which is that both Hitler on the right and Stalin on the left intended that extermination.

    Nor did he have anything to say about the war on Jewish identity that had been waged against the Jews by Russian Communism ever since it took power.

    Finally I refer you to the Daily Worker’s endorsement of the Hebron pogrom, which caused the paper to be barred from New York City newstands by working class Jewish vendors disgusted by the Communist support for the massacre of Jews.

  2. Firstly…why quote the Daily Worker to me? I am opposed to Stalinism.

    Secondly you draw equivalence between Hitler and Stalin re Jews. Your proof and source that Stalin was equivalent?

    Yes, of course Jabotinsky! But you miss my point. Trotsky called for Jews to get to Palestine. THAT HAS BEEN HIDDEN. It is the hiding of this which is my point.

    For example was this news to you until I brought it up on Israpundit and here?

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