By Felix Quigley

May 1, 2008

On April 19 in Dublin a collection of antisemites who centre around the IPSC (Irish Palestine Solidarity Campaign) held a demonstration march and meeting in Dublin. The stated aim was to remember Deir Yassin and to “remember the Palestinians in Gaza today”. The reason that this demonstration was antisemitic in the full force of that word is that the situation that the Jews of Israel is facing was totally distorted by these people. Dir Yassin was a battle and in no way a massacre, that is just an antisemitic lie. Also…What they left out and what they are consciously seeking to hide from the Irish people is that the Palestinian movement was founded by a Nazi, Hajj Amin el Husseini, and that it is based on antisemitism.

The report on the meeting in Indymedia gave the following details of participants in this essentially antisemitic demonstration. They include the following all of whom have a record of showing great hatred for Israel and for Zionism, which is the oldest national movement the world has ever seen.

[start quote here]

Speaking at the demonstration were Senator David Norris, Michael D Higgins T.D., Mary Lou McDonald MEP, Eamonn McCann, Mags O’Brien (Trade Union Friends of Palestine), Dr. Bassam Nassar (Palestinian Community in Ireland) and Marie Crawley (IPSC).

A common theme of many of the speeches was to call on the EU to suspend the Euro-Med agreement, which gives trade privileges to Israel. As Marie Crawley said, ‘There is no logical reason why the Euro-Med agreement shouldn’t be suspended. It is past time the EU activated the human rights clause in the Euro Med agreement, and stops rewarding Israel for its actions in Gaza.

[end quote here]

It has been repeated many times that Israel pulled out of Gaza hoping for peace. Big mistake! The antisemites of Hamas have used it as a base to fire rockets at the CIVILIANS of Sderot (Israel) which has been non stop. That they hid. That is why the demo in Dublin was antisemitic.

What these people in Dublin were doing was spreading antisemitism in Ireland. This applies to all on the march as well as the organizers. It is essentially Fascist and any on the march who called themselves left or socialist, forget it, they are Fascist and anti Jew.

This is the day set aside to remember the Holocaust and just now the Hamas television service in Gaza is running an antisemitic TV series. It is described like this:

[start quote here]

Hamas-run television in Gaza broadcast a dastardly new version of Holocaust denial on the eve of Holocaust Remembrance Day – claiming the Jews carried out the genocide to rid themselves of the “disabled and handicapped” among them.

The show, billed as part of the Islamist terror group’s educational programming, conveyed the message that the Holocaust was actually a Zionist plot, aiming to both eliminate handicapped Jews and at the same time to make “the Jews seem persecuted” in order to “benefit from international sympathy.”

[end quote here]

If you follow the link above you can also see a videoof this. The report goes on:

[start quote here]

The following is the transcript of a segment of the show, translated by Palestinian Media Watch:

Narrator: “ ‘The disabled and handicapped are a heavy burden on the state,’
said the terrorist leader, Ben Gurion. [Zionist leader – Israel’s first PM]
The Satanic Jews thought up an evil plot [the Holocaust] to be rid of the burden of the disabled and handicapped, in twisted criminal ways. [Picture: Holocaust death camp, dead bodies]
While they accuse the Nazis or others so the Jews would seem persecuted, and try to benefit from international sympathy. They were the first to invent the methods of evil and oppression.”
Amin Dabur, head of the Palestinian Center for Strategic Research: “About the Israeli Holocaust, the whole thing was a joke and part of the perfect show that Ben Gurion put on, who focused on strong and energetic youth [for Israel], while the rest- the disabled, the handicapped, and people with special needs, they were sent to [to die]- if it can be proven historically. They were sent [to die] so there would be a holocaust, so Israel could “play” it for world sympathy.”
Narrator: “The alleged numbers of Jews [killed in the Holocaust] were merely for propaganda.”

[end quote here]

And that is who the IPSC in Ireland support

If you would like to help build a principled leadership to oppose these antisemites please write to me at felixquigleyatyahoodotcom

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