By Felix Quigley

May 22, 2008

Time is running out for Israel and a United Front must be formed to stop the Palestine State being created. Especially the lessons of the destruction of Yugoslavia must be brought forward in the discussion

The major lesson which the destruction of Yugoslavia taught is that the most reactionary force on the planet is still US Imperialism, followed closely by the countries of Europe, the EU. Imperialism is using reactionary Islam and in Kosovo was the battering ram behind which the KLA moved in and established what they call Kosova, an etnically cleansed state. Cleansed of Serbs, Jews, Christians and Gypsies (Romany).


This has got great importance for the people of Israel and for Jewish people everywhere, especially American Jews. The Governments of the US have been responsible for the setting up of Kosovo and the driving out of all Jews from Kosovo while in Serbia they are of course welcome. Yet it was the leaders of the American Jews which played a pivotal role in helping US Imperialism and NATO to carry out this vile programme, reminiscent of the Holocaust.


Leading in this support for Imperialism, in fact you could say leading it, has been John McCain and his friend Joseph Lieberman. Any Jewish leader who gives any support to McCain in the US election will be damned forever in front of the Jews of the world for doing that.


American Jews must take a decision which is that they must on no account give any support to any of the candidates for President. All of these candidates have got the blood of Serbs and Jews on their hands, all are promoting and encouraging Islamofascism, all have a record of so doing. Any Jewish leader who supports McCain especially in this election, since he played such a leading role in the bombing of Kosovo and Yugoslavia, is really a very serious and big traitor to the Jewish people and the Jewish nation as a whole. Meanwhile Hilary Clinton played a role in helping her President Husband to bomb Kosovo and Yugoslavia and Obama would surely have done no different. But McCain is at least as bad, and is arguably the very worst, of all three.




It is becoming clearer to many people outside of Israel that what Israel is fighting is a war for survival against reactionary Islam, and against the anti-Semitism which is such a factor in Arab hatred for Israel. Yet the Arab and Muslim poor are also oppressed by Islam and by their Islamic rulers. At the same time Kosovo shows that the US and the EU Imperialism are not the enemies of Islam in any shape or form, but are the close allies of Islam. What this means is that Israel to survive must make a serious break from the US Governments and must stand on its own feet in everything it does. Israel must develop its own industry and create or buy its own arms in order to defend itself. Israel must immediately break from the US Governments on this issue of the Fatah Jihadist state and Israel must also begin a major campaign to explain all of this to the ordinary American people.


Events such as the American Presidential Election are the opportunity for friends of Israel to put exactly this forward in front of the American ordinary people. But the leaders of the American Jews in most part are reactionary and refuse to do this. They continue to hang on to the apron strings of US Imperialists like McCain. Once they supported Bush but he disappointed some, now they hold out illusions in McCain, who on his record behind Clinton’s bombing of Yugoslavia and the creation of Kosovo as an Islamist state will be as bad or worse.


So a great opportunity is lost in the Presidential Election and those who have spent months supporting McCain and waging a racist campaign against Obama are among the worst traitors that the American and world Jews have ever seen. And these often are people who call themselves Jews and pose as being devoted to the cause. In actual fact they are devoted only to the racist and imperialistic cause of the US Governments and ruling elites. History and the future events will prove all of this but if they are not directly challenged it will be too late for the Jews as a nation. With leaders like this Jews will be led into the jaws of another Holocaust. These leaders of American Jewish organizations supported the bombing of the Serbs by the US, EU, UN and NATO. Now they are supporting the election of Imperialists who will do the same to the Jews of Israel. These American Jewish leaders are the worst danger to the Jews of Israel and to the existence of Israel.


1.      Break from US Imperialism. Call for maximum support for Israel from the ordinary American people, and especially the American Evangelical Christians.

2.      Israel must have new leaders who will fight to defeat Fatah and Hamas. All talks to give away Israeli land must end. The lesson of Gaza is that any land surrendered to Islam will mean attacks on Jews from that land

3.      The treaty made between Begin and Egypt is a farce and it is over. It is from Egypt and especially the Sinai that Hamas is built up and armed. Since that treaty is over Israel must prepare for war with Egypt and to claim Sinai as its own.

4.      The Golan Heights was Jewish according to the League of Nations, it is now Jewish and any Israeli leader who suggests handing it back to Syria must be expelled from Israel as a traitor.

5.      Israel must immediately defeat Fatah and Hamas and take possession of its right, Judea Samaria and Gaza. Fatah and Hamas must be politically and militarily destroyed and expelled from these areas.

6.      Arabs, especially the Arab poor, must be educated about Islamist anti-Semitism and must be asked to support Israel as a respite from anti-Semitism. Arabs and other nationalities must have every right but they must accept that Israel is a Jewish state and is a respite from anti-Semitism. In Israel there must be total separation of Church and State. Only Jews have the right to vote to the Knesset. Only Jews can run for the Knesset. As long as anti-Semitism rules in the world that must be the way. Friends of the Jews in their own countries must fight for this principle. It is the very same principle which the great socialist revolutionary put forward in the 30s before his death. This has been hidden but must now be brought to light.


It is necessary to build a new leadership which will fight for revolutionary socialist perspectives of which the above is only a part, but a key part.


As we learn today that Olmert is prepared to hand the Golan over to Syria only weeks after Israel was forced to destroy the North Korean Nuclear bomb in the desert of Syria, and as new details about the negotiations to create a Palestine State emerge then we can be sure that the Israeli ruling capitalist class of Olmert and Livni along with Labourists Barak and Peres will certainly destroy Israel.


We on 4international realizing that time is short call for a United Front to be organized to develop the discussion as to how to stop the Jihadist Palestine state and to save Israel.

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